Button, Button, Who’s Got the Buttons?

Whenever I go to a craft store, one of the first sections I head to, other than the yarn section, is the button aisle. I love to buy buttons, especially buttons like these.

I get so excited when I find just the right buttons to use in craft projects. Buttons are connectors. And I’m not just stating the obvious, since buttons connect one piece of fabric to another. First, my heart needs to make a connection to the button. And then when I use it, I hope it aids the recipient to connect with/love the craft.

Right now, your eyes might be glazing over because maybe buttons Just. Don’t. Excite. You. But surely something makes a connection with you. Maybe the sight of a home goods or sporting goods store hits the right button. If not, what do you like to shop for or collect in general?


But when it comes to buttons, I don’t just think of craft store staples. I also think of the aspects of a story that cause it to hit all of the right buttons for me. The first is a cast of characters headed by a compelling protagonist I can’t help rooting for. Another is an irresistible adventure, one that can be emotional, physical, or spiritual. Still another is world building that brings the setting vividly to life and makes me want to visit often. Like any good hand-made craft, a well-crafted story takes time and effort to get just right.


This cow is of the opinion that the unicorn button is far superior to any other button. And no, she was not paid for her opinion, she was quick to add.

Okay, I see that look. You want to know the winner of the $25 card. (See this post if you’re at sea.) It’s Jennie, who will receive a Barnes and Noble gift card! Please comment below to confirm.

Kiiroitori, the pet bird of Kaoru on the show Rilakkuma and Kaoru, wonders if this button is good to eat. (Um, I don’t know how to pronounce Kiiroitori. I know it means “yellow bird.”)

The beaver thinks the other animals look a little too “Children of the Corn.”

Home improvement image from dreamstime.com. Sporting goods from sociable.co. Photos by L. Marie. Most of the buttons shown came from JOANN or Michaels. Kiiroitori is a character designed by Aki Kondo for San-X.

37 thoughts on “Button, Button, Who’s Got the Buttons?

    • Yes, there are buttons for just about any type of animal you can think of, Jill. 😊 A friend here finds unusual buttons to give me, because she knows that I like to use them.

  1. Thanks for my morning laugh. I agree that the unicorn button is the bomb. [Does anyone say that anymore?] I like all buttons, because they’re useful, but love them when they’re cute animals.

    • I think we can say, “the bomb” if we want to, Ally. Yes, it’s the bomb! I also have a ton of flamingo buttons, just because. 😊 The penguin buttons moved out when they heard the flamingos were coming. Birds are so territorial.

      Glad I could provide a laugh. 😄

  2. I am (read that: used to be) in love with buttons. When I taught at Lancaster Mennonite School, buttons were the only way I could get some excitement into my wardrobe without being called on the carpet: A huge covered button at the neckline on one plain dress, subtle buttons elsewhere. When I married and had children, I would search out animal buttons for their outfits. In other words, I used to be in love with BUTTONS too. 😀

  3. I used to love collecting buttons … yes, used to because eventually I had too many that I did nothing with. I guess lack of imagination on my part although I’ve seen some pretty cool crafty stuff done with buttons (like decorating picture frames, bracelets). When my oldest grandnephews were very young, I knitted little cardigans for each of them and affixed playful buttons. One set of buttons was all about modes of transportation: cars, trucks, and trains of different colors. Another set was replicas of crayola crayons. The mom of one grandnephew said her son was fascinated by the buttons on his cardigan which made me very happy 😉
    Congratulations to Jennie!

  4. LM ~

    I shared this with Tippy Gnu and thought it might also interest you. You could use it as a writing retreat . . . all expenses paid!

    From the article linked below:

    Thanks to Satellite Internet, an online resource that helps people compare internet providers in their area, someone who’s willing to go off the grid for two days can get paid $1,000 in cash for merely foregoing all technology and social media.

    The company will pay for one chosen applicant to stay in Joshua Tree National Park, where they’ll spend their digital detox time in a retro Airbnb in the desert, complete with air conditioning, a hot tub, a pool, and a clubhouse — perfect for offline activities like reading books, meditating and relaxing. The company will also pay up to $1,000 for food and travel expenses.

    Those who are interested will have to act soon; applications can be submitted until August 26, 2019.


  5. Congratulations to Jennie! Enjoy.
    Ah, buttons. I love buttons and love yours. How fun.
    Back in the day, when I had a few pennies to spare and time on my hands, I had a hankerin’ for old buttons. There was a magnificent button store just off Michigan Ave., in downtown Chicago. Tender Buttons was about as big as someone’s walk-in closet, narrow and filled with boxes of buttons, new and old, from the floor to the ceiling, with a few antique buttons in glass cases. I bought a few unique (to me) buttons and used them as pins on my coats and jackets. I still have them. Besides the buttons, it was the BEST place to people watch as it was frequented by seamstresses, actors and actresses, and other relative theater people.

  6. Amy-next-door was a button collector. We were both raising young children at the time and it was a great diversion to go with her to her button club and to the myriad button shows around Denver. Because of her, I have some cards of antique black glass buttons, and a special container of other assorted ‘real’ buttons and learned about celluloid vs shell/bone/glass content – biting a coin for it’s metal qualities has nothing on biting a button!!!!
    I’m not surprised about your obsession with buttons – they are cute (as they say) as a button.

    • 😂😊 A groaner a day keeps depression away, I always say. They are indeed as cute as a button.
      Button making is a fascinating process. I’m glad someone took the time to learn the craft. I don’t have any antique buttons though. One day I’ll shop for those. The buttons I have tend to get used up quickly.

    • I’ve done the same thing, Lyn. Usually this happens when a button has fallen off and I set it aside intending to do something with it, only to forget, years later, which article of clothing it came from.

  7. I know that adorable lamb! 😉

    My mother always kept a button box when I was growing up. I loved going through it, looking at all the different colors, shapes, sizes. The tiny round pearly ones, and the big brassy ones. I think I still have some of those in my own button collection.

  8. I’ve never caught the button bug but don’t let me near embroidery threads! I can’t resist acquiring all the fancy ones even as I know that I’ll probably never find a use for them. Possession…

  9. I love buttons! I just finished reading Andrew Clements new book, “Friendship War” about buttons. Highly recommended. And I am SO excited that I won the Barnes&Noble gift card!!! Thank you so much! 😀

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