Happy New Year—2019

This represents what I’ll be doing in 2019—crocheting, writing, and sending Henry to terrorize villagers (not necessarily in that order)

Oh who am I kidding? With a face like Henry’s, who would be terrified?

Villagers serenade Henry with songs usually reserved for places like Whoville.

Praying—something else I plan to do a lot in 2019—could not be photographed, so pretend this emoji 🙏 is in the photo.

As I write this post, my email inbox is full of videos, newsletters, and blog posts all about the best or worst of 2018. Some of the above involve people making resolutions to do useful activities (losing weight, reading more, traveling more, writing more, socializing more).

I admire the work these individuals put into reviewing the previous year or writing goals for 2019. But a careful assessment of 2018 is not something you’ll find here. Under my given name (L. Marie is my pen name), I’ve got projects due this week and in the next two weeks. So, I’ll take the easy way out and show a photo that pretty much sums up 2018 for me, only with fewer snacks. (Wish I could’ve included a sound effect like a scream.)

If you’re wondering about the quote on the paper weight next to Kitty, it is this:

In many ways, I feel like I’m in a cocoon/chrysalis. No idea what sort of moth or butterfly may emerge in 2019. But the other day, I was inspired by a quote on the lid of my McDonald’s sweet tea:

The days ahead beckon us to look for moments we can sip for joy—moments where we look toward the possibilities and not just the problems; moments where we sip the sweetness of a sunrise or a child’s laughter.

Like the Skittles wrapper below says, try to look on the . . .

(If you can. I understand that life can be rather difficult sometimes.)

Happy New Year!

36 thoughts on “Happy New Year—2019

  1. “Sip for joy.” I love that.

    I look back on my year in the Christmas letter I send out. I try to make it concise. Then I save a copy of the letter. It’s sort of a one-page-a-year diary. When I can’t remember what I did five years ago, I can always look at my Christmas letters.

    These days I do my resolutions one day at a time. Tomorrow I need to get an appointment for my car. A yellow light saying “Maintenance required” showed up yesterday.

    Happy New Year.

    • Thanks, FF! And I hope it brings a store of good chocolate candy, which so far it has. 😁 🍫
      Happy New Year to you! May your TBR list go down ten with little effort to yourself. Just drop away mysteriously.

  2. Sip for Joy! Love that – and why not? I will. 🙂 I, too, am praying more as well as keeping a gratitude journal (which usually has only a few words for each entry, like “grateful for the sunshine”. 🙂 I’m actually finding that just a few words is a positive exercise for me.
    Here’s to a happy, health new year – and possibilities.

    • Today is sunny finally, Penny! Let’s sip for joy! 😀
      A few words can do wonders! 📓 🖋
      I’m embarrassed that I’d never noticed “sip for joy” on the lid until recently. And I’ve bought many, many large sweet teas at McDonald’s. But I’m glad I finally saw that!

  3. Happy New Year … your post is something I should have read first thing Tuesday morning … but I wasn’t reading blog posts. I love the quote from Francis Bacon Sr and the “sip for joy.” I’m not one to make resolutions but I am hoping for a kinder, gentler 2019 … hoping anyway 😉

  4. As most of the commenters have mentioned: ‘Sip For Joy’ is a great expression…imagine finding it on your McDonald’s drink…
    So, I’ll take that with my morning cuppa java – mmm
    And with my occasional Freddy’s frozen custard chocolate shake (have to drive an hour and a half away to get that fix! probably a good thing, eh?)
    Good luck with those first of the year project deadlines!

    • Thanks, Laura! It’s been challenging, but I keep going!

      Wow, an hour and a half? Yes, I can see why it is occasional. (Though I would love one!)
      And yes, I was surprised to find that statement on my McDonald’s lid. It was a very pleasant surprise.

      Hope you’re doing well.

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