Guest Post: Things I Like by Henry

Today on the blog is Henry, a yeti who needs no introduction. Welcome, Henry.

L. Marie asked me to tell you about some of the things I like. . . . What’s that? . . . Okay, she said I needed to list at least 20 things. That shouldn’t be hard. I like a lot of things.

I like my friends. L. Marie is one of them. She thinks I’m upset because she asked Malik to do a guest post and not me. Maybe I was a little. But she asked me to do this one, so I’m not upset anymore.

Here are some of my other friends: Tuxedosam (penguin below), Olaf, Mint Kitty, and Bad to the Bone Kitty (in sunglasses). They like to talk. I am probably the quietest among them all. But that’s okay, because I like to listen.


Malik you know. I’m not sure he thinks of me as his friend (his friends are popular and shiny and often say things I don’t understand), but I think of him as mine. I used to want to be like him. But now that I think about it, I like being me. Just Henry.


Oh, and I just made a new friend.

Henry and newfound friend—the lamb’s head

L. Marie said that I’ve only named one thing so far. The seven friends I named go with the statement I like my friends. So here are more things:

•  Snow
•  Rocks

•  Whales
•  Candy

•  Cinnamon rolls
•  Birds
•  Flowers

•  Hope
•  Sunrises

Though that’s only seven things, L. Marie said she wants me to explain why hope is one of the things I like.

Hope is like a sunrise. At first, there’s just a little bit of light on the horizon. That’s what hope is like—a little bit of light you hold in your heart when everything is dark and you’re not sure how it will all turn out. It’s like when L. Marie asked Malik to guest post but didn’t ask me. I still hoped that she would ask me eventually. And she did, so everything turned out okay.

What’s that? . . . Oh. . . . L. Marie said two things: (1) She wants me to stop telling you about the Malik guest post, which she canceled anyway. And (2) she’s okay that I didn’t name 20 things. She’s satisfied with what I named. But she wants me to ask you what you like. If you feel like it, you can say what you like below.

Thanks, Henry.

P.S. Thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims in the New Zealand shootings. Here’s what I would like—for something like this to never happen again.

Photos by L. Marie. Tuxedosam is a character by Sanrio. Mint Kitty and Bad to the Bone Kitty are from the Pusheen Cats line of products that do not actually bear those names. Pusheen the Cat was created by Claire Belton and Andrew Duff. Olaf is a character created by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck for the Frozen line of movies. Rocks are from the Rock Garden at Highlights in Honesdale, PA.

41 thoughts on “Guest Post: Things I Like by Henry

    • Nice ones! (Have to laugh at intelligence. I know what you mean.)

      One of my favorite flowers is the Gerbera daisy Sooooo love those daisies!

      Henry said he approves. 😃

  1. Happy Monday, L. Marie. My granddaughter likes Pusheen the Cat. I have bought her some cuddly ones. I like trees, polished prose, and your inspiring post. Thank you! 🙂

  2. I like you, Henry, and I like L. Marie and her blog and books and simple, comfort foods, and cats, and hawks, bluebirds, and red-wing blackbirds, and audiobooks, and walking outdoors (vs treadmill) and turtles, and knitting, and I love this wonderful community of bloggers and writers which give me hope for the world 🙂

    • Great list, Nancy. I think Henry would give flip-flop wearing a try if he could find some in his size.👡 (Not exactly a flip-flop. The only emoji I could find that at least looks like a sandal.)

  3. Hey Henry – did you ever meet Clara? Well, I like Clara of the L.Marie crocheted-lamb-type and the new-to-me Clara of the Dr.Who companion type! HA!
    I like little boy smells, my baby boy turned daring young man, fun times with my daughter and son-in-law, and a house filled with music. Oh and it goes without saying, ‘the perfect dark roast brew’ and the darkest & smoothest chocolate available to nibble on from time to time.
    In these unending tragic times, thanks for prompting us to think on these things, too, L.Marie and Henry.

    • I definitely need peace today, Laura.

      What a lovely list. I miss having babies around. All of my nieces and nephews are grown up.

      I could use some smooth chocolate.

  4. I agree with Henry about candy mainly, but also about hope. And I agree with your wish for no more of these senseless tragedies. I also like Star Trek, George Clooney and tennis, and hope one day to combine all three in an intergalactic love match… 😉

  5. It is so nice to get to know you Henry and you got a guest post. Maybe Malik and you will get along better at some point. I also like candy and Sanrio. I have a bit of a Sanrio collection so should you visit Australia, Henry, you probably will feel very much at home 🙂

    • Henry and I would love to visit Australia, Mabel. We will someday! We are big Sanrio fans.

      Henry feels validated that his post was appreciated. He thinks he should do another, but I told him to hold his horses and not get ahead of himself!

      • Henry should go to Japan. Sanrio everywhere and it will be Sanrio heaven for him 🙂

        Looking forward to Henry’s next post whenever that may be 🙂

  6. What an inspiring guest post, L. Marie, and how nice to meet and read Henry’s words. Henry, I was particularly moved by your insight of “Hope is like a sunrise. At first, there’s just a little bit of light on the horizon . . . ” I like that, and that each day brings us another chance at hoping.

    I like sunrises, but, sunsets as well, and a bowl of hot soup on a cold day.

    My heart just breaks for New Zealand and for all of us in this little planet called Earth.

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