This blog has received the following awards, which make me giddy. Thank you for making me feel like a winner!

LIEBSTER-BLOG-AWARDOn April 26, nominated by Kristen Mazzola; on May 6, nominated by T. K. Morin of Bite Size Canada (nomination only) and on May 9, nominated by Briana of When I Became an Author (nomination only).


On May 7, nominated by William Louison of What if It All Means Something? and Messages.


On May 10, nominated by Briana Vedstedย and on May 16 by Melissa Janda

ย versatileaward1

On May 11, nominated by ReGi McClain.


On May 18, nominated by Patty over at Petite Magique(nomination only).


On May 21, nominated by Shooken (nomination only).

24 thoughts on “Awards

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  2. Hi L. Marie! I’ve finally gotten around to working on my awards! It’s not done in the traditional manner, but I hope you will nonetheless enjoy what I’ve done, and have a list of “new” blogs to visit as well! You can find out about it at … again, many thank you’s for the recognition! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Wow. That’s an incredible compilation. I would have been totally overwhelmed working on it. But judging by your posts, you’re very organized, so it doesn’t surprise me. But wow!!!!!!!

      • It is an incredible list, isn’t it? I wrote them down on different sheets of paper when they were given … I had to organize that first … I can’t believe how busy the month would be!

        Thanks for the recognition! And I want to repeat just how much I enjoy your posts!!


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