Summer Spotlight: L. Marie

Hi! I’m guest posting at Jill’s blog today! Drop by and say hi!

Jill Weatherholt

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Do not adjust your screen. You are not seeing things. You have just entered El Space. Thank you for traveling with us.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m L. Marie. You probably noticed that I didn’t include a photo of myself. Though I’ve published books under my given name, I established the pen name L. Marie for my blog (El Space: The Blog of L. Marie and my middle grade and young adult fiction. But I can’t say that L. Marie isn’t a “real” name, because it’s my name too.

I’m still querying agents and publishers about three of my fantasy books. So, I don’t yet have a book to go with this blog post. Sorry to disappoint. Have some virtual chocolate instead. No, I insist.

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Instead of three questions, I decided to answer one, since this…

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Summer Spotlight: L. Marie

Hi! Today, I’m over at the wonderful blog of the equally wonderful Jill Weatherholt! Stop on by if you have a minute!

Jill Weatherholt

It’s Me, L. Marie

Hi, I’m L. Marie. Everyone so far has been a tough act to follow. I’m a little nervous, so please bear with me. Um, let me see. You want to know about me. Perhaps this would go more smoothly if you asked me questions before I answer the ones that Jill provided. I’ll pretend that you did.

You: I’m guessing you’re some sort of blogger?

Me: Yes. My blog is El Space: The Blog of L. Marie. I blog about writing and life. Both are broad topics, so that leaves me with plenty of subtopics on which to write. So of course I’ve chosen topics like the perfect bathroom reading and the use of hand puppets to brighten one’s day.

You (momentarily stunned into silence by that remark): Um, moving on, what’s with the name L. Marie?

Me: L. Marie is a…

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Author Interview Program #17

Thanks, Briana, for interviewing me on your blog! Woo hoo!

When I Became an Author

It seems as though this week has been a good one for author interviews! Here’s another one for you before I call it quits for the week. Please welcome the wonderful Ms. L. Maire!

Where can we find you?

My blog: El Space and on Twitter. I’ll eventually create an author page under my pen name on Facebook. But not right now.  I’d like to sell the manuscript first.


What is your author name?

L. Marie


What is the title of the book you’re currently working on?

Maiden’s Choice


What is the genre of your book?

Middle grade high fantasy. At first I was going for the teen market. But after my beta readers read it, I realized it fits a middle grade audience. And that’s the audience I’ve always written for anyway.


3-4 sentence synopsis of your book:

I can do it in one long…

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Running For Boston

L.A. Byrne


My daughter runs. She competes at the 1600 and the 800 so she trains by running 6 or 7 miles most days, timing herself as she goes, making sure she maintains a coach-determined pace. We visited France over Easter and she ran—along The Seine, across cobblestones, weaving through crowds. In the snow and rain, early in the morning or late at night, even loaded with homework and volunteer obligations—she runs.

Her hope is to PR—to set a personal record—which means shaving a second or two off a number she gave everything to achieve in her previous meet.

Running is about having the guts to work against something that has no compassion.

Running is about believing in your ability to improve, even incrementally, and despite setbacks and adversity.

Running is about the strength to do what hurts. It is about the pride to not get overtaken. It is about harvesting determination…

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The True Scent Of Spring

Love dogs? You’ll love this post by Andy of City Jackdaw. It’ll put a “spring” in your step. (I can’t resist allusions like I can’t resist bad puns.)

City Jackdaw

I think I may have lamented, a couple of dozen times or so, the complete washout that last year was.

Well we haven’t had any rain for a few weeks now, so the ground being dry, I thought it would be nice to take the dog for a run on the fields in the morning.  It was still cold, the watery sun a faded disc mostly obscured by cloud. The fields still lay yellow and sullen, though the earth was no longer as iron, the air no longer as glass.

There are definite signs these days that life is now beginning to stretch its weary limbs, not least the solitary fly last night that caused my two year old son to turn hysterical, and yesterday’s butterfly seeking out the vanguard of flowers.

My dog is a large eight year old Golden Retriever named Rydal. He was named after the place…

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