Color My World

When you think of a product that epitomizes your childhood, what do you think of? To me, nothing says childhood like Crayola Crayons. I loved getting new crayons at the beginning of the school year. Crayons and new notebook paper opened up new imaginative possibilities.

I couldn’t find the small box of crayons I have, so this box of chalk will have to do as a stand-in for childhood wonder.

Thanks to the recent rainstorms, the ground is too wet right now to effectively draw on the sidewalk, but here is a photo I’ve used on the blog before. Some of the kids in my apartment building did the handiwork. I love how the color brightens a bland sidewalk. It was a day brightener for me as well.

Did you know that non-toxic crayons have existed since 1903? I didn’t. I found out when I looked up the history of Crayola and watched a video on it. Click here for that video.

The 1903 crayons

In 1958, the box of 64 crayons was born.

I never lost my love of crayons, mainly because I love an array of colors. Whether I crochet or knit, I love to use colorful yarn. If a pattern calls for neutral colors, I usually switch the colors to those I prefer. I actually feel better when I’m working with colors and when I’m surrounded by colorful things.

Turns out I’m not the only one. According to this article, brighter wardrobe colors make you feel better. Room colors also affect your mood, according to this article and this one. But according to this post at, color preferences are not always universal. Past associations with a color and also cultural influences can affect how a color is perceived.

Do you have a favorite color? How do these colors make you feel?





Undoubtedly, you’ve seen color used in a movie or in a book to heighten a certain mood. But sometimes color is used against type for an unsettling effect (like a bright, sun-washed blue sky in a horror film).

Speaking of color in nature, with autumn underway, I look forward to the changing colors of the leaves. Until that happens, I can enjoy colorful clouds in the sky at sunrise or sunset. These photos were taken at sunrise. The clouds in the photo at the right look like a mythical firebird with bright plumage.


How has something colorful brightened your life this week?

The Squeezamal [creature at the right] has found a colorful new friend, Lazy Buns, who doesn’t get a move on without a cup of coffee.

Crayola stamp from somewhere on Pinterest. 1958 Crayons from PopScreen. Other photos by L. Marie. Squeezamals are a product of Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company. Pop Hair Pets are a product of MGA Entertainment.

41 thoughts on “Color My World

  1. I’m glad you showed the chalks as a substitute because my preference was always for coloured chalks, being the proud possessor of a little desk that became a blackboard if you turned the top over! Can’t think of anything colourful that has brightened my life this week, except Tommy’s pink nose – but that brightens my life every week… 😉

    • Awww. That’s a definite day brightener! 😀 Some friends have two cats: Nova and Banzai. Banzai’s favorite thing in the world is a stuffed llama with a colorful blanket stitched on it. He carries it around everywhere. 😀

      The ground is dry today, so I might draw on the sidewalk. 😀

  2. Just yesterday evening, Derek and I were admiring the gorgeous sky, L. Marie. I always feel better when I’m dressed in bright colors. I’m particularly fond of bright green and red. Now I feel like coloring! 🙂

  3. It’s been dreary here. Colors are important with descriptive text though. I always think hard about the colors on my book. Mostly, I try not to repeat myself so often.

    Ever have the Crayola box with the sharpener?

    • We’ve had a lot of rain here too, Charles.

      Yes, I have had the box of 64 with the awesome sharpener. My first grade teacher had a contest where she gave away a box of crayons. I so wanted it, but missed it because I didn’t correctly name the Monarch butterfly. Every time I see one, I think of that and the crayons! 😀

  4. While I adore Crayola crayons, this week my spirits have been brightened by seeing orange pumpkins everywhere I go. Is there a crayon called pumpkin orange? Probably. There are so many of them.

    • I think there has to be a pumpkin orange, Ally. 😄 It is such a happy color. Remember brick red? That was one of my favorites.

      It was fun to see the pumpkins at the grocery store. Some friends love roasting pumpkin seeds. 😄

  5. I love coloring. Up until about a year ago, I was known to still color in coloring books, but my arthritic hands won’t allow it anymore. I struggle even signing my name.

    I’m a fan of purple. I like a medium to dark purple. My house interior is painted in different shades of green, my second favorite color. But, I’ve been thinking about changing it.

    I’m looking forward to autumn colors. I haven’t seen much around here yet. Have you seen any by you? The weather is changing, so the leaves should start turning soon.

    • Purple is such a rich, royal color. It goes so well with green and yellow. To what color do you think you’ll change?

      Haven’t seen much in the way of autumn. Bright green abounds! 😄

      • I’m not sure what color I’d change to. Dark purple on one wall crossed my mind, but I don’t want it to look “girlie.” I’m also considering a mix of dark and light grays. But, we won’t paint for another year or two.

  6. I think that’s why I added pink to my gray hair. It makes me smile (which reminds me, I need a touch up 😉). I loved crayons when I was a kid and even an adult. Many years ago when I was stuck in a hospital for several weeks, my cousin brought me a box of 64 crayons and a mandala coloring book. Those small gifts saved my sanity 😀

  7. I love bright colors, L. Marie, and the older I get, the brighter my personal palette seems to be. 🙂
    I love all the seasons, but, oh how I love Autumn. The soft change of color and the bright reds and golds. Sunrise and sunset seems more vivid in fall.
    Now, somewhere there is a box of Crayolas and I think there’s a box of colored chalk in the garage that the grands left. Hmmmm . . .

    • I remember a photo you posted of you in a red coat, Penny. 🧥 (I wish I could find a red coat emoji. That was the only coat emoji I could find.) 😀 I also need to find my crayons.

      The air seems particularly autumn-like today. I went out before sunrise only to detect a chill in the air.

  8. I also have good childhood memories of crayons and coloring books. Every Christmas, no matter what other gifts we received, the first thing my sister and I did was color in our new coloring book.

    I love color–bright, pastel, any color at all. Did you see La La Land? I loved the way they exaggerated and coordinated the bright colors in that movie.

    • Oh, Laura! Thank you for this! One of the lines of the song was going through my mind, but I couldn’t remember who sang it! Woo hoo! Yeah! What a relief to finally know!!! 😄😄😄

  9. Thank you for reminding me of that 64-crayon box. I went through a lot of coloring books back in the day, and adult coloring books tempted me as well. But I went for the colorful box of Lego pieces instead.

    • Hi, Marian! Hope you had a great time. 😀 I’m so glad you checked in. The winner of your book has received her copy. 😀

      What an interesting post on Neil Harbisson. I’d never heard of him before. But my goodness, how fascinating his sense of color is!

  10. I love Crayola,crayons and still do. I remember that 1958 box of 64 crayons. Cornflower blue was my favorite, along with the purples and reds. Your bright yarns and beautiful sunset photos are as lovely as crayons. 🙂

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