A Touch of Spring

When the sky looks like this,


churning out sleet that turns to ground-hugging ice, and the rose bush looks like this,


I long for a touch of spring, especially since I just watched the last episode of the final season of Teen Titans, which has nothing whatsoever to do with the season; I’m just mourning the fact that there are no more episodes.


The Teen Titans

I’ve got the midwinter blahs. Ever get those? Everything in my neck of the woods is gray, gray, gray, and the tree branches bare and brittle. On days like this, I crave a bit of color, a bit of cheer. But please note the lack of sunshine in the first photo. . . . No sun? No problem. I know just what to do.

First, I started with these

     019 010

and this


and then made these.

    003 005


Sometimes crocheting can be an act of defiance. Ha! Take that, winter weather! Crocheted items are as colorful and cheerful as a daisy and last longer. On days like this, I’m thankful that my grandmother took the time to teach me to crochet.

Today was one of those days when I needed not only spring, but a spring in my step. One discouraging thing after another happened. And everything I wrote seemed to land like lead on the page. But you know what? Each time I glanced at the flowers I crocheted, I felt a lift in my spirit.

This has been a good reminder for me to avoid taking flowers for granted when they come in the spring. There’s something to be said for flower (floral?) therapy.

When was the last time a flower or something else in nature deeply touched you? Ever have the midwinter blahs? What do you do when that happens?

Teen Titans image from latourdesheros.com.