Happy Fall?

Well, if the weