I Scream for Ice Cream

When I was a kid, one of the dearest sounds in the world was the song the ice cream truck played. Often, the tune played was “The Entertainer,” written by Scott Joplin. I wondered why, so I turned to your friend and mine—Google. According to this AVClub.com post by Joe Blevins, “Most professional ice cream distribution vehicles come complete with a music box from Nichols Electronics.” This music box has “public domain favorites like ‘Yankee Doodle,’ ‘Brahms’ Lullaby,’ and Scott Joplin’s deathless ‘The Entertainer.’”

Ooookay. Though we often had ice cream in the freezer, as my mother would remind my brothers and me, we still wanted to buy whatever the truck sold. We knew the right moment to bug Mom for money—when she was on the phone. Many times she would give it to us just to get us to leave her alone.

Why am I bringing up ice cream? Because I am resurrecting the ice cream giveaway. If you’re new to the blog you’re probably wondering what on earth I mean. (It’s been awhile since I hosted this giveaway, so even if you’ve followed this blog awhile, you might be confused. Click here for a past giveaway.) I’m giving away one pint of ice cream (or yogurt, sherbet, gelato, or sorbetto, if you prefer), which will be sent by Icecreamsource.com. Again, you might be wondering why. My answer is one that many parents have given over the years: “Because.”

Why now? I love the notion of giving away ice cream outside of the usual ice cream season—summer. I’m just weird that way.

Click here to see the varieties offered. In the comments below, please name the pint of ice cream, yogurt, sherbet, gelato, or sorbetto you’d like to receive. This company only delivers to the U.S., so my apologies to any readers outside of the States. Winner to be announced sometime next week.

After a hard day, Tia Tigerlily needs a little pick-me-up. And yes, she can quit eating ice cream anytime she wants. She just doesn’t want to.

Ice cream truck from clipartion.com. Ice cream images from Serious Eats and Tasting Table. Other photo by L. Marie. Tia Tigerlily Shoppie doll is a product of Moose Toys.

42 thoughts on “I Scream for Ice Cream

  1. I remember as a kid the ice cream van used to play Greensleeves. Allegedly written by Henry the Eighth, I think. Though I don’t think he would have eaten much ice cream.

  2. You are full of surprises – what a great idea! When the ice cream truck came into our neighborhood, I often told my children “No” because we had some in the freezer. Now I wish I had said “Yes” more often! I can hear the tinkly tunes from the truck even now in my head.

  3. One year I remember the music tape was wonky and the music that blared from the truck through out the neighborhood and beyond sounded like a dying animal….
    BTW: in the odd instance that I might ‘win’ please select a favorite flavor of yours for me to try…I’m always open to something new when it comes to ice cream!!!!

  4. I’m a wee bit older and remember hearing the tune to Turkey in the Straw blocks away. We would all scatter from playing red light, green light or mother may I to ask, well, to ask “Mother may I have money for ice cream?” 🙂 – a dream sickle was almost always my choice back then. What a fun post, L. Marie, and what a tempting offer. Hagan Das (sp?) would be my choice.

  5. Oh man, the freezer only had a 1/2 gallon of vanilla or Neapolitan. The ice cream man had novelty ice cream, like drumsticks, pushups, creamsicles, patriot/bullet popsicles, ice cream bars, and ice cream sandwich cookies. When I lived in Florida, the ice cream man came all year round. As an adult, I still love to run out and get me something just for the fun of it. Then again, I also love to play on swing sets and jungle gyms. I can’t shake that part of the kid out of me. 😜

    • I’m glad you retain the child inside, Lori! 😀
      My mother loved those exact flavors. We usually had half a gallon of vanilla or Neapolitan. I wanted the novelty ice cream products!

  6. Our town was too small for an ice cream truck to come through 🙁 I have a vague memory of getting ice cream from one but it was probably at a lake where an aunt and uncle had a summer cabin. Obviously I missed out big time on that childhood delight. Our favorite is Ben and Jerry’s Americone. I didn’t check to see if it’s available 😬 (I’m at work).

  7. Our ice cream vans used to sell all sorts of other things, like crisps and cigarettes and “ginger” – Glaswegian for any kind of fizzy drinks – probably because we don’t get very long summers, so they wouldn’t have made enough money on ice cream sales alone. Mr Whippy’s choc’n’nut sundae was always my treat of choice… 😀

  8. Oh, I’m so happy they have the Ben & Jerry’s Americone Dream! Our grocery downstairs carried it during the summer but stopped at the end of July, prompting me to say the “Americone Dream is finished.” I really like that flavor too.

  9. What fun! Our ice cream truck (always Good Humor) played “Pop Goes The Weasel” . . . I think.

    Either of these would WIN me over, LM!
    *Ben & Jerry’s NON-DAIRY Caramel Almond Brittle Ice Cream
    *Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch

  10. Ack! You should have mentioned this morning that you posted yesterday! This didn’t pop up in my feed, so I thought maybe you were posting tomorrow. Your email this morning made me investigate. 🙂 The ice cream truck, along with the book mobile bring back some of my happiest childhood memories. My favorite was the chocolate eclair by Good Humor! Sadly, my “mature” body is too cold natured to eat ice cream. Sad, I know.

    • Oh man. Not sure what’s happening with WordPress. Sigh. ☹️

      I also loved the bookmobile. It used to park near a strip mall about six blocks from my house. 😀

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