A while ago, I watched Dancing with the Birds, a documentary on Netflix about the courting habits of male birds. One of those birds, the Macgregor’s bowerbird, is well known for building an elaborate bower to attract a mate. I love that! This bird uses sticks, leaves, rocks, and colorful objects to create the perfect bower. According to an article on the San Diego Zoo’s website, “Bowers are not nests.” They are really courting areas. The female is responsible for building a nest for offspring.


The male weaver bird has the same goal as the male bowerbird. This bird, however, builds an actual nest using a weaving technique. But some species of weaver birds build nests in a group and have their own little neighborhoods. (See this article for more info on these amazing builders.)

When you think of nesting, what do you think of? This?

Or, perhaps you think of the efforts that people awaiting the arrival of their babies go through to prepare their “nests” for their little ones. I think of that too, but I also think in general of someone making a home warm and cozy, particularly in the winter when the weather is too cold to venture out. Warm, soft fabrics of differing textures, conversational seating, adequate reading materials, and other comforts, come to mind (like the Anthropologie pillows in the photo below). I also think of having the essentials on hand (besides the usual food staples): coffee, tea, chocolate, and cookies.

Speaking of soft fabrics, I saw this pattern on and immediately thought of nesting. Wouldn’t you love to be wrapped in something like this blanket below while lounging on the couch? No? Just me then? Perhaps I’ll make it someday.

In these days of enforced nesting, with many of us anchored to home, I have been choosing craft projects to do. Before I knew about the latest crisis worldwide, I stocked up on yarn.

Speaking of which, I have an unusual giveaway just because it’s nice to get free stuff every once in a while, especially in challenging times. If you’ve heard about or seen the Disney Plus show, The Mandalorian, you know about this little guy:

I found a crochet pattern by Vivianne Russo online and have been making these. They are about five inches tall. I’m giving away two. Comment below if you’d like to be entered in the drawing to receive one. Winners to be announced sometime next week!

Henry is nesting with his new friends, the Yodas (for want of a species name, this is what everyone is calling them) and their guardian unicorn.

Macgregor’s bowerbird and nest from somewhere on Pinterest. Weaver bird from Crocheted blanket image from Pillow from Anthropologie’s website. Other photos by L. Marie.

36 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. I’ll often watch our birds snatch twigs and little fuzzies to build their nests when it’s time for them to raise their families. It’s really fascinating. I’m so happy Henry has a few nesting buddies, L. Marie! I love the little Yodas! Right now, I’m looking at my writing buddy Cody, who you made for me. He’s a great encourager, like you!

    • Watching birds in their scramble to nest is fascinating. And you have so many hummingbirds who come to visit you. (I wonder where they go and how they nest.)
      I’m glad Cody takes his encouragement job seriously, Jill. Good job, Cody! 😀

  2. Coffee, cake, books and cats – though not necessarily in that order! Oh and a comfy seat, of course, and a blanket… 😀 I’m not so sure that having a bloke build me a bower and then expecting me to build him and the kids a house is such a good deal – males, pah! I bet the female birds do all the nestwork too… 😉

    • 😀 😁 😂 🤣 They actually do! Except the male bird gets to scurry off while the female tends the kids. Sounds like a soap opera.

      A good list of items! I’m having the first item on your list even as I type this.

  3. Those look cute. With nesting, I’ve been thinking of that since this started. Don’t think it’s fully congealed here because it’s hard to nest when you share the house. Maybe I’m just thinking of staying in bed though. The munchkin does not approve of such idleness.

  4. I like how the threads you weave go somewhere NEAT, like the crocheted little memes I look forward to seeing. Yes, matryushka dolls are the perfect image for “nesting.” Pillows and quilts suggest comfort.

    The ducks on the lake in our preserve are floating serenely, but a little mommy bird (robin?) has been choosing twigs from our lawn to build a nest under a huge shrub – so reassuring to see nature take its course during these uncertain times. Thanks for this sweet post today, L. Marie.

    • Glad to provide one, Marian! Always nice to see birds in their nest building and courting phases. We have cardinals who nest in the evergreen tree out back. 😀

  5. I don’t want to be entered in the giveaway, but I do want to leave a comment. Is that okay?

    I love those little Yodas you crocheted. They are the bee’s knees, so to speak. I can’t crochet worth a darned, but if I could those would be on my bucket list of things to make. Cute, cute.

  6. You are so sweet to be thinking of others as we go through this crisis. Sending you lots of love. (And fingers crossed i get picked. 😁) 💕

  7. Looks like you’ve been putting the nesting time to good use. We don’t have a lot of birds around our house because we have no trees in our yard. The beautiful white birch we had was struck down in a storm and had to be removed. Our neighbor’s tree against our fence attracts cardinals frequently though. I’ve thought about putting up a post with a bird feeder, but the squirrels would probably feast on it instead. We don’t have Max anymore to scare away the squirrels.

  8. So glad the COVID-19 ‘nesting’ time found you well stocked with oodles of noodley yarn!
    Those Yodas look so cute – please don’t enter me in the contest as Clara and little sis are keeping me warm and happy. Soft reminders of our friendship made via this blog…oh and Owlie wonders why you didn’t post about his nest?!!
    And remember, M&Ms “melt in your mouth not in your hands” – so they should be okay to enjoy during crocheting – Just sayin’…

    • Please tell Owlie I’m sorry not to include his nest. Unfortunately, he wasn’t featured in the documentary, so that’s why the oversight happened. But I celebrate his nest! 😀
      M&Ms are indeed great to have on hand. I wish I had some! Perhaps I’ll get some when my car returns from being repaired. Hope you’re keeping safe. Glad Clara and her sis are there to bring cheer. 😀

  9. Those crocheted critters are so adorable! You’re surely putting your isolation time to good use. Now that my ankle is better, I’m returning to my Lego building. Next up is the Lego Ideas Treehouse for my living room shelf, and after that, the Old Fishing Store for my town’s new lake area.

  10. I have been fascinated with nests since I was a young girl. We sometimes find nests in our yard after a storm. I always feel sorry for the residents of them. Some of them are hard to know where to place (though we’ve found a few spots over the years that are re-inhabited). Some of them end up nestled inside our Christmas tree. One winter, I spotted a nest on our deck. It was a Baltimore Oriole nest, quite similar to the weaver nest you show. The oriole’s hung, like a purse. The one I found had a broken strap. 😦
    I like your term of enforced nesting better than self-quarantined and appreciate your post this evening, L. Marie. Take care.

    • I think I recall a post on your blog where you talked about nests you found. Nests are fascinating, aren’t they? I appreciate the artistry of nest building.

      Yes, the enforced nesting continues! This is probably why I have seen an increase in people walking dogs! 😀

  11. The crocheted yodas are adorable, and I love your theme of nesting. I’m doing a different kind of nesting in my bedroom, where one corner has become my “office” since I’m working at home for awhile. And when I get to practice online yoga, it’s in my bedroom too. Sometimes for me, nesting means getting rid of stuff, freeing up space so I can properly nest. Too much clutter is distracting for me. Now that I’m home more, I see just how much clutter I have 😉

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