Um, So Next Week Then?


Hi! Sorry about the shortness of this post and the fact that once again I am posting on Saturday. This week, I said I would announce the winners of these books.

savagery TheStuffBetweenTheStars

The week got away from me due to a tough project that I am slowly, carefully working on. Every time I looked up, another day had passed. And here I am writing this post on a Friday!

With that in mind, I unfortunately have to postpone the announcement of the winners until early next week. You might wonder, Why not do it now? I like to take my time writing posts, even a post to announce the winners of the books I’m giving away. Besides, the winners have not yet been generated.

Once again, I’m sorry. See you, hopefully, next week.

Jean Luc Picard facepalm from fanpop.

24 thoughts on “Um, So Next Week Then?

  1. Funnily enough, the other day I was having a coffee on one of the few places that we’re currently allowed to sit in, when there seemed to be a meeting taking place between three men and one was the double of Patrick Stewart. I thought it before he took his face mask off and even more so afterwards. I don’t actually think it was him, but still, for a moment-Star Trek geekdom.

  2. Short posts are good! Sometimes I wince inside when an author posts over 500 words. If you subscribe to lots of blogs as I do, SHORT is TOPS! No need to apologize on my account, L. Marie!
    Have a great weekend – and take time to smell the roses — or daffodils — or whatever is blooming in your neck of the woods! ((( )))

    • Now that the snow has finally stopped (hopefully), maybe things can grow here, Marian! The temperature is around 52 or so. The snowfall earlier this week was another reason why the week was so confusing.

    • Thank you, Ally! 😄 I don’t think I have ever approached a week with more confusion than I have this week. I was absolutely shocked to discover that Friday had come and I hadn’t posted. It reminded me of a time when I actually forgot to eat lunch. I never thought that would happen!

  3. Thanks for checking in – sometimes that’s all that’s needed. Even though I’m not swamped with huge deadlines like yourself, I get bogged down with the details of life and have no energy left to post, either. I think most of us of your followers ‘get it’.
    Meanwhile, don’t forget to take a few breaks here and there!

  4. My dear L. Marie, please don’t apologize for short posts or being late or being early or not writing at all. I really appreciate the time you put into your posts so take as long as you need. Thanks, though, for checking in. We bloggers do worry when we haven’t seen a post, any post, for awhile. As Laura says, sometimes that’s all that’s needed. xo

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