Lollipops: Stick to the Old or Savor the New?

National Lollipop Day was July 20. Did you participate by consuming a lollipop? I wish I had! (Never too late to do so!)

Growing up, I was a fan of the free lollipops (which we also called “suckers”) usually given to kids at the doctor’s office or at a bank.

“Here you go, kid. Now go away.”

The freebies were usually Dum-Dums. (And no, I am not making a judgment call.) Or sometimes Tootsie Roll Pops were handed out.


Though I appreciated having a huge lollipop like the kind shown at the start of this post—the kind you can still find in candy stores today—I was never a big fan of them. I just liked how colorful they were, though they made my chin and fingers very sticky after eating one.

But my absolute favorite lollipops were (and still are) Charms Blow Pops. Why are they my favorites? Because of the gum inside of them. What were your favorite lollipops growing up?

Okay, those are tried and true lollipops. Here are some unique lollipops.


Yes, that’s right. Tabasco sauce and scorpions.

No actual chickens were harmed in the making of this.

You know you want these bacon-flavored lollipops.

I love that candy makers thought outside of the box. Would you try any of these? I would try them all, even though Tabasco sauce is not my favorite. I’ve eaten insects (grasshoppers, locusts, ants) before, so my guess is that arachnids probably would be okay too. (I can tell you are giving me a look right about now.)’

Looking at these unique lollipops, I can’t help seeing the correlation to writers who put a new spin on well-known tropes in the hope of creating a new flavor combination in a genre. 😊 Perhaps you are one such writer who feels the need do something new with an old trope. If so, my hat is off to you.

But you didn’t really come here for a discussion about lollipops, right? You came for the giveaway of The Art of Breaking Things by Laura Sibson (below left) and An Impossible Distance to Fall by Miriam McNamara (below right). Click here and here for the interviews.



The winner of An Impossible Distance to Fall is Ally Bean. And the winner of The Art of Breaking Things is Jacqui Murray. Please comment below to confirm, then send address details to lwashin301(at)comcast(dot)net.

Tia is hesitant to tell Henry that the “lollipop” he thinks matches her outfit so perfectly, is really the cap to a pencil case.

Big lollipop found at Dum-Dums found at Charms Blow Pops found at Tabasco lollipop from Scorpion and bacon-flavored lollipops found at Other photos by L. Marie. Tia Tigerlily Shoppie is a product of Moose Toys. Squeezamals are a product of Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company.

40 thoughts on “Lollipops: Stick to the Old or Savor the New?

  1. Congratulations to the winners! That was always the best part of going to the doctor’s office, the lollipop after the appointment. My mother always called them “suckers.” I remember a popular ice cream parlor that sold GIANT lollipops. As a child, they were as big as my face. 🙂

  2. I loved the Tootsie Roll pops and Charms. Not that big a fan of Dums Dums. The big ones were cool, but got really messy. You would eventually have to either finish it or throw it out. Saving it didn’t always work. Felt like too much of a pain for sugar.

    • Very true! Dum-Dums were a draw only because they were free. The big ones took forever and, as you mentioned, they had drawbacks like where could you store them if you weren’t done with them?

  3. Yes, I remember when lollipops were called suckers, and they always tempted my kids if I took them to the bank. The dentist somehow didn’t offer suckers, I think you know why!

    I’m glad Tia and Henry are getting some sweets today tool

  4. Congrats to Jacqui and Ally ~ rock those reads!

    My candy of choice these days is chocolate, not sugar on a stick. As a kid, I liked the big charms pops, cream soda dum dum, rock candy on a stick, and sweet tarts. 😀

  5. Oooo-La-La-Lollipops!
    As a kid, they always looked better – so colorful – than how they tasted IMHO. So I was always disappointed in them as treats. Lifesavers, root beer barrels, lemon drops, butterscotch drops and anything cinnamon were way better.
    But those candy bacon bits you featured above would be eagerly ‘sucked’ by my baby bro…he’s a bacon-addict from way back!
    And for the record, we called them ‘suckers’ too.
    – Congrats to Ally and Jacqui –

  6. I remember all the lollipops you mention. Where I came from they were all called suckers. I didn’t really like them, not being fond of icky sweet things even back then. Still they were pretty.

    I’m honored to be a winner. Will be in touch.

    • Yay!
      I find that as I’ve gotten older, I no longer crave the candy that’s just sugar and brightly colored–like Jolly Ranchers. If I want candy, I want chocolate. 😊

  7. haha, like that part about Tia. Congrats to Ally and Jacqui.
    My favorite lollipop – never was a fan – is the one that colors the mouth blue. What’s the name? Don’t know. It tastes good though and the gum inside is big. But, again, not a fan. Years can go by without me having one.

  8. Did you have Swizzel lollies over there? They were my fave back in my lolly days. I’ve moved on now – ice-lollies are my lolly of choice these days, or popsicles as you would call them. Specifically rockets with three flavours and especially in the middle of a heatwave such as we’re currently “enjoying”… in fact, it may just be time for another… 😀

    • We can get them, FF, but only through Amazon. They sound yummy. 😊
      Ah, the rocket pops. I used to love those when I was a kid! 😊 I used to beg my mom for money to buy them from the ice cream man.

      Ha ha! “Enjoying” the heat here too! 😄

  9. Congratulations to the winners! I’m another big fan of lollipops and when I run around cons (like ComicCon or the Travel Show) with one in my mouth I always imagine that people see me as a kid…at heart. But if they give them away in the booths, they expect us to enjoy them, right?

  10. Hi L, I’m stilling running behind on blogs. I wasn’t a lollipop fan, but I did like blow pops for the bubble gum. I wouldn’t mind a spicy tabasco lollipop, but only without the scorpion.

  11. Congratulations Ally and Jacqui! Enjoy.
    Tootsie Roll Pops – loved them as a kid and still do now that I’m an old kid. 🙂 . Suckers, as I recall them, were big at Halloween and from the bank.

      • I sure do, L. Marie, and had my first bank account in one as well. I babysat, for .50/hour. Can you imagine? 🙂 When I had $3, I would walk the 10 or so blocks, my passbook in hand, and deposited my earnings.

      • My first baby-sitting assignment paid that too, Penny. But that was a lot back in the day! We could get 50 pieces of penny candy (excluding the tax). 😊

  12. It seems there are National days for everything now! I’ve never been a fan of lollipops, but the children often get one when we are paying the bill in a local cafe. Don’t think they’d be keen on those scorpion ones though!

  13. I like Tootsie roll pops. I’d probably like See’s lollypops, but I haven’t tried them. I go for the the truffles instead.

    I’m currently reading The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid. It was short-listed for the Man Booker Prize, and it’s definitely something new and different, kind of experimental. I like it, but it’s a little bit hard to get emotionally involved, just because the form is different. There’s something to be said for the tried and true method of storytelling. At the same time, experimentation is good. It keeps things new. I try to keep an open mind.

    • I was just looking at the shortlist for that prize, Nicki. Seems like a lot of the Man Booker finalists are avant garde.

      I like tried and true storytelling as well. I also like some experimentation to keep a genre fresh. 😊

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