Hello Kitty2
Seriously, I get as giddy as a child at Christmas over blog series. I’m a bit under the weather today (code for “Please pity me as I cough”), so please indulge me for a minute while I list some of the series that caught my eye. (Code for “Please stick around, even though this post is kind of a cheat, because I talk about posts other people wrote.”)

Kira Lyn Blue has a great series called “Keeping It Fresh,” which makes it difficult for me to be lazy or complacent in my writing (though I do try):

I also have to give a shout-out to Victoria Grefer of Creative Writing with the Crimson League, who always makes me think: and to Ingrid Sundberg for her series on plot structures:

Laura Sibson goes all Garrison Keillor with her hilarious and heartfelt lake stay posts and makes me yearn to travel:

Andra Watkins has a beautifully evocative series on mementos. You might have caught this one already. She has them nicely catalogued here:

Elaine Jeremiah has the very inspiring Thursday’s Children series. Here’s one:

Kathi Schwengel started the addictive WIPpet Wednesdays:

ReGi McClain (also a WIPpeteer) has Mirth and Music Mondays—a great combination:

Charles Yallowitz has a series where readers can ask his characters questions. These posts always make me laugh. Here’s one of them:

Kate Sparkes and Kristen Mazzola participate in the 31 Day Blog Challenge:

Alison Doherty at Hardcovers and Heroines has Wordless Wednesdays ( and Marry, Date, or Dump: (

Briana Vedsted has a cowboy dictionary that I think will become a series:

And there are many others (like Isaac Yuen’s series on one of my favorite movies—Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind: So why don’t I do more series? Yeah, I see that question in your eyes. You want to know why. Because I’m about as easy to pin down as a two-year-old child needing a Nebulizer treatment. (I’ve seen this at a hospital. Some two-year-olds develop super strength when they don’t want something to happen. It took three adults to hold one child down.)

I couldn’t even commit to watching Lost when it was on TV or Once Upon a Time every week. I’m kind of a pantser about life. When life starts to seem like an outline I have to follow, I get all squirmy. But I love when others do the work of crafting a series. With a blog series—as with a book series—I can read at my leisure. With TV series, I have to wait for the magic of Netflix DVD delivery to catch up.

But I’ve had a slight change of heart about a blog series. It’s all due to a random act of kindness.

Yesterday, someone left a wrapped Hello Kitty Pop outside my door. I’ve always wondered why the Hello Kitty products are so popular. I have no explanation, especially since I kinda want a Hello Kitty backpack (see above). At least I have a lollipop.

Hello Kitty

Anyway, that pop turned a light bulb on for me. I will inaugurate a new series called Random Products That Delight Me for No Discernible Reason. Consider this the first post.

Oh. Wait. I already have posts along those lines, namely this one.

Well, there you have it! A series! And I didn’t have to break a sweat.

P.S. In case you’re wondering, no, I don’t plan to eat the Hello Kitty Pop. I’m going back to bed now. Cough-cough.