Red Rover, Red Rover and Other Red Things Malik’s Red Garden

So yeah, here’s another color post (click here for the last one), one in which Malik was particularly insistent that he appear, though red is my favorite color and he did next to nothing to contribute to it. Don’t worry—not a quiz in sight. 😉

So here are a few of “Malik’s” (picture air quotes) favorites in his garden of red (not an exhaustive list):





Other favorites
Red Rover (the game)
Red Light (the game)

In the visible spectrum of light, red has a frequency of 405–480 THz (lower than that of blue). It is a primary color frequently seen on flags, store and brand logos, superhero costumes, and in nature (leaves, flowers, dawn, sunset).

Yet the color red has some associations that might be seen by some as less positive. For example, blood (though blood also is necessary for life, therefore it has its charm); “The Masque of the Red Death”—Poe’s infamous 1842 short story; “red in my ledger”—Natasha/Black Widow’s assessment of the deaths she caused; phrases like “red with rage”; and others you can undoubtedly think of. Another that comes to mind is one my insurance agent once said to me about red cars: “Red is an angry color.” And this article mentions the red cars seem to get more tickets. I certainly had my share of tickets when I drove a red Honda Accord. But I can’t blame the color of the car on that. Those tickets were my fault!

I’d love for the color red to get a fresh coat of paint in the writing arena—more happy phrases associated with it. (“The red blush of dawn” comes to mind—a lovely image.) Can you think of others? Please comment below. Or, tell me which red items are your favorites. 😄 ❤️

Iron Man photo from Boston Baked Beans from Red Hots from Red Skittles from somewhere on Pinterest. Chicago Bulls and the Chicago Cubs logos as well as the red maple leaf are from Wikipedia. Other photos by L. Marie. Malik is part of the Fresh Squad of dolls designed by Dr. Lisa Williams, founder of the World of EPI.

36 thoughts on “Red Rover, Red Rover and Other Red Things Malik’s Red Garden

  1. Red is supposed to be the best one for covers. We use it so much as a warning (red lights and stop signs) that we’re drawn to it. So, it could have a safety association. You have the Red Cross too.

  2. I’ve always heard red cars were more likely to get pulled over for speeding, I guess you’re proof of that, L. Marie. Or maybe, you’re just a Speedy Gonzalez! Have a great 4th! I’ll be enjoying all of the red fireworks.

    • Hi, Jill. You are right! They were speeding tickets. 😉 That’s why I couldn’t blame anyone for them.
      Glad you’ll be enjoying the red fireworks! Hope you have a great week and a great fourth!

  3. Red for valentines. Red for blood mobiles (I used to be a donor). Red lipstick (I don’t wear lipstick but I like the aesthetic of it). Red carnations. Red fire trucks (not always a bad thing). Red accessories like shoes, bags (a little bit of red can be cheerful). Red decorations in Christmas 😉 And always red emojis ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Love this! I have a very red winter coat (the one I was called “Toots” in at the grocery store) and, on occasion, when really needed – pair of red shoes! One never knows when you’ll need to klick your heels together to get back to Kansas. 🙂

    • I remember your post on your red coat, Penny. I love a red coat! Red shoes are fabulous too! It’s so interesting that the movie chose to go with ruby slippers when the book has them as silver.

  5. Red has been my favorite color since childhood, especially when juxtaposed against black…then in adulthood I added deep purple to my favorite color palette and wowzer!
    In college, I wore a red ski jacket/coat everywhere and could be spotted in the crowds of normally earth toned colors quite easily! Thinking back on that…I’m kinda embarrassed, but I wasn’t then! HA!

  6. I’m more into the blue end of the spectrum, but your post is making me think of places I like red–sunsets, superhero costumes, flowers, fruit, red brick buildings, and dyed hair.

  7. Well, if I’m being honest, red has not been one of my favorite colors. I was just looking for something to wear for the 4th of July that was red, white, and blue, but I have no red. I do have a red sweater for Christmas, but that’s not going to help me for July. I like variations of red, like burgundy or rust colors.
    P.S. Since I don’t have any red clothes, I’m going to paint my nails red, white & blue. 😊

  8. Uh, oh, I’m late to the party, I see. :-/

    RED is my favorite color and there’s a splash of it on my memoir cover. coming soon. I wore a red shirt to church yesterday with pink nails. Speaking of nails: pink in the summer and red in winter.

    You hit a sweet spot with your readers rhapsodizing here on the color red. By the way, I liked playing Red Rover in grade school.

    • I loved it in school too, Marian! 😄
      I love red nail polish!
      I remember your memoir cover. You’ll have to come on the blog to talk about your book! That will be awesome! 😄

  9. Ooh, I love red too – some great pics there, especially the rose, and Iron Man. OK, I’ll give you two favourite literary reds, one of which is a more positive red image. The first is Daphne du Maurier in Rebecca, describing the rhododendrons as the second Mrs de Winter arrives at Manderley for the first time. She calls the colour of them “the slaughterous red, luscious and fantastic…” I love it! But I love this even more – Ken Kalfus in his wonderful book Equilateral…

    “…red like a pomegranate seed, red like a blood spot on an egg, red like a ladybug, red like a ruby or more specifically a red beryl, red like coral, red like an unripe cherry, red like a Hindu lady’s bindi, red like the eye of a nocturnal predator, red like a fire on a distant shore, the subject of his every dream and his every scientific pursuit.

    “Mars,” he says.” 😀

    • Yay! So glad I can count on you to provide great quotes, FF! Glad you included Rebecca. I remember the first time I read that book. I’d just finished reading Jane Eyre and was in the mood for something with atmosphere. Wow! 😄

      Great quote from Equilateral! The book sounds fascinating! I had to add it to my wish list. 😄

  10. After having been married to my Chinese husband for thirty years, the first thing that came to mind for me was the Chinese connotation of good luck, good fortune, joy, celebration, and happiness. Chinese brides wear red. Children are given money on Chinese New Year in red envelopes.

    I favor blue and green, but I also like red. Some of my favorite T-shirts are red. And I like red wine.

    • Hi, Nicki. Thank you for mentioning the cultural references. I remember being given a lot of red things when I was in Wujiang. And I call seeing a bride in red while visiting Balboa Park in San Diego years ago.

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