Easter Eggs or Seven Years A-Bloggin’

Though I posted the above photo, this post is about what’s described in the quote below from Wikipedia. Check this out:

While the term Easter egg has been used to mean a hidden object for some time, in reference to an Easter egg hunt, it has come to be more commonly used to mean a message, image, or feature hidden in a video game, movie, or other, usually electronic, medium.

So I really mean images like the one below from Star Wars: The Force Awakens with Boba Fett from Return of the Jedi superimposed on it, which points out an Easter egg. You have to check out WatchMojo’s website or YouTube channel for the explanation. Easter Eggs are for fans who eagerly pour over scenes from movies, hoping to find characters, objects like spaceships or flags, dialogue, or even sound effects from other movies, TV shows, graphic novels, video games, etc. Finding a sly reference to another work can be as satisfying as finding Waldo in a crowded scene—something that’s very relaxing to people like me who are uptight and prone to road rage. (Ah, the life of an irate driver.)

Nowadays, it’s not enough that filmmakers or television producers provide an epic ending to a film or show. Many go the extra mile to entertain fans by hiding Easter eggs. Perhaps they feel they have to keep up with the Joneses by including Easter eggs, since so many other films and TV shows do so.

Easter eggs might seem like an odd topic for a blog post. But as someone who has participated in many an Easter egg hunt, hiding eggs in friends’ backyards over the years, I guess you can say I’ve earned the right to talk about them.

Do you look for Easter eggs in movies? What are your favorites?

P.S. Because this is my seventh blogoversary (the actual date was February 19), throughout this post I have included seven Easter eggs from my first seven blog posts. Big hint: I used phrases from blog post titles, rather than pictures. You’ll have to go alllllllllll the way back to the 2013 posts to see which titles I mean. I was so tempted to do thirteen for 2013—the year I started. Seven will have to do. Happy hunting!

Kitty desperately wanted to talk over the Easter eggs she saw in a movie. She asked Henry, “Did you find the Easter eggs?” When Henry nodded to an empty bucket, before he could open his mouth to say anything, Kitty added, “No. Don’t speak.” Obviously, he didn’t have a clue what she meant.

Easter eggs from somewhere on Pinterest. Star Wars image from WatchMojo.com. Other photo by L. Marie.

40 thoughts on “Easter Eggs or Seven Years A-Bloggin’

  1. I never thought you’d be an irate driver, L. Marie. 🙂 I can’t say that I’ve ever thought to look for those Easter eggs in movies, but I do remember loving the annual Easter egg hunt at our church when I was a kid. Happy anniversary! Seven years goes fast, doesn’t it? 🙂

  2. I do enjoy hunting for Easter eggs in movies and shows, but I usually don’t make it a focus during a first viewing. They’re tidbits that shouldn’t overshadow the story, which seems to happen at times. I get it with a movie like ‘Ready Player One’ that fits them into the story. Yet, that’s rare. Honestly, I think if someone leaves the theater talking more about the Easter eggs than the plot then mistakes were made.

    • I still haven’t seen Ready Player One though I’m familiar with the book. That’s the perfect book for 80s trivia fans.

      I hear more about Easter eggs in the last Star Wars films than anything else.

      • I got rather bored with the book. Far too many lists that the character rattled off. Not to mention he claimed to binge on all these shows, movies, songs, and games multiple times. Not possible for someone his age unless he never slept, went to school, and left the house.

        I think a lot of the latest movies in various franchises have depended more on Easter eggs than before. It gets people to rewatch and up ticket sales.

      • The timing for this book was perfect. So many people were nostalgic and willing to overlook any flaws. That’s probably what’s happening now with films. Some movies that I’ve disliked were greatly liked by others.

      • As someone who has been thoroughly unimpressed with the stories of some big popular movies, I totally get it. I think nostalgia and big effects are starting to overshadow things. We can’t have fun either too. Keep in mind I’m writing this before I take my son to see Sonic.

      • I’ve heard good things about Sonic! I want to see that one. It looks delightful–like a movie from the 90s!
        I also have been less than impressed at all of the realistic issues crammed into movies. They can’t just be about an adventure. They have to be about a bunch of issues ripped from today’s headlines. 😟

  3. I know of them, but I don’t look for Easter eggs in movies. I barely look at movies anymore, but the idea is intriguing. In some ways it’s like the continuity department messed up on the job while the movie was being filmed.

