The Gift of Story

When I was a kid, I learned to value stories. My parents read books to me at bedtime, which made me want to read stories for myself. Many of the stories they read were fairy tales or fantastical adventures written by Dr Seuss. As soon as I learned to read, I read just about everything—fiction and nonfiction. I had (and still have) an insatiable curiosity for the stories of others. Sharing stories is the main reason why I love to give books away.


I love being taken on an adventure through the pages of a book. So many aspects of life are stressful these days, so I value more and more the stories I read and the characters I grow to care about. My favorite time of day is the time I can spend with a book, watching the workaday world fade away beyond the edges of the pages in front of me.

So without further ado, here are the winners of the books for the Christmas giveaways, which were announced in this post and this one:

The winner of Love, God, and Mexican Pastries is Nancy Hatch!

The winner of Up for Air is Laura Bruno Lilly!

The winner of The Art of Breaking Things Is Nicki!

The winner of A Time Traveler’s Theory of Relativity is Marian!

Winners, please comment below to confirm. Happy reading! And thank you to all who commented!

Christmas giveaway image from thefrontporchgourmet. Book stack from Books covers (with the exception of those being given away) from Goodreads.

33 thoughts on “The Gift of Story

  1. Like you, I remember parents (my mother) reading to me. Like Jill, I can’t remember a world without books. Congratulations to the book winners. And thank you from me, winning the Time Travelers’ Theory. THANK YOU! 😀

      • Sorry, I’m just seeing this now. I prefer a print copy, but if the mailing is too much trouble, ebook is fine too. Either way, Thank you!

        I hope you had a wonderful Christmas day, and a happy beginning to a new decade!

  2. Congratulations to the winners! 🙂
    I’m sure I’ve said this before, but, it is truly my story of my love of books. It was sitting as a very young child on the my Yia Yia’s lap (my Greek grandmother). She smelled of the cookies she baked and told such wonderful stories from a book, made all-the-more special because she couldn’t read, the book was usually upside down, and she was making it all up! My father loved books, and I still have many of them, including Jane Eyre, and was fortunate to have such good teachers and wondrous libraries.
    Merry Christmas, L. Marie, and may it be filled with all things good – and books.

    • Love your Yia Yia stories (and your posts about cooking with her). And Jane Eyre is a favorite! I need to reread that one soon.
      I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Penny–one without any stomach bugs! 😀

  3. Reading offers so much joy (unless you picked the wrong book), that it makes me feel guilty not doing more productive things. So, it always ends up at the bottom of my list, unfortunately. It would be the perfect New Year’s resolution for me, to read more.

    Congratulations to the winners and Happy Holidays to you!

  4. 🙂
    What a fun surprise. Thanks for the unexpected diversion, L.Marie. I look forward to reading this! I prefer hard copy in-hand books, but if you prefer to send it as an e-book, anything that can be downloaded to my computer would be fine, also.
    enjoy your holidays –

  5. Congratulations to all of the winners.
    I hear so much of people who inherited their love of reading from their parents, but I discovered mine independently of mine. Also none of my children could be described as avid readers, though one does read occasionally.

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