I’m sorry I haven’t posted much recently. Life has been a bit hectic. I’ve had editing projects, auditions for projects (waiting), and—most of all—I’ve been packing. My apartment building was sold recently, so we all have to find another place to live by the end of the month or very early next month. Sigh. I’ll let you know what happens. I will try to post again before then. If I can’t, I’ll see you when the dust settles. Just know that I miss interacting with you.

Photos by L. Marie.

49 thoughts on “Moving

    • 😄😄 I’m trying to figure out how to pack it and the crown of thorns, which is very sharp!!!
      Glad to see your new site as well. I wonder if my comment went to spam.

      • Crown of Thorns – big box, lots of peanuts. I have a bag full. Gumball machine – take the globe off, stuff with paper, wrap with bubble wrap. Wrap the rest in bubble wrap as well, and pad the box well – maybe put in with your clothes. I also have bubble wrap if you need.

  1. I’m taking a long blog break now, Linda Marie! But, I have to admire your persevering through all this. Moving is a beast. You may remember we moved 4 years ago after 37 years in the same house. Blessings on the move. Prayers for safe passage. Be kind to yourself during this trying time, my dear! 😀

    • Thank you, Marian! I need those prayers. Yes, moving is hard as you know. I haven’t moved in 14 years. I’m having trouble finding things that I’ve packed and still need.

      Seems like so many are taking a summer break. Hope we can all come back strong!

  2. Wow! You’re a real trooper . . . packing AND posting!

    Sorry you’ve got a mandated move ahead of you. Here’s hoping that you love where you land and dig your new digs!

    • Thanks, Nancy! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as the packing is concerned. I’m so grateful for the friends who have donated packing goods and also their labor. It has made a stressful task less stressful.

    • Thanks, Andy. It is pretty stressful. So much purging is involved. I have divested myself of eight bags of books and a box of household items so far. I hope they enjoy their new homes. I still have many, many more books though.

  3. Good luck with the move! My daughter was thinking of moving because one of the three roommates left the city and the landlord wouldn’t reduce the rent, but the latest I heard is that she and her other roomie have decided to stay put.

  4. Like someone else said, that gumball machine. I hope it get packs away safely and makes it to your new place in one piece. Hope you find a new place soon and Henri will like it and find a comfortable spot. Sounds like you got a lot on your plate. Take care and stay safe.

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