Check This Out: A Mother for His Twins and An Apple Orchard Reunion

Hello! With me on the blog today is the amazing Jill Weatherholt, who has three publications to discuss: her latest Love Inspired novel, A Mother for His Twins; her novella, An Apple Orchard Reunion in the Autumn Hearts anthology, and “A Labor Day Reunion,” a short story in Woman’s World Magazine—just in time for Labor Day, the holiday that just passed.



Jill is represented by Jessica Alvarez. After Jill and I talk, stay tuned for a giveaway announcement.

El Space: Four quick facts about yourself?
Jill: 1. I’m afraid of heights and will not ride on an escalator, but I’ve always wanted to go skydiving.
2. When I was twenty-years-old, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.
3. I once won a limbo contest while vacationing in Key West.
4. I love cayenne pepper and I put it on most foods.

El Space: Jill, so much is happening for you. A Mother for His Twins just released. Your novella, Autumn Orchard Reunion also debuted in Autumn Hearts. And you have a short story in Woman’s World. You’re very committed to romance and happily ever after stories. Please tell us why this is so and why you see stories like this as important today.
Jill: When some people think of romance, they often associate it with a Fabio-type hero and heroines who are helpless or weak. For me, writing romance and happily ever after stories is a way to unplug from the 24-hour bombardment of news stories that are often tragic and can leave me feeling hopeless. People say you should write the book you want to read. When I read, I want to escape from the pain and suffering going on in the world. I want to have faith that things can get better and good things can happen, even when it feels like all hope is lost. When I read that last page, I don’t want to be left feeling sad or depressed. I want to be reassured there is still good in the world.


El Space: What were the challenges for you in producing your third novel for Love Inspired?
Jill: As you know, through our email exchanges, A Mother for His Twins was the most difficult book for me to write. It was a challenging time for my family. Distractions and worries kept me from maintaining my focus. At times I felt physically and emotionally drained. I wondered how in the world I’d ever meet my deadline. I questioned my ability. I felt like I was sinking in quicksand. Thankfully, through prayer and the support from those who care about me, I could press on and get the book done.

El Space: Family members have inspired some of your characters. Who, if anyone, were the inspirations for Joy and Nick in A Mother for His Twins?
Jill: That’s true, in some of my short stories, family members have been my inspiration, particularly my mother. Joy and Nick weren’t really inspired by anyone I know. I developed these characters through journaling from their point of view and I allowed them to surprise me as the story unfolded.

El Space: How did the opportunity to write a novella come about? How did you decide what to write?
Jill: A fellow author and friend presented the opportunity to write a novella for a collection with four other writers. I’d never considered self-publishing, but I thought going in with a group might be a good way to get my feet wet. Since the collection was autumn-themed stories, I decided to write a reunion story that revolved around an apple orchard.

El Space: What advice do you have for would-be romance writers?
Jill: Study the craft, write, and always keep an eye open for contests.

El Space: What will you work on next?
Jill: I’m currently working on my fourth Love Inspired book and continuing to write short stories. I have a new aspiration that I’m working towards. . . . Time will tell.

Thank you, Jill, for being my guest!

Looking for Jill? Click on the icons below:


Looking for A Mother for His Twins or Autumn Hearts? Click here for Jill’s website, which has a link to retailers. Looking for Jill’s short story? Check out the Woman’s World at your local grocery store!

One of you will receive a signed copy of Jill’s novel in the mail. Two of you will receive a download of Autumn Hearts. Just comment below! Winners to be announced sometime next week.

The book club agreed that A Mother for His Twins is a great book. Reading about snow and cooler weather has Royal Bee and Neonlicious totally craving hot chocolate.

Book covers from Jill Weatherholt and Goodreads. Author author photo courtesy of Jill Weatherholt. Fabio photo from Quicksand image from Apple orchard from Other photos by L. Marie. Neonlicious and Royal Bee OMG dolls are products of MGA Entertainment, Inc.

146 thoughts on “Check This Out: A Mother for His Twins and An Apple Orchard Reunion

  1. L. Marie, a lovely interview with Jill and after years of knowing her here on WP it’s great to learn even more about this delightful author.

    Jill, congratulations on all your literary success this year … you are covering all the publications formats within romance in twelve months! 😀😀 You’ve done brilliantly, particularly in the midst of personal trails and I’m sure many of us can relate to the quick sand feeling of life now and then. Your resilience is incredible and an inspiration. ❤️🌺

  2. Hello Jill and L. Marie! It’s always fun to learn more about you, Jill. I’m inspired by your hard work and upbeat perspective. I agree it’s important to get away from the negative events and stories in the world and create our own positive worlds. Thanks for hosting Jill, L. Marie. She’s a great guest 🙂

  3. Yes, indeed, you both rock! Jill, I love that you put cayenne pepper on almost everything 😉 Many congratulations on all your publications! You are proof positive that hard work, patience, persistence and positivism pay off (wow, that’s pretty alliterative 😬) L. Marie, your interviews are the absolute best! Happy Friday!

  4. Love learning more about you Jill! I didn’t know you are afraid of heights. Me, too. Love your stories and look forward to reading each one. We both love hummingbirds, too. 🙂

    • Great to see you here, Melissa! I’m petrified of heights. I can’t even go on an escalator. I know you love your hummies, too! This evening Derek had to rescue a little hummie who had flown into our garage. He was way up toward the ceiling trying to get out through the window…it was so sad. He finally flew out with the aide of a ladder and broom, but fell to the ground. Derek fed him by hand and the little thing got enough energy to fly to the nearest branch. He stayed there until dark, so we’re hoping come morning he’ll be okay and feed again. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I’m happy you made it through Dorian. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Hi, Jill! I enjoyed your post and learning more about you. Cayenne pepper? Wow! As a writer, I found it interesting you had your characters journal their thoughts. What a good way to get into their heads. Thanks for the tips!

    Congratulations on all your publications! As you know, I especially loved A Mother for His Twins. (L. Marie, I agree with the craving for hot chocolate while reading this story!) I just read the sweet reunion romance Woman’s World. Autumn Hearts is next up on my Kindle! I’m looking forward to your next Love Inspired book. Blessings!

    • Hi Sherida! You should try some Cayenne pepper in your next cup of hot chocolate. I think you’ll enjoy it. Yes, journaling from the character’s POV helps me to discover new things about my character. I went in depth with Joy’s journal entries since she had a lot of emotional layers to unpeel, as you know. Thank you so much for your friendship and support. I also appreciate you taking the time to write reviews, too. When your book is published, I’ll be the first to write one for you! I hope you and your husband have a great weekend. Maybe a nice hike? Enjoy!

  6. Jill is one of my most favorite persons, L. Marie. I enjoyed this interview and was surprised to learn she was afraid of heights. Jill impresses me as someone not afraid of anything. (Evidence = cyanine pepper and limbo) Congratulations on all your success, Jill

  7. This is fun, knowing both of you, and seeing the kinds of questions you, L. Marie, ask and the answers Jill comes up with. I’m pleased that Jill has been able to write books that contribute to the happier side of life. I agree with her that after so much negative news, we all deserve a few happy stories.

    • I enjoy these interviews, Ally. The creative process is very fascinating to me. 😄
      BTW, I’m tempted to take for the third time that test you had on your blog awhile ago. I enjoy tweaking my answers to get a different result. 😄

      • This time: I AM A

        BE BOLDLY YOU.
        Your wandering spirit can’t be contained, but it can be reflected in your personal space. You’re unique, daring and always excited by new possibilities. You won’t apologize for your individuality. This is you. This is your Color ID.

      • You know the thing about all those results is that, like generic horoscopes, the copy is positive and plays into everyone’s ego. That being said, do you like this description of yourself better than the previous ones?

