Summer Spotlight: L. Marie

Hi! I’m guest posting at Jill’s blog today! Drop by and say hi!

Jill Weatherholt

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Do not adjust your screen. You are not seeing things. You have just entered El Space. Thank you for traveling with us.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m L. Marie. You probably noticed that I didn’t include a photo of myself. Though I’ve published books under my given name, I established the pen name L. Marie for my blog (El Space: The Blog of L. Marie and my middle grade and young adult fiction. But I can’t say that L. Marie isn’t a “real” name, because it’s my name too.

I’m still querying agents and publishers about three of my fantasy books. So, I don’t yet have a book to go with this blog post. Sorry to disappoint. Have some virtual chocolate instead. No, I insist.

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Instead of three questions, I decided to answer one, since this…

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12 thoughts on “Summer Spotlight: L. Marie

  1. I’m chowing down on some dark chocolate covered raisins at this very moment! HA! Love your approach to the ‘interview’…and I’ll be sending on a personal e-mail about your neighborhood – Oaklawn?(not soon, but sometime…) It looks so much like one set of cousins homes which was close to loads of other relatives as they moved further south…I look forward to when we might someday chat face-to-face (who knows, it could happen!)
    Take care

    • Hi, Jill! We were a little hot until the sun went down. What a relief!
      And at least the rain held off until my drive home. I was so happy for the bride and groom that the weather was perfect for their wedding.

  2. I loved reading this post, which I read on Jill’s page, but wanted to comment on yours. I’ve known you for a few years now, but this post helped me know you even better. Thank you for the tour and the lovely memory walk of Chicago. You brought it to life, as you do with all that you write.

    • Thank you, Laura! 😀 Once again, I’m grateful for the timing of my VCFA application. To think I was going to defer until January 2011! I wouldn’t have been in your class had I done so. God knew we needed to meet!

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