Armed and Dangerous

See this?

This is a sword. It might not look like it, but it is. I use it to slay the elements.

You hear that, Winter??? You’ve thrown what you got at me. Minus 11-degree temperatures with -20 windchill. Snow falling every day. Freezing rain on top of that some days. Days when I have to scrape snow and ice off the car sometimes two or three times a day. But you will not get me down! No, no, no! You. Will. Not. Break. Meeeeeeeeeeeee!

This is my fighter pack.

Yes, that is a cup from Starbucks. It is a hot mocha. Got my sword and my gloves. And my lemon loaf cake. And I’ve got books to keep me warm. (And soft blankets.)


See these? My babies! I call the one on the left Darth Vader. And the one on the right has a space helmet vibe. How apt that these are space heaters.


Don’t let this sunny day fool you. It got to ten above (-12 Celsius) that day and sixteen on Sunday. The forecast calls for more below zero weather with snow.


Ha ha, Winter! You think you’ll break me. Think again!

Life is like that sometimes, isn’t it? It hammers at you, crusts you over in disillusionment with its icy winds.

So I bought this the other day.

It may not look like much. But the title on the package says something to me. Not to the surface me, but to the bone-deep me that needs a good word every now and then. It reminds me to keep dreaming even through the crusty moments. Dream big dreams, girl. Not just dreams of warm, sunny days to avoid giving in to the winter blahs but dreams that say cold, dark days like this won’t last forever. That there’s something beyond those midnight blue-hued days where you’re kicking icicles off your car. Off your heart.

Yeah, I know. Sometimes the iceberg of life is way too much for your little boat. And my little pep talk, with its mixed metaphors, is only a tiny splotch of Sunshine Yellow paint on your Great Wall of Despair. I don’t want to make light of anyone else’s pain. This pep talk is really to remind me to keep going, even when I don’t want to.

So, Winter, you won’t have the last laugh! Not on my watch.

Oh yes, Winter. I’m armed and dangerous. Don’t mess with me.

Even Kitty has a found a friend during the cold days. Though I don’t think this poor cat knows what she’s gotten herself into.

Photos by L. Marie.

46 thoughts on “Armed and Dangerous

  1. I admire your preparedness. I’ve recently read Eleanor and will be starting Michelle soon. I like a Star$ mocha, too. From my perspective you’ve nailed this winter thing. Stay warm.

    • Oh man, Jill! Will be thinking of you!

      Yes, it’s great that I work from home. But I still have to go out to start up the car, brush the snow off of it, and go to the library for research. Oh and grocery shop. So I’m not completely saved from the elements. I went out earlier today and got started on the snow brushing. After awhile, I couldn’t see with all of the blowing snow. So I went back in and put on the coffee. 😁

  2. I remember winters like that . . . 3 feet of snow to shovel . . . snow banks to climb over on the way to court . . . wind whipping sojourners from here to there . . .

    I like your chutzpah!

    • Thank you, Nancy! 😀 We have big snowdrifts. I’m grateful for the snowplows now out on the roads! When I ventured out earlier, the roads weren’t yet plowed.

  3. Miss Kitty is smart to have a friend to cuddle with.

    Sword, gloves, cake, and books + wooly blankets. Who could ask for more? I will not advertise Florida temps right now. Sun came out after rain, but still I’m wearing layers (indoors too)!

    • Kitty is indeed smart, Marian. I suspect the cat’s warm fur was the biggest draw.

      We had some light winters in a last few years, so we were about due for this. I’m grateful for all of the blanket throws I was given over the years. I remember grumbling: “What? Another throw?” when I received one as an author gift three years in a row. Now I’m glad to have them!

  4. Love the ‘Space’ puns! 🙂

    However, I’m worried about Kitty’s new friend. She looks like a mint drop and well, we all know Kitty isn’t above using her…maybe even as garnish for her cupcake frosting…

    • Thank you! I do love puns. I’m so weird. 😀
      You’re very observant, Laura. I’ll bet that’s what Kitty wants. Perhaps I should put it a polite word of warning to the poor mint kitty.

  5. I’m feeling your pain, L. I keep telling myself, this too shall pass. Winter isn’t breaking me either. I’m still glad to be here, because I know that it will pass. The heat never passed where I lived before, and I prefer cool weather (but NOT negative numbers). Here’s to the day this passes. Cheers.

  6. Take care powerful winter . You have in front of you L.Marie , a valiant fighter well armed and outfitted to resist to your assaults ! 🙂
    Seriously the conditions meteorologic are frightening
    Take care of you Linda
    Love ❤

  7. What would we do without our books and our friends and our stick-to-itiveness? This weather is starting to wear on us, even it if hasn’t been such a bad winter until now. (that’s for me, not you). I feel better knowing that you are armed with your “weapons” against the snow and ice.

    Seriously, my friend, be warm and well protected when you go out to warm up and dust off your car. Tomorrow will be brutal as will most of Thursday.

    How are those space heaters? We need to replace on.

    • I recommend the Honeywell one, Penny. I bought it at Target. It’s great! Last night as the temperature kept plunging, I got up and turned it down to low. That’s right. Turned it down!

      I went out this morning to start the car and chip away at the ice around the wheel wells. Sigh. It’s pretty solid. Will have to wait for the weather to warm up just to get the ice off. I was able to drive it, though not very far. Hope you are staying warm.

      • Thank you for the suggestion, L. Marie. It sounds like it kicks out some heat. Good.

        This scold is brutal and Thursday looks to be more of the same, but, a warm up is coming, so, hang in there one more day. We are warm here, in layers, but safe and sound.

      • It does. It is small, but mighty!

        Yes, it has been challenging. Today, I waited until the temperature had climbed to -10 then went out to start the car and chisel the ice off from around the tires. Got most of that off.

        It is now a balmy -7. The grocery store was packed with people today!

      • Glad you were able to get out and get the car cleaned off. I’m hoping to get to the grocery store on Friday, sure it will be busy. Just checked the temperature and am pleased to say it is 2 degrees. 🙂

  8. There’s a certain pleasure in fighting and enduring the long, cold winter. I like your spirit. And it always helps to have our little pleasures, our Starbucks and books and lemon cake. Happy dreams.

    • Thanks, Nicki! For the first time ever I noticed that the Starbucks and other places are closed around here. The temperature is now -23. Schools are closed. People are inside thinking warm thoughts. 😁

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