I don’t know about you, but on a sunny day at this time of year, I think about butterflies, even if this is not the season for them. Sure, it would be lovely to see a Monarch butterfly, which are common in my area in late summer.

But I can’t help wondering about butterflies that are a little more unusual, like

The glass-winged butterfly. This wonder can be found in Panama, Mexico, and Colombia.

The dead leaf butterfly, aka Kalima inachus, which can be found in Vietnam, India, Japan, and Thailand. This butterfly should sign up to join a surveillance organization immediately.

Photo: Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand. 380m a.s.l.

88 butterfly aka Diaethria anna and Anna’s eighty-eight, which can be found in Central and South America and sometimes in Texas

Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing, which was named after Alexandra of Denmark). It can be found in Papua New Guinea. I’m sure you’ve heard that this is the world’s largest butterfly, with some having a one-foot wingspan. I have this one on my island in Animal Crossing.

Zebra Longwing, which can be found in Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies

I also think of butterflies because of the idiom, butterflies in my stomach. Why do I think of this? I am auditioning for freelance writing. I usually get butterflies with an impending deadline, especially if there is no guarantee that I will get the gig. But I have to turn in a sample chapter this coming Monday.

Do you have a favorite butterfly? Please comment below and tell me. (I am partial to the Monarch, Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing, and the glass-winged butterfly.) And Charles, get ready to see the light with your alpaca lights! (Click here for the post on that giveaway.)

Monarch butterfly from Wikipedia. Glass-winged butterfly photo from allpicts.in. Dead leaf butterfly from bugsaliveblogspot. Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing butterfly photo from sakepedia.blogspot. Zebra longwing from Wikimedia. Alpaca lights from Amazon.

48 thoughts on “Butterflies

  1. Enjoy the butterflies outside and shake off the ones in your stomach. You’ve got this, L. Marie! You know I love hummingbirds, but I did enjoy hosting an array of butterflies last summer after Derek planted some new flowers for me. I’ve never seen the dead leaf butterfly…so interesting.

  2. I have a feeling those lights are going to end up in my son’s room. Good luck on the auditions. Can’t say I have a favorite butterfly though. I only really know Monarch and Viceroy by name.

  3. Hi L. Thanks for teaching me something new. The only type of butterfly I know to name is the monarch. Have you ever been to a butterfly sanctuary? I loved being surrounded by them. We wanted to go last year, but unfortunately, they were closed due to the virus. Here’s a link to when I posted about it with a few photos. I have no idea what types of butterflies they are.

    Keeping good thoughts those stomach butterflies calm. You’ll do great. 🌷

    • Thank you for that link. Was that a blue morpho I spotted among your photos? So lovely! What a great place to visit. I’ve never been, though I have been to a wildlife habitat, where you can feed lorikeets. 😊

    • Thank you for that link. Was that a blue morpho I spotted among your photos? So lovely! What a great place to visit. I’ve never been, though I have been to a wildlife habitat, where you can feed lorikeets. 😊

  4. Oh ick. The image of an actual butterfly species created to survive inside one’s gastric system is pretty gruesome…okay now that I have you focused on that – eliminate all images of said butterflies and accompanying flutterings in your stomach – think on the Beauty of His Butterfly Creations and go forth and nail that audition!

  5. Good luck on your audition! Thank you for sharing such beautiful and interesting butterflies. The Zebra Longwing is also found in Florida and is the official state butterfly. We see quite a few of them when we go to the refuge. Now, as Laura said, eliminate any and all images of butterflies in your stomach. I’m confident you’ll do quite well at your audition 🙂 xoxo

  6. I like butterflies, too. The one that has charmed me the most is the dead leaf butterfly! The first time I saw one when I realized what I was looking at, it stopped me in my tracks. Since then I look for them because who doesn’t love a butterfly that so effortlessly blends in.

    • How cool that you saw one, Ally! 😊 I’ve never seen one except in photos. What an amazing creature. I am partial to the glass-winged butterfly because of the transparency of the wings.

  7. Tiger Swallowtails. They signify lilac season for me and I love the way they look gathering on the lavender blossoms.

    P.S. A good friend of mine, Doug Taron, is at the Peggy Notebaert Museum in Chicago and gave me a tour of the butterfly house and behind the scenes one time. It was magical.

  8. I don’t have a favorite. I like all of them for their bright or pastel colors and the fluttery way they move. I love the examples you chose. Amazing! Glass-winged, beautiful! Dead leaf, Anna’s 88, zebra–so interesting. And actually, I hadn’t heard of Queen Alexandra’s bird wing. That would be quite a sight.

    • They are all amazing. And the Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing is one of the most fascinating because of its sheer size. I would love to see all of these in person someday.

    • Wings. I saw what you did there. 😊 It sure is, Marian! I went for a walk and enjoyed the sunshine, now that the second snowfall we had last week finally melted!

  9. Such beautiful butterflies!!! I love how the Monarchs flitter flutter around my flowers in spring and summer. Such a metaphor, too, for what you’re feeling right now. What we all feel at times. Deep breath, Linda. You can do this!!

  10. I enjoy butterflies, but am partial to dragonflies. Yesterday morning on our walk we saw hundreds helicoptering around our heads.

    Good luck with your audition. Hope you get the gig.

  11. Good luck with the audition! I don’t know many butterflies – most of the ones we get around here are just plain old white, although I’m so unobservant that maybe there are zillions of others I just haven’t noticed. But I’d notice one with a one-foot wingspan… aarghhh! I can’t think of anything scarier, except maybe a giant bat… haha, I’m not fond of things that flutter…

    • Ha! 😊 Believe it or not, there are bats where I live. Many roost in attics. Okay, I guess that got you shuddering.

      Thank you for your well wishes. Now the wait is on. 😊

  12. Those butterflies are amazing! And good luck with the audition! My writing partner auditioned for a novel for the first time last month. She didn’t expect to get the gig (she didn’t), but was glad for the learning experience. They liked her writing style, so she’s on their list for more opportunities now.

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