Would You Rather . . . ?

Have you ever played the game of choices called, “Would You Rather”? You can find various lists online.

Usually, the choices are wretched and outrageous like this one: “Would you rather lick a dirty trash can or the floor?” And that’s just the list for kids, which you can find here. Even if you’d rather say, “Yuck, neither,” according to the rules, you have to choose one or the other. (I would choose the bathroom floor at my house growing up. My mom made sure that floor stayed clean!)

I prefer my choices to be less rock-and-a-hard-place awful but instead pleasant, like “Would you rather eat steak or lobster?” or “Would you rather date Batman, the Flash, Black Panther, the Falcon, Captain America, or all of the above?” That sort of thing.


I’ve got a “would you rather” choice for you. Would you rather spend $25 at Amazon or at Barnes and Noble?


This is actually a real choice. I’m giving away a gift card for either place. Why? Just because. (Internationally, you’ll probably have to settle for Amazon.) Comment below to name your choice. If you also want to say whether you would lick a bathroom floor or a trash can, feel free. Or, say which one you would choose: steak or lobster. Winner to be announced sometime the week of August 11.

Henry couldn’t decide which is cuter: the Squeezamal (left) or the Bearakeet. And then the Bearakeet bit him. Henry is now searching for obedience schools for Bearakeets. (He thinks the Squeezamal is cuter, by the way.)

Zobmondo Would You Rather . . . ? image from ebay.com. Batman from pngimg.com. Black Panther from marvel-movies.wikia. Other photo by L. Marie. Bearakeet is a Hatchimals CollEGGTIBLE by SpinMaster. Squeezamals are a product of Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company.

33 thoughts on “Would You Rather . . . ?

  1. We host students from around the world for an English school in Manchester. They come from all over the world to learn English here. We had a Swiss girl arrive. To break the ice, I said to my two children to find out about her own country and culture. “Ask her some questions.”
    “Would you rather put on a hat with a tarantula in it or your hand into a wasps’ nest?”
    “Would you rather eat a slug or put a scorpion in your mouth?” And on and on . . .
    Not exactly what I had in mind. And Google Translate was used a lot!

    • 😊😊 Your children are hilarious, Andy! Great questions!
      I would rather eat a slug. My niece ate one in Peru. Said it wasn’t bad. So that’s my vote.

    • Henry says, “Hi, Jill.” 😊 I probably would do the same if I could choose the area of the floor to lick (like beside the tub; it’s always splashed by water at least).

  2. i didn’t know there was a formal boxed game for this game. We just play it off the top of our heads. To answer your question: I’d rather have a steak than a lobster, but I have no preference as to which gift card.

    • Ally, I’m not sure the boxed version still exists. But yes, there used to be one, because I had a copy of it. 😊 Nowadays it’s online. I remember one choice was between eating tinfoil and piano wire. 🤢

  3. I’d rather lick a popsicle than any of your choices above. Either Amazon or B & N works for me, but pushed to choose, I’ll say “Amazon” since I get my Kindle books there.

    Squeezamal is So cute!

  4. As long as I can choose the garbage can…I’ll choose the one beside my sewing machine – mmm scraps never tasted so good!HA!
    I like both types of gift cards but lately I’d love to just peruse the aisles of the local B&N and buy on-the-spot whatever finds I find instead of setting it aside in the name of getting it cheaper on-line!!!!!
    Hope your day is sunny yet cool and refreshing.

    • 😄😄😄 LOL! Good choice on the garbage can! I have one beside my computer desk that is pretty clean, since I usually keep a large garbage in it.
      I love to go to B&N also. They always have great tote bags in the summer that I’m usually tempted to purchase despite the fact that I have about a dozen tote bags at home already.

  5. What a fun post, LM! I’d rather have a B&N card. Walking around a real live book store is fun. More fun than licking an ice cream cone . . . or eating lobster!

  6. My bathroom floor has cat litter on it so I’ll have to go with the trash can (I know, too much information ;)). And I’ll take steak, thank you. We have an independent bookstore and a B&N in town. We do patronize B&N in part because a town can’t have too many bookstores and we want it to succeed. I rarely buy books from Amazon anymore, unless it’s an ebook. Which makes me wonder: why don’t self-published authors just sell their ebooks directly; that is, not go through Amazon and sell through their own websites? Something to ponder.

  7. How generous you are! The floor, but I’d have to drizzle some melted chocolate on it first. None of the above, but either Iron Man or Aquaman would be very acceptable, with or without melted chocolate! Amazon – and no melted chocolate would be allowed near any books that might come from there! 😉

    • Ah, good choices! Especially Aquaman. I should have added both to my list of beaux. 😊 And great idea about drizzling chocolate on the floor! Maybe add a dollop of whipped cream also. 😊

    • Bonjour, Michel. Barnes and Noble is a great bookstore! I know a card can be used online, but I’m not sure how it works internationally. Amazon I know has international branches.
      Love to you and Janine! 😊

  8. Oh, wow – I’m late to this finger-licking party but would lick the garbage can (I just emptied it 🙂 ) Just returned home from a visit Up North where my grand-doodle spent four days licking ME.
    What a fun post, L. Marie. I would make good use of either offer, but, guess I’d prefer the Barnes & Noble.
    Hope you weathered last night’s storm. It really came down here, but, we were rewarded with a double full arc rainbow.

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