Shine On!


First, Happy Mother’s Day to all, especially to my mother. Thank you, Mom, for being so wonderful!


Second, it’s weird how after talking about Harvest Moon, I find myself nominated by the generous and prolific William Louison for the Shine On award. (In case you’re staring blankly at your screen, wondering what I mean, check here for the lyrics to “Shine on, Harvest Moon.”) Isn’t that award beautiful? Thank you, Will! He has two great blogs: What If It All Means Something? and Messages, so head on over and check out his poetry and prose. And his maps! I love a story map! He was nominated by the wondrous Patty at Petite Magique.

I am supposed to list seven things about myself. Hmm. Let’s see:

1. I was born in Chicago—the middle of four kids: two brothers and a sister who died.
2. I skipped from fifth to seventh grade, which made me socially awkward until, well, now. I was involved in more fights that year, mainly because some of my classmates were under the impression that someone younger and punier wouldn’t hit back when provoked. Sometimes, ya gotta prove people wrong. I’m thankful my older brother pulled me into the backyard one day and said, “This is how you box.”
3. Robin McKinley is one of my favorite authors.
4. My family has this weird quirk: we like taking things apart and putting them back together again. Unlike my brothers and nephew, I’m not always good at putting them back together. (Speaking of which, I need to take my computer apart and dust it. Be. Afraid.)
5. Back in the 90s, I kept trying to get a writer’s fellowship at Disney with the same tired screenplay that I never revised. Failed miserably.
6. I have never been to Europe, but would like to head to Italy as fast as money provides.
7. I don’t like to wear shoes.
8. Decided to throw in an extra one: I love driving late at night, like around 1—3 a.m.

I can’t say I know the criteria for this award or how many blogs I’m supposed to nominate. So I’ll just do what I want! Mmmmwwwwhahaha! Here are the blogs that make me go


From LOL Cats

My nominees (who are under no obligation to accept this award, but they’re cool regardless) are

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Please check out these wonderful and deserving blogs, if you haven’t yet done so. And thanks again, Will!

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