String-Pulling Bees and Other Things I Didn’t Realize I Needed in My Life

I don’t know about you, but I crave a bit of normalcy, a bit of adorableness. And what’s more normal than scientists getting some bumblebees to pull strings? (Those bumblebees must have some influence if they’re pulling strings. Am I right? . . . Okay, I’ll stop.)

Anyway, I ran across this video at the SciNews YouTube Video and a follow-up—scientists teaching bees to roll balls—and was mesmerized. If only they could teach wasps to be kind. (If somehow the video disappears, click here for it.)

See? You needed it too, didn’t you? (For more info on the bumblebee experiment, conducted at Queen Mary University of London, click here.)

Recently, a friend sent photos of her newest acquisitions, which turned out to be something else I needed:


As I looked at the photos, I could feel my blood pressure drop and something broken within me starting to mend. Maybe you feel the same way.

This also made my day (photo below). Chalk art courtesy of the kids who live in my apartment building.

Also, I saw these at the grocery store. Maybe they’re not as essential as water or toilet paper, but they’re essential in a soul-building sort of way.


What have you seen this week that helped lift your spirits? Please share in the comments.

Farm animal photos by Colleen Yang. Other photos by L. Marie.

33 thoughts on “String-Pulling Bees and Other Things I Didn’t Realize I Needed in My Life

  1. Haven’t seen anything to lift my spirits yet. Been rather rough with the schoolwork. Previous weeks were good, but something went wrong this time. I think there are too many cooks in the kitchen lately. So, I’m really hoping something soothing turns up at some point. I’ll even take it on Friday. By the way, my son loves the Yoda and was reading to it yesterday. He says you are an excellent crocheter.

  2. “Experienced bumblebees” may be the best line I read all day. The experiment is wacko, but then I’ve never been one to want to train a bumblebee. Shortsighted on my part, I know.

    Your roses are beautiful. The return of sunshine is the best thing I’ve seen lately. It was a long gray winter here, so I’m more than ready for some rays.

    • I hope you get some sun today. I loved your flowers too, Ally! And that podcast. So soothing!

      I love the experienced bumblebees line too. 😀 😁 I hope the researchers will keep working with the bees.

  3. Without you, L. Marie, I’d never know about the bee-training 🙂

    Thanks for the roses photos, and (again) for my Yoda, which my grand-daughter found “So cute”!

  4. I’m guessing the government funded a grant for the bee-string-theory. 😏

    I’ve actually seen adults doing art on their driveways with chalk. A few of them added thanks to the nurses, doctors and first-responders on the front lines.

    I buy myself flowers on occasion. It does a body good with their lovely essence in the home.

    I got my spirits lifted when I saw the tulips I planted last fall are blooming! It was my first time doing such a thing, so it was a treat to see my work paying off. I also wrote a little about something else that lifted my spirits on my blog today.

    Stay well, Miss L. 💗

    • You too, Lori! Loved the virtual hikes you mentioned and the photos you took. So hard to see those photos you took with Max. I know you miss your sweet boy.

      My pastor’s family made a chalk sign on their garage. It says, HOPE.

      • Hey L. Guess what happened about an hour ago? We kept hearing sirens and horns blaring in the neighborhood. We went outside and a parade of first responders and city workers came down the street waving at everyone who came out of their homes. It moved me. What an extraordinary time we’re living in.

    • You too, Laura! Peace to you!
      I love the bee experiment. At first I wondered why they would spend the money to do this kind of research. But now I’m glad they did. 😀

  5. I have also seen chalk art on the sidewalks in my neighborhood. And today I saw a very young boy trying very hard to ride a bike without training wheels. For some reason, that really spoke to me. Such a normal experience for many people — learning to ride a bike — and yet monumental for that little boy — all set against the backdrop of this monumental and not normal time for all of us.

  6. You always find a way to lift me up, even in these times. Thank you.
    Yesterday, while taking some peelings out to the compost pile, I found a small daffodil growing out of the pile. I squealed with glee, went back into the house for my clippers, and put it in a small, brown glass medicine bottle.

  7. Seems like you and Laura are conspiring to feel your readers up with hope as well as appreciation for the small and simple things of life that we otherwise would miss. As usual, I’ve been uplifted more by what I see in nature. Well, a lot of that is probably due to the fact I haven’t been anywhere but my home and nature in the last couple of weeks. Last night, sitting on our back porch after dinner, my husband noticed a teen-tiny spider floating in the air above us. It was probably hanging by a gossamer thread, but we couldn’t see it and could only see the teeny-tiny spider when it was backlit by the gray sky. I got cross-eyed a couple of times, trying to keep track of it because I didn’t want it to fall into my hair. I even thought it was dead at one point, just curled up and floating seemingly in space. Suddenly, it expanded all its legs and scampered up the invisible gossamer thread.Such is how I entertain myself these days 😉

  8. This brought a big smile to my day. Today was the first day outside to do serious yard work. I saw flowers that found their way into the cracks of bricks. How cool is that? Beauty and fortitude all in one.

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