Let It Snow???

“Oh the weather outside is frightful,” as the song goes. I’m staring out at snow falling in a rather sheepish way. No pun intended ’cause snow and sheep are both white. I mean the snow is kind of light and noncommittal. Like, “Eh, I’m falling, ’cause it be like that. But I may not stay.” The determined, take no prisoners snow has yet to arrive.


Though I’m irritated by the snow (I want autumn! Go away, winter), Henry, however, is in his element. He wishes every day could be a snow day. He might get his wish, since we’ve had two days of this.


This is a short and sweet post, because I want to get to the main reason why I posted (besides complaining about the autumn snowfall). Before I get to that, let me throw out that I’ve been nominated for a blogger recognition award. There are a bunch of conditions for this award one of which involves acknowledging that I’ve been nominated (done!) and thanking the one who nominated me—FictionFan, which she announced at this post. Thank you, FictionFan!

Another is to tell you how this blog got started. Since this is not the anniversary of my blog, I will give you the simple answer—my younger brother challenged me to start a blog back in 2013. Within a month of that challenge, another guy basically said to me, “If you call yourself a writer, you’ll start a blog.” I took the plunge in February of that year. The results, as you can see. . . .

There are other conditions for this award, which I am skipping over, ’cause it be like that. And now, on to the main point of this post. What more fitting day than a snowy one to announce the winner of the ice cream giveaway, which was announced here. So without further ado, Nancy Hatch, Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Caramel Almond Brittle Ice Cream has been ordered and is on its way to you.

Thank you to all who commented! That’s all for now from the snowy Midwest!

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream image from their website. Other photos by L. Marie.

40 thoughts on “Let It Snow???

  1. We were at 81 yesterday and this morning it’s 39. I’m so not ready for this, but at least we didn’t get snow. Congratulations to Nancy! I’m happy you took the plunge, L. Marie. I can’t imagine not knowing you! Happy Friday!

  2. We should all be like Henry who adjusts well to what life throws him, weather and all: “Okay, if it’s snowing so be it.” Yesterday Florida was in the high 80s and this morning, 59, but no snow.

    Congratulations on your many years of blogging! We share an anniversary; I too started blogging in February 2013. I began posting twice a week but pushed back to once weekly after I made the commitment to write my memoir.

    And, finally, CONGRATULATIONS on your blogger recognition away, well-deserved! 🙂

    • Thank you, Marian! Yay! We’re blogging twins! 😀 😁
      Henry is enjoying the weather! Plenty of snow to roll around in. The trick or treaters did not enjoy it when they wanted to go house to house. Many failed to show up.

  3. Congrats to Nancy – yummy choice. 🙂
    Congrats to you, L. Marie. I am grateful that you met your brother and another’s challenge to start your blog and that you continue to amaze me with your words and your wit.
    I love the beauty and peacefulness of snow – just not yet! What a bummer for the children yesterday and all the candy that wasn’t taken. We’ve had about 3 treaters in the 13 Halloweens we’ve had here on the Cutoff, and they weren’t the kids that live here. Our house is just too far in when they can get more elsewhere. Tom, the biggest kid of ’em all, insists on buying treats. We have a yearly discussion on this, he letting me gripe, me letting him get away with it. Anyhoooo, we were eating dinner when the doorbell rang.”Oh, quick, before they leave get the candy, open the door!”. I opened the front door and could car lights at the end of the drive, but, no bodies in costume. “Hello. Trick-or-treat” followed by the Antler Man and his stash “Hello, hello”, me running to the back door, he flashing the lights on and off up front, a regular comedy team in ever there was. I gave up, sat down to finish eating as he came in with two big packages. It was the Amazon man. haha

    • Thank you for your kind words, Penny! Oh my word, that story is hilarious! 😂 🤣 Did he at least give the Amazon man some candy? 😀 (I feel sorry for delivery people in this cold weather.) I gave out the candy for a time at the home of some friends. There were barely any kids out. So they were given a ton of candy at each house.

      • You are welcome. He would have if the Amazon vehicle was closer. He actually realized it was a delivery as the vehicle pulled onto the street. Tom turned and saw the packages on a chair we keep on the porch. We had a good laugh about it, though – two adults, one in a boot for a foot problem, the other (moi) at the back door with her own comic calling – now, I have to hide the candy and forget where I hid it. haha

  4. Congrats on the blog recognition! So well-deserved!! I love autumn, too, and it feels like we sort of skipped it this year. It’s 26° here right now with a wind chill of 20°, but, alas, no snow. Say hello, to Henry go me. He does look right at home in his wintry surroundings.❄️❄️❄️

    • Thank you, Sharon! 😀
      Wow, you guys have the same temps as we do. I said hello to Henry, who waved. He is having the time of his life with all of the fluffy snow to play in. (Though it’s 22 degrees now.)

  5. Congratulations to Nancy! Eh, snow on Halloween is just too early. Back when I was a kid, snow was expected around Thanksgiving and it usually started falling around that time. We always wanted a white Christmas but not a white Halloween! So in this part of Florida, yesterday was steamy and sticky. A storm blew through during my yoga class and the temps started dropping. This morning it was 46 degrees. Felt Arctic to me … I’ve been in Florida too long 😉

    • Oh my goodness! That’s cold for Florida! Brr! 🥶 If it will make you feel warmer, we are now at 27 degrees. It’s gone up five degrees.

      I remember back in the day having snow around Thanksgiving too–rather than October.

      • I hear you, Marie! It is difficult to get up and get out in cold weather for sure. 😀 But since I have to brush the snow off my car, I have to get out and about. 😀

      • Oh my goodness, I remember how I or my mom would go to the car, start it up, and then go back inside the house for a few minutes. The car had to “warm up” otherwise it would stall. Of course, we lived in the country so no worries about someone making off with the car 😉 Yeah, it doesn’t much to help me remember those winters of scrapping ice off the windshield. In comparison, Florida is balmy 😉

      • Fun times! My dad used to start the car and return inside while it ran for a bit. I have to start my car no matter how cold the temperature is, to make sure it starts. When the Polar Vortex hit last winter, I had to go out there regardless of how bone chilling the temperature was.

  6. Congrats to Nancy on her treat win!
    Congrats on your Blog Recognition Award, L. Marie – especially the fact that you made an executive decision to skip some of the recs! HA! Yep, just because “(you) it be like that”
    Have a warm and prosperous weekend…and let Henry enjoy that snow!

    • Thank you, Laura! Ha ha! 😁 Yes! I like to cut corners where I can. 😁
      Henry is indeed enjoying the snow. I just wish the temperature would warm up a little more!
      Hope you have a good weekend! 😁

  7. Thanks for sending ice cream, instead of ice & snow, my way! I look forward to trying a new flavor of B&J’s ~ it sounds YUM!

    So glad that you started blogging. I hope that autumn returns to you soon, with winter making a quick retreat.

  8. Congratulations, Nancy. Caramel almond brittle sound delicious.

    Oh, my! It’s getting cool here, but I can hardly imagine that you’re having snow. October was beautiful, and now it’s November, a month that is unreliable. I remember a snowstorm on Thanksgiving. And daylight savings ends tomorrow night. Oh dear!

  9. Well, you’ve managed to avoid my revenge… just! 😉 I shall have a word with the Snow Gods and see if I can get them to stop, but once they’ve been released into the wild it’s always quite hard to put them back in their cage… 😀

  10. I can’t believe you’ve got snow already! We are still in the midst of a damp autumn here. I’m thankful for all catalysts that caused you to start blogging.

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