Are You Hungry in 2022?


This is not a Snickers commercial, assessing your physical hunger level. (Actually, I could go for one of those, right about now.) Let me back up. I was thinking today of my own hunger level in regard to writing. From a young age, I wanted to write anything I could write: stories, novels, play scripts, movie scripts, poetry, graphic novels, essays. I attempted any and all forms of writing. But as I grew older and rejections happened, my hunger slackened. In other words, I played it safe.

But who was I hurting by doing that? Me. So in 2022, I’m tired of avoiding an activity just because of the fear that someone else might not like what results when I try it.

Maybe you feel the same in this dawning of a new year. So with that in mind, my new year’s giveaway is a $50 gift card to Amazon/Amazon UK or some other source that will inspire you in your goal to advance in your writing or illustration, your artistic endeavors in needlework, or your whatever is legal. Maybe you want to purchase a craft book to boost your skill. Or, if you’re like me, you want to buy a coffee table behind-the-scenes book featuring a movie you enjoyed because you’re fascinated by the process of the filmmakers. (The Art and Soul of Dune, anyone?) Or maybe you want to buy a book from a trusted source (like or some crafting supplies (Hello, Michaels or JOANN) to inspire you to greater heights.


Comment below to be entered in the drawing. Be sure to name the place where you would want to spend the money. I hope to post the winner sometime next week after my next deadline.

Happy New Year!

39 thoughts on “Are You Hungry in 2022?

  1. Happy New Year. My hungry has died down a lot in recent months. Though I think it’s the cold weather and life stress. I have to take at least one course for work, which means no real writing until that’s done. So, my hunger is dwindling due to atrophy. I’m hoping to at least start editing some unpublished works by end of February.

    Getting no sales doesn’t help either. I no longer feel like I have to rush, but that kind of hurts.

  2. Are you hungry to write? Such a great question and reminder. Reading always feeds that hunger. When I read awesome books, it makes me feel like magic is possible. So Amazon US would totally work for me. I’d just get some exciting new releases! Or, an even better alternative, a gift certificate to Parnassus Books, which is my local bookstore, just down the street from home in Nashville, TN. There, I could walk in and tell the bookseller what I’m in the mood for. Their recs never disappoint! Have a wonderful 2022, L. Marie! May this year be filled with lots of inspiration and productivity!

    • Thank you, Katia! How lovely to be close to a great bookstore. I miss having one in town. (I have to go to another suburb just to get to a bookstore.) The workers used to recommend books.

  3. Happy New Year Linda.
    Can I just ask: Snickers. Years ago, here in the U.K., they used to be known as Marathons. Was that also the same in the U.S?

  4. I’m SO happy to read that you’re going to do this, Linda! Yay to unbounded creativity in all forms! I’m making a pledge to do the same. And snickers is my favorite! Thanks for this post, but please don’t enter me in drawing.

  5. I love this: “So in 2022, I’m tired of avoiding an activity just because of the fear that someone else might not like what results when I try it.” L. Marie, you are so generous in so many ways. Write what makes your heart happy!

  6. The Snickers caught my attention. Just put chocolate in front of me, and I’m listening. Good for you for stretching yourself in 2022. The Lord knows we’ve all been stretched in so many ways the last couple of years!

    My book should be coming out later this month, but I don’t have a release date yet. I’ll continue writing my ongoing devotionals. But maybe, just maybe, I might consider stretching out into a new writing arena, too. Happy New Year, Linda!

  7. Hello Lynda ! personally I am reading some old books that are in our library and I have never read or long ago. There are tons of them ! I discover or re-read with pleasure them.
    I wish you a happy year 2022 .
    Love ❤

  8. There you go again, you being SO generous. I don’t think you know how to be any other way. (I’ll take my name out of the drawing though, so someone else can win.)

    I’ve stayed in my comfort zone for a long, long time. Last year I broke into crime drama because two trusted friends asked me to review their books in that genre. Also, my poetry writing was limited to haiku. Last year, I tried tanka, just one, mind you, but it was a start. Thanks for the nudge here to be bold in 2022.

    Now for some chocolate . . . !

    • Thank you for your kind words, Marian. I’m grateful to God. You are wonderfully adventurous. I admire that about you. Yes, get that chocolate! I need some! 😄

  9. Happy New Year! I like to write but don’t have a burning desire to do so. Keeping a personal blog is enough for me. HOWEVER I’m all about other people following their muses and writerly dreams, so you go girl. [No need to enter me into the drawing, but thanks for the opportunity.]

  10. Happy New Year, Linda! I’m playing with three different projects. One is really “out there,” very risky but very rewarding if I can pull it off. One is a moderate level of risk. One is definitely playing it safe, but it’s a topic I like even if it’s entirely within the comfort zone of three of my recent projects (expository nonfiction). I’ve decided to work on…all three at once! When I’m stuck on one, or it’s out to readers, I’ll just work on another.

    As far as the gift certificate…my Amazon shopping cart has some things sitting there already. I’m crossing my fingers for the W.

  11. Linda, you post inspires me- it’s the hunger, the not playing it safe, and going for your dream. Thank you for that! I literally just heard about Bookshop from a dear friend. I think I need to support them.

  12. I don’t know if you could say I’m hungry, but I’m definitely looking forward to my writing time this year. I’ve probably said this before, but I’m not looking forward to marketing. But I’m really enthusiastic about writing short stories for a collection.Maybe later in the year I will take a Master Class from someone like Salman Rushdie. That would be stimulating. It’s always good to try something new, shake up my normal way of writing.

  13. Kudos to you for re-awakening the hunger within! There are some authors, like Stephen King, who are very open about the number of rejections they received (I believe it was 30 for Carrie alone), and I appreciate that honesty from them, and from you 🙂

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