Quiz Time!

Who doesn’t love a good quiz?? (If you don’t, just play along.) For each question below, choose the color attached to the answer that best fits you: Pink [P]; Blue [B]; Green [G]; Red [R]; Orange [O]. You can only make one choice for each question. Ready?

1. Favorite season of the year

A. Spring                                                B
B. Summer                                             R
C. Fall                                                     O
D. Winter                                                G
E. Any season with televised sports       P

2. Movie you enjoyed recently
A. Aladdin                                                           R
B. Avengers: Endgame                                       P
C. Anything on the Hallmark Channel                 B
D. John Wick 3                                                    O
E. None of the above                                          G


3. Most pleasing shape (in your opinion)
A. Circle                     R
B. Pretzel                   O
C. Parallelogram        G
D. Square                   P
E. Diamond                B

4. Convenience you absolutely cannot live without
A. Microwave                 O
B. Phone/computer        P
C. Television                  R
D. Dishwasher               B
E. Car                            G

5. Philosophy that is a good fit for you right now
A. The wheels on the bus go round and round. R
B. To thine own self be true.                              G
C. Sunshine? I’m good.                                     O
D. Live and let live.                                            P
E. I never met a coupon I didn’t love.                B

Mostly Pink [P]? Click here.
Mostly Blue [B]? Click here.
Mostly Green [G]? Click here.
Mostly Red [R]? Click here.
Mostly Orange [O]? Click here.
Rainbow assortment? Click here.

Okay. Maybe you’re ready to hurl stones at me. But did you really think a quiz I made up had deep insight into your psyche?

Or perhaps you’d hoped the quiz would lead to something a little more entertaining, like the Buzzfeed quizzes, which dole out fun facts about yourself or confirm your greatness by comparing you to a popular superhero.

But a quiz can’t really convince you and me how great we are if we don’t really believe that going in. Hence the final destination of the above quiz. I hope you already know who you are—someone wonderful, inspiring, and brave, even if you don’t always believe that.

Quiz image from clker.com. Sunshine from clipartpanda.com. John Wick 3 poster from movieweb.com. Avengers: Endgame movie poster from impawards.com. Other photos by L. Marie.

42 thoughts on “Quiz Time!

    • 😃😃 I know several guys who would say the same. A friend eagerly awaits the U.S. Open. For him, being able to watch it on Father’s Day is the perfect Father’s Day present. 😃

  1. Clever! Ya got me!
    These types of quizzes have been around for decades; recycled in magazines before the internet and now hugely proliferated because of the internet!
    So you just made up your own to add to the mix – with a proverbial ‘moral.’ Good for you, L.Marie.

    • I love magazine and internet quizzes. 😃 So I totally get the desire to learn about oneself through them. I almost made this quiz one of those types of quizzes. But I soon realized that the post wasn’t so much about the quiz as the need to encourage people.

  2. I’ll call you Game Girl today. I trust taking this quiz on your website. Often I see quizzes on other media (like on Facebook, for example), and resist because it’s a data-gathering machine. But of course, you already know that!

    Thanks for the quiz, which proves that you too are—someone wonderful, inspiring, and brave!

  3. I always have a hard time choosing a favorite color. But when I ended up with three Gs, it pleased me. Green was my dad’s favorite color. Green also reminds me of my Irish grandmother, whom I never met.

    What a big, crazy collection of gifs!

    • Pretzel is a great shape. I often enjoy it, especially covered in cinnamon and brown sugar. 😄

      I agree that the wheels philosophy is one worth claiming. Claim on!

  4. Thank you for this thoughtful post, L. I loved it. Btw, we just got back today. Will contact you after settled back in. Lots of laundry. Looking forward to touching base. 🙂

  5. I am mostly P( pink ) . I clicked and found the possibility to know who I am . This looked funny to me .
    This game asked you much time to do it , Linda . Bravo!
    Love ❤

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