Taking Root

So, a dear friend sent me this housewarming gift:

Because that is what kind, wonderful people do. (And for anyone reading this, that was not a hint for you to send a gift. You’re kind and wonderful without that.)

Though I was really pleased and thankful, I also had this reaction:

Because as far as plants are concerned, I have been this:

I texted a Plant Whisperer friend who knows what to do, since I really want these plants (the basket has multiple plants) to survive. She texted me a gif like the following for the plants.


Seriously, being the great friend that she is, she told me what to do for them. Eventually, they will need to be divided into separate pots. But for now, they seem content to be together.

After examining the basket of plants, another awesome friend (I am rich in friends) told me, “These plants are hard to kill.” Guess they’re like terminators in a way, only they aren’t out to kill Sarah Connor or her son John. (If you’re scratching your head, Google the Terminator movies.)

Plants represent for me the need to be planted where I am. Possessing even one has always meant, “I’m not going anywhere.” So, this plant grouping reminds me to put down roots. (Fun fact: some of the tenants of my apartment complex have lived here over forty years! Talk about roots!)

Plants also remind me to be responsible. I can’t just leave for weeks on end without a game plan for their care. Not if I want them to live.

Do you have houseplants? Enjoy caring for them? Or are you indifferent to them? While you think about that, I will move on to the winner of Nacho’s Nachos: The Story Behind the World’s Favorite Snack by another dear friend, Sandra Nickel. See interview here.


The winner is Nicki!

Nicki, please comment below to confirm. As usual, I’m grateful to all who commented.

Author photo and book cover courtesy of the author. Rabbits and Grim Reaper gifs from tenor.com. Arnold Schwarzenegger as the terminator gif from somewhere online. Other photos by L. Marie.

45 thoughts on “Taking Root

  1. Don’t have any plants and I’ve always been bad at caring for them. Got the kid, which I guess is enough responsibility. It’s funny how the idea of a plant is a little off-putting for me since my life feels so chaotic. Feeding a fish seems more doable than tending to something that may need less maintenance. Maybe it’s because plants are silent and don’t move, so one can be more likely to forget them.

  2. I loved your memes in this post, L. Marie! I do enjoy caring for indoor plants, particularly orchids. This spring and summer, since I’ve been home more than usual, I’ve enjoyed having more outdoor potted plants on our patio. It’s calming for me to nurture them.

  3. I have a couple of carefully selected plants – ones that don’t require fuss. There have been times when they did not receive all the care they deserved, so I started jotting notes in my calendar to remind me about watering days. Whatever works!

    • Ooo. Good idea, Arlene. I need to write notes on when to water. Someone gave me a succulent that thankfully doesn’t require much water. But even that I forget to water!

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS POST! I literally laughed out loud at the images you chose. But also? I identified so much! People give me plants and I’m like: You do not understand. I murder every plant brought into this house! It’s weird because I think I’m a fairly nurturing person otherwise. *shrugs*

    • So glad to bring a laugh, Laura! 😀 I’ve also broken out in a cold sweat when someone handed me a plant, especially a delicate, beautiful one that was more deserving of a better home. Sometimes, I’ve had to do the right thing and hand the plants off, knowing that death would be upon them if I didn’t.

  5. This post reminds me of your generous heart. Some would call the results karma, but I choose to see it as the biblical law of sowing and reaping.

    About houseplants – on on the patio too. It’s a mixed bag for me. Mostly I can grow plants well, but occasionally I miss the mark. A prized mandevilla plant died because I didn’t realize that it was drowning after 2-3 consecutive rainy days. I seem to do okay with orchids.

    This is such a clever post, as always, L. Marie. Your photo choices are hilarious! I think you must have had fun creating it.

    Happy Labor Day to you, my friend. 😀

    • Thanks, Marian, for your kind comment! As soon as I pressed SEND, I realized I hadn’t mentioned Labor Day. I guess it’s because as a freelancer, I don’t get holidays off. So I sometimes forget a holiday is nigh. But Happy Labor Day!

      I put the plants outside for a couple days, but had to bring them inside because the chilly air wilted them! So hard to know what to do!

  6. I love your creativity, Linda! What wonderful friends you have (and no surprise to me that you have wonderful friends). I agree that these particular plants are on the hardy side.
    I approach plants with some trepidation. I tend to be neglectful, but lately I have become more attentive. I’ve found tending to plants such as the flowers on our deck to be relaxing and meditative, a way to escape the COVID-19 world. I would keep plants in the house IF my cat Wendy didn’t chew on the leaves. Of course, she eventually throws up what she chewed, adding insult to injury 😉 So no plants indoors.

    • Oh dear. And it must be a challenge to find plants that won’t be harmful to cats. I have to think twice about giving cut flowers to friends with cats.

      Thank you for your kind words, Marie. Hope you’re keeping strong in these weird times.

  7. My wife Janine is an excellent gardener of the house planting . She has so much patience . The plants grow even in a shadowed place . Probably she transmits to them her energy!! 🙂
    Very interesting post, Linda.
    Love ❤

  8. Ah, tragically, like you, I’m a plant killer! I try, I really try, but they just look sadder each day until finally they give up the ghost. It’s so heart-breaking I don’t do it any more – what have the poor little things done to deserve me! But I’m sure your plants will be fine… 😉

    • I hope they will. I keep glancing at them to make sure they’re still alive. I wonder if this is how my parents felt when I was a tiny child. My mother said my dad would check on me at night to make sure I was still breathing!

  9. What? What a surprise! I know just what I’m going to do with it. As soon as I finish reading it, I’m going to give it to a sweet little girl and her sweet somewhat bigger brother. Thank you so much!

    As for houseplants, I’m pretty good at watering them but not so good about transplanting them when they outgrown their pots. Also, I tend to keep plants beyond their normal life spans. I’ve been known to keep poinsettias for years, even after they’ve stopped flowering.

  10. (1) Congrats, Nicki! You should have some Nachos to celebrate while you wait for your surprise to arrive!

    (2) Lovely plants, LM. Enjoy them like you would a bouquet of cut flowers. If they last longer than that, great. If not, oh well.

    We no longer have houseplants . . . and, no, I didn’t kill them.

    I read a book (SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE by Elaine St. James) and her thoughts on houseplants resonated with me . . . so I jettisoned them all from the house.

  11. Hi Linda. I know what you mean about plants. I’ve never been able to keep a house plant alive. I’ve finally succeeded at outdoor plants this summer, but I still don’t have any indoors.

    Congrats on your new place. Did you move very far? Still within meeting distance of me? Of course, a certain virus is preventing that right now. Good to see you back.

  12. I think that’s a peace lily…so if it does eventually succumb to non-aliveness*, you know it will certainly “Rest in Peace”
    Oh, I ***am*** tired, that’s a bad play on words for sure. But I’m still pushing ‘post comment’
    Enjoy the freshness of your new home & surroundings, L.Marie.
    *I can’t bring myself to say the ‘d’ word 😦

    • Thank you, Laura! Another friend also mentioned the peace lily. I enjoyed your puns. 😃
      I am enjoying the freshness. We’ve had a lot of rain which makes the trees glisten. I love looking out at them. My desk is set up so that I look northeast.

  13. You and me both on killing the plants! Though I’ve found spider plants to be almost unkillable and highly reproductive in case one does die. I sent a pair of mine to my daughter when she moved into her new apartment–her first without roommates–last week.

    • How is she liking her new place, Lyn?

      Spider plants are pretty hardy. I’m surprised that no has written a dystopian in which spider plants have taken over an area after technology bit the dust.

  14. I’m currently engaged in a quest to keep my Mum’s plants alive. She lives next door and has Alzheimer’s and never waters her plants. I know nothing of them and so am unsure about what is too little, what is too much, does it change in winter from summer? At the moment they live.

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