On a Snowy Day

Quite a contrast to the last post. The autumn-to-winter juxtaposition of the posts was not deliberate, however. I didn’t post last week because I couldn’t think of a topic. And I didn’t know about the snow until last Saturday when my younger brother announced its scheduled arrival on Tuesday (the day I wrote this). Sure enough, overnight, it came. The Grinch couldn’t stop it like he couldn’t stop Christmas from coming. I admit to feeling a tiny bit grinchy when I saw it though. So yes, Ally, I feel the pain expressed in this blog post.

Still, days like this, I’m reminded of the classic book by Ezra Jack Keats, The Snowy Day, which Amazon adapted for the screen. As I gaze at the snow-laden branches through my balcony window, I feel the fire of joy trying to melt my cold heart, encouraging me to appreciate the subtle beauty of winter as fall leaves are replaced by white lace.

A mug of hot chocolate is in order!

The Snowy Day cover from Goodreads. Other photos by L. Marie.

49 thoughts on “On a Snowy Day

  1. Bloggers can express the full range of emotions, a good thing. The whole post feels cozy to me, especially this: “I feel the fire of joy trying to melt my cold heart.” The hot chocolate tops it off. I’d love to have a snow day, L. Marie! 😀

  2. Thanks for mentioning me. I tell you, this early snow stuff is for the birds. Who I’d like to add seem to be safe and warm in their nests. I need to drink more cocoa, so thanks for the idea.

    • I need more cocoa too, Ally, because I’m looking out and seeing snow falling today. I had to get my scraper out yesterday to clean off the car. Now I’m thinking of the song “Over the River and Through the Woods,” which I used to sing with gusto as a kid because of the snow falling. 😊

  3. Thanks for reminding me of The Snowy Day – gonna see if Prime has it for free viewing. I am looking for cozy pre-holiday movies/shorts that are not the traditional fare and certainly not the romance-made-for-hallmark channel ones!
    All that to say, I spy your practical EmergenC packet beside your more fun cup of hot cocoa…Looks like your amping up your game against early cold/flu season (do we now add COVID to this standard phrase?). Good for you!

    • Laura, yes, EmergenC is a staple around here! I just had some before answering comments. I enjoyed Amazon’s version of the story. I wondered how on earth they could take a picture book and expand the story for the screen. But they did. (And now I’m reminded of how The Polar Express movie is based on a picture book.)

  4. Hey L. I love the fluffy, glistening snow, but this stuff is wet and sloshy. At least by me it is. It’s still coming down like rain with a slight hint of snowflake. We don’t have much accumulation. Everything is just wet, and it makes me grinchy because the dog gets drenched in this stuff. He’s so hard to dry off before letting him back in the house.

    Anyhoo, if you’re interested, I posted a preview of my book on my blog yesterday. It’s not published yet, but coming soon.

    Time to Reveal

  5. “I could not think of a topic “, this happens from time to time to the bloggers Fortunately in those circumstances nature is there always changing and creating the event, Linda.
    Love ❤

  6. I’ve always loved when the snow arrives, which doesn’t happen here every winter. It used to be a real pain, though, when I had to go to work – Scotland’s transport system doesn’t cope well with snow! But now that I’m a lady of leisure I get all the joy of looking at it without needing to go out into it unless I choose to – perfect. 😀

    • Looking at snow from a warm place is nice, especially when you know you don’t have to handle it (shovel it, scrape it). Then it’s like being in a snow globe! 😊

  7. The weather is never what you expect. I remember one very snowy Thanksgiving. This past week, though, we’ve had beautiful blue skies every day, which is even stranger considering that yesterday should have been rainy. Historically, Nov. 15 has been the rainiest day of the year.

    I don’t keep cocoa in the house, but a couple of days ago, my daughter and I both ordered a hot chocolate. Yum! So satisfying.

  8. An honest and beautiful text, simple and thoughtful and true. We get a VERY rare snow on an irregular basis in our community near Ft Worth Tx. The grass pokes through the lawn like a few whiskers which melt quickly.

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