The Perfect Pillow

I read this picture book the other night (perfect bedtime reading)

and thought, What is the perfect pillow?

I must confess that this is not a question I’ve ever thought long and hard about. Back in the day, my parents shopped for sheets and pillow cases during the January white sales. They probably bought new pillows also. I say probably, because when I was a kid, I never paid too much attention to what my parents thought about pillows or bedding in general. I only knew that the pillow I was used to was the perfect pillow. In fact, I took to college the same pillow I’d slept on for ages!

These days, I’ve never met a $3.99 pillow I didn’t like. Some people might be appalled at the cheapness, especially when pillows sell for ten, twenty, even a hundred times that amount.

Or tens of thousands times that amount.

Out of curiosity, I Googled to discover the most expensive pillow, thinking that pillow had to be the most perfect pillow ever. This article stated that the world’s most expensive pillow (photo below) was developed by a Dutch inventor/physical therapist named Thijs van der Hilst. It is called the Tailormade Gold Edition Pillow. It is made of memory foam based on a 3-D scan and has a 24-carat gold cover, diamonds, and a 22.5-karat sapphire. It is only $57,000.

The Tailormade pillow. I think the appropriate thing to say right now is, “Ta da!”

Ha! A mere pittance! The company that makes this pillow sells one for $3995. I’m sure you’ll want to order several, so click here to get yours now!

Seriously, the perfect pillow is one that helps you gain restful sleep. If you’re a back sleeper, a stomach sleeper, or a side sleeper, the perfect pillow varies, especially if you’re dealing with back or neck pain also. Searching the internet for these categories can net you dozens of duck feather/down, memory foam, and latex pillow recommendations.

But these days, the perfect pillow, at least for me, is one made by a friend: the fabulous Laura Bruno Lilly who made and sent this one:

What kind of pillow is perfect for you?

Pillow found at Other photos by L. Marie.

38 thoughts on “The Perfect Pillow

  1. Okay, now I’m going to have the “My Pillow Guy” jingle playing through my head for the rest of the day! 🙂 I’ve yet to find my perfect pillow. I struggle with getting a good night of sleep. I do prefer a big, fluffy pillow, but each one I purchase turns into a flat pancake within a couple of months. Laura’s pillow is beautiful. I’d keep that on display rather than lay my fat head on it!

  2. I like pillows that are clean and fresh-smelling. I don’t care what they cost. I am pretty much indifferent to thickness, BUT I cannot tolerate real down pillows. I sneeze and wheeze around them, so my pillows have to be filled with the right stuff, as it were.

    • I hear you, Ally! 😀 I don’t have a great deal of concern about the finer points of pillows, though I respect anyone who has to have a really good pillow due to health reasons.

  3. What a surprise to see my simple-stitched gift featured here – You are too sweet, L.Marie!
    Had I known Henry would lose the claim-it contest, I would have tucked in a lavender sachet for extra ‘perfection’. (the Gang is secretly relieved he didn’t bully you into submission!)
    I totally relate to the ‘white sales in January’ way of thinking. That’s how it was in my family growing up, too. Unless it was an emergency or an unexpected gift need, things like bedding, pillows etc (and other items in their own respective seasonal sales) were scheduled for purchase at that time!

    • I made sure Henry realized the pillow was mine and mine alone. Hands off, Henry! Even now, I see him trying to creep over to it. I wish I had a spray of Yeti Off like insect repellent. 😀 😁

      Thank you again, Laura! The pillow brightens my day every time I look at it.

  4. Who knew a blog post about pillows could be so interesting? That’s the cleverness of your writing, L. Marie.

    Some random thoughts about pillows: Jill mentioned the My Pillow guy, and I remember reading somewhere that he re-tooled his factory to make masks at the beginning of the pandemic.

    Another random thought: Back when I used to fly, I’d see passengers (usually a young girl) carrying a pillow onto the plane.

    Happy Thursday, friend! 🙂

    • Thank you, Marian! I remember seeing children with their pillows. My sister-in-law reminded me today of my nephew’s special pillow when he was little. I thought of him as I wrote this post, though I didn’t mention him in it. 😀 😁

  5. I just need a pillow with neck support and keeps me cool. The one I have now is an old bamboo stuffed one for coolness. It’s so old that it’s shape is a mess. I’m surprised how expensive pillows are whenever I search.

  6. How sweet of Laura to make and send you that lovely pillow. I actually sleep on a “My Pillow.” It’s okay, but Mike Lindell’s sheets are the BEST. I don’t think I’ll ever by another brand.

    • Wow! I’ve never had those sheets or a My Pillow, but it’s nice to actually know someone who likes them (rather than looking at a testimonial on the website). The sheets on the website look very nice and comfortable.

    • Hi, Andy! Yes, bedding sales. For some reason, January was the time to buy sheets, blankets, etc. No idea why! 😀 Maybe to spend that money or gift cards received at Christmas?

      Yes, some pillows are so expensive. Which is why I stick to the cheap ones!

  7. Like Jill, I’m still searching for the perfect pillow. When . . . IF . . . I find it, I’ll let you know. 😀

    Have a good weekend . . . filled with happy memories!

  8. What a lovely pillow! Nice work, Laura 🙂 Oh, L, I’m always looking for a perfect pillow … well, actually I stopped. I have two pillows now: one a standard pillow (maybe more than 3.99 but probably not by much) and an orthopedic pillow for people with neck problems (I have arthritis in my neck). The orthopedic pillow cost about $50 and it was great at first. But now I have the standard on top of the orthopedic pillow because my neck starting hurting when I only used the orthopedic. Sigh. I’m also a side sleeper which adds to the challenge. I suppose having Wendy and a couple of pillows cushioned around me also adds to the challenge 😉

    • So sorry about your neck pain, Marie! 😞
      One of my sisters-in-law has back pain and purchased a mattress to help with that. But it made things worse too. I wonder why that is. 😞
      I am a side sleeper. I have to have more than one pillow.

  9. There’s something special about anything made by a friend. That one is lovely. I am attracted to decorative throw pillows. I have some nice ones made by hand that I bought when we lived abroad.

    I think I like a down pillow best so I can shape it the way I like. I sleep sometimes on my back and sometimes on my side. It’s best if it’s a little taller when I’m sleeping on my side. When I’m on my back, I punch it a time or two to make a bulge to support my neck.

  10. How lovely that Laura made that pillow for you! I think pillows give us the hugs and comfort we crave. When they are pretty, all the better.

  11. It must be feather, and well stuffed! I’m not sure there’s such a thing as a perfect pillow but I did once sleep on a perfect mattress in a hotel – it was so wonderful I would cheerfully have spent the whole holiday in bed. I asked the hotel keeper what make it was and priced it when I got home… well, maybe one day if I win the lottery I’ll be able to buy one… 😉

  12. Later that late catching up on posts. This gave me a chuckle. I don’t remember the last time I bought a pillow. As long as mine continues to conform to my head, it stays. 🙂 I think I bought it at Kohl’s. Your pillow from Laura is so pretty.

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