      • It makes me laugh. We’re all complicated beings. None of us is just one thing. Many descriptions are appropriate, sometimes depending on my mood. 😄

  8. I’ve read and reviewed Jill’s 5-Star, A Mother for His Twins, but not Autumn Hearts yet. Maybe I’ll win that one.

    Jill debunks the idea that writers, even romance writers, live starred-studded lives. They often have huge challenges to overcome during the writing process. In this case, Jill made her deadline, and so we reap the benefits! Thanks, L. Marie for sharing Jill’s work here! 🙂

    • Thank you for your sweet comment, Marian. I also appreciate you taking the time to read and review A Mother for His Twins. I know what a busy time this is getting ready for your book launch. Trust me, my life is far from “starred-studded.” Most of the time, I’m paddling to keep my head above water. Thanks for visiting our sweet friend L. Marie’s blog. Enjoy the weekend.

  9. Hello, Jill. Your thoughts about writing happily ever after stories, being able to unplug, and not feel sad or depressed at the end is exactly why I enjoy your books so much. Congratulations and wishes for continued success with your writing. I would have never guessed about the cayenne pepper… too hot for me! I enjoyed this interview, I learned several new things!

  10. Those are amazing facts about you, Jill. Yikes–Crohn’s Disease. I’d never have guessed in any of your posts. And a fear of escalators! There must be a name for that… Congrats on your new book. I always love your writing.

  11. I really enjoyed reading your interview with Jill, L. Marie! Nice to find out more about Jill; her likes and dislikes and how she goes about creating her lovely books. Thank you, L. Marie.
    Well done, Jill on managing to write these gorgeous books and stories despite all your family troubles and health issues. You are marvellous!

  12. Congratulations, Jill. You amaze me, being able to complete a book so fast and on schedule when at the same time you had family challenges. I, too, like to read books about basically good, though flawed people (like us all). And I like a happy ending. Of course, a villain or two is also fun.

    L. Marie, thank you for presenting the interview. I love hearing about the authors and books you highlight on your blog.

  13. Loved the interview, Jill. You must be one strong woman to write through adversity. Sorry to read you have Crohns, I have two friends with it and I know it is a challenge in itself. i hope you have yours under control.
    Congrats again on your writing successes. xo

    • Great to see you, Jennifer! I’m happy you enjoyed the interview. L. Marie asked some interesting questions. Writing really does help me to escape the challenges going on in my life. I’m sorry to hear about your two friends. Yes, managing life with Crohn’s can be difficult. It was really hard in my early 20’s when I was so sick and trying to make it through college and work. Thankfully, I have a great doctor who has me on an infusion drug that has gotten me into remission. I appreciate you stopping over!

  14. Such a lovely interview with Jill getting to know more about herself and her writing inspirations, thank you so much for sharing. Jill, didn’t know you were afraid of heights and can’t use the escalator. I also am not a fan of heights and try not to stand near windows in high rise buildings. I like your advice on being a writer, especially the one of studying the craft. So important to know the different techniques within a craft.

    • Hi Mabel! It’s so nice to see your sweet face on L. Marie’s blog. I’m happy you enjoyed reading my answers to the interview questions. I’m afraid to stand near windows in high rise buildings, too! I guess I have too many fears to list them all. 🙂 Yes, studying the craft is important, but do take advantage of legitimate contests, they can open a lot of doors. Thanks so much for stopping over today!

    • Hi Penny! It’s so nice to see you. I hope you’re doing well. I haven’t seen any of your blog posts in a while. I’ll have to check my WP feed, or maybe you’re taking a break? I appreciate your kind words. If you’re not able to track down the WW, I’d be happy to mail you a copy. I know L. Marie has sometimes found back issues somewhere. Thanks for popping over!

  15. Great interview, L.Marie and Jill. I was intrigued by the impetus to write romance and how it offers a pleasing escape while promising a rosier view of life amidst all the tragedy in the world. I tend to write darker stories reflecting that tragedy, so the contrast is worth some contemplation. I’m so glad to hear about all the publishing successes and more of them ahead!

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