    Happy Blogging Anniversary! 7 years is a good long time to do this blogging thing. Congrats.

    • Thanks, Ally! 😀
      I sometimes notice Easter eggs in movies, especially if they are really obvious (as in Star Wars: The Force Awakens). But as Charles commented, you have to do multiple viewings to catch them.

  4. Congrats! Are you getting the 7 year itch, yet? (just a little punnyness) I’m not far behind you, lady…hard to believe we’re still rolling out the posts, eh?
    I think you’ll notice that my icon/face appears on all of your first 7 posts ‘like’ bar. Yep, went back to read ’em…learned something new about you, dear L. Marie, hoarder of soy sauce packets!!!!
    As for finding Easter Eggs in movies…hubby and I always stay in the theatre watching through all the credits till the very end ***just in case*** there are fun things inserted (there often are) and see if there are any surprise clips at the very end – cases in point, Shrek and Minions movies plus others…so that’s our form of Movie Easter Egg hunting!

    • Thanks, Laura! 😀 And thank you for reading the old blog posts. As you can see, I didn’t have a plan for this blog. Still don’t. And I still have a bunch of soy sauce packets. I usually just trade out the old ones when new ones come in (though sometimes it’s hard to see which are which).
      Animated movies are great for Easter eggs. They must be fun to animate.

  5. I usually hear of the Easter eggs after someone else has seen them 😉 I find it fun, though, when a TV show or movie puts in Easter eggs. It suggests (to me anyway) a kind of self-reflection, like, “Let’s not take ourselves too seriously. This is just a movie (or TV show) after all.” Congratulations on your anniversary! Seven is a good number. I hope things are going well for you, L. I think of you every day ❤

  6. Hmmm . . . I did not know they were called Easter Eggs, but, I have on occasion seen this or that in a movie that looked like a gimmick to me, or someone just having fun. I will pay closer attention, at least when I am viewing at home. Fun post, L. Marie, and I promise to go back and check your original posts for Easter Eggs. I did find a few, but, keep forgetting what is what. Sigh. I am entering that time of life where I’ve not only lost my keys but any recollection as to why I went into a room. 🙂
    I need to show this to my son-in-law, who loves anything Star Wars and I”m thinking knows all about Easter Eggs.

    Happy blogoversary! I hope you keep on with this and I hope things have settled down for you.

  7. L. Marie, I did not realize that you and I are so neck-and-neck with blogging history. Next week I celebrate mine with the “Seven-Year-Itch” theme.

    Congratulations on achieving this milestone!
    Here’s to many more productive years with Kitty, Henry, and Company! 🙂

  8. Congratulations on seven awesome years! My blog is of a similar vintage (will my celebration be wine?), though I could count it from September 2012 when I arrived in Portugal and started writing about my experiences there, or from August 2013 when I moved the blog, along with my website, to its current WordPress platform. Looking forward to many more years of your blog and those amazing photos and adorable characters!

  9. Congratulations, Linda. I just looked back, and I’ll have my 7-year blogoversary in August. I’ll try to remember when the time comes.

    I vaguely remember that my grandchildren told me about Easter eggs, but I haven’t looked for them in movies. My sister and I had some great Easter egg hunts in my grandparents’ yard when we were young. They also hid Easter baskets and candy in the house. My grandpa was a master at hiding things.

    • Ooo! Looking forward to celebrating with you when the time comes, Nicki! 😀
      I miss getting an Easter basket. Alas, I couldn’t convince my mother to carry on the tradition of giving me a basket. 😄

  10. Happy Blogiversary! No, I never look for Easter eggs in movies – I’m far too lazy! Real Easter eggs are different – I hunt them down in the supermarket every year without fail… 😉

  11. I don’t look for Easter Eggs. For the same reason, I have a friend who watches each new Doctor Who episode to analyse and write a detailed critique of it whereas I prefer to just sit back to be entertained.
    Star Wars wise I’ve just started watching The Mandalorian.
    And Happy Anniversary-seven years is impressive. I know now that my anniversary is approaching, you are my fellow-blogging yardstick!

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