Creating a Moment

The other day, I watched a video of a pastor who talked about creating moments. He mentioned that people seldom remember things, but they remember the moments. Whether or not you agree with that or disagree, I can attest to the magic of moments.

I remember gathering with my brothers on the top bunk in their room for what we called our “weekly bed club,” to watch Saturday morning cartoons. I can’t help smiling as I remember being small enough to fit with two other people on a narrow bunk bed.


I remember running in Grant Park in Chicago, so excited to watch Buckingham Fountain (below) change colors.


I remember my English camp students in Wujiang, China, who were so excited to take me to a store where I could get the imported chocolate that I craved.


And yes, while I recall getting an Easy Bake oven for Christmas or a $100 gift card to Amazon, like the pastor said, the moments hit me on a deeper level. Moments like taking my mother to see the late, great Lena Horne—a singer she admired for decades.


The countless moments spent at the home of incredibly generous friends during my tenure on the grand jury. Their weekly dinner invitations were a balm after listening to harrowing, emotionally shattering testimony week after week for eighteen months.


Do you remember things or moments? How do you create moments?

Let me create one now. I’m a little rusty at this, so here goes.

Charles Yallowitz. . . .

this is your moment . . .

. . . to receive

. . . a $50 Amazon card.

Buckingham fountain photo found somewhere on the internet. Charlie Brown kids from Giphy. Sign language for give found somewhere online. Lena Horne 1940s image from somewhere online.

43 thoughts on “Creating a Moment

  1. Wow. Thank you so much. Been a rough week, so this is a much needed moment. 😊

    I fully agree with the concept of moments too. I try to parent off that. My son won’t really remember me waking him for school or doing homework. He’ll remember trips to the zoo, building Lego sets, and other special moments. My goal is that he has enough of those to keep him happy throughout life.

    Note: I read that one part as you saying you took your mother, Lena Horne, to a concert. Guess I’ll not as awake as I believed.

  2. Thanks for sharing your moments, L Marie. One of your photos sparked a memory of visiting Grant Park. When our kids lived in Chicago for grad school, we visited often and saw the fountain and the shiny “bean.” 😀

  3. I don’t intentionally create moments because that doesn’t seem authentic. I do remember moments along the way, both wonderful and not. It’s all in paying attention to your life.

    • I know what you mean, Ally. I don’t usually create them either. But my feeling is that the major things–like marriage proposals, weddings, graduations, etc. warrant the intentional creation of moments. I know people who skipped the graduation ceremony, complaining that it was just a ceremony who later looked back and wished they had paid more attention to the need for that kind of moment.

  4. Such an interesting topic! I loved reading about these incidents. It inspired me to get out of my anxious mode and recall some pleasurable moments. I’m thinking…..😊

    • It is hard, isn’t it, Martha. Life has been very difficult lately. I think there are times when you can’t really muster up the energy to be creative. But that’s where God comes in. 😊

  5. Agree on the importance of moments rather than things, which lose their novelty and quickly become unwanted clutter. (I’ll make an exception for Lego though.) Thank you for sharing. And congratulations, Charles!

    • So true, Michel. When I was young, I didn’t care that much about moments. I just wanted things. But during this pandemic, I am reminded of the joy of laughing with and talking with people. The moments. ❤️ Love to you and Janine.

    • So true, Michel. When I was young, I didn’t care that much about moments. I just wanted things. But during this pandemic, I am reminded of the joy of laughing with and talking with people. The moments. ❤️ Love to you and Janine.

  6. Yes! I remember Buckingham Fountain’s lights! Very cool – plus you were **running**, very impressive. I barely keep up with my daily walking routine these days. Yikes! As for moments – sometimes the ‘things’ trigger special moments and/or memories. But it’s the moments that make those ‘things’ special!
    Lena Horne, very classy lady. How cool you got to share your Ma’s love of her during a mother-daughter concert-date. On a semi-related note: Dad was the guy clubs called when out-of-towners needed great musicians to fill in as subs or just as the local band – Dad did ‘sit in’ (play) during not your beloved Lena’s concert(s) but once (or twice, since I was very young, never got those types of details in place, but it was part of our growing up experiences) when Sassy Sarah (and others) came to town…
    Hope your deadline is done and done and that you can enjoy your weekend with abandon!

    Also, congrats to Charles.

    • I do too, Andy. And I know you remember conversations, because you have posted many great conversations and posts about old photos you have. Those things are precious.

  7. I love your moments. Your Chicago moment reminded me of one of my Chicago moments. My daughter and her family lived there for two years while her husband went to grad school. This is the moment I remember: Standing on a dock with my 2-year-old grandson and 4-year-old granddaughter. He picked up a rock and threw it in the water. She picked up a handful of sand and gracefully dropped it into the water, smiling at the soft shush it made.

    • So lovely, Nicki!!! I have so many great moments with kids. Like when my nephew was about four years old. I wanted him to do some chore so I asked what he was doing. He said, “Playing” with the gravitas of someone doing something deadly serious and important. I said, “Well, I can’t argue with that,” and then left him alone.

  8. Belated congratulations to Charles! L. Marie, I’m trying to live my life as a series of moments 😉 This is such a lovely post. I cherish moments and close the memory of them close. Besides, my memory can only handle moments these days 😉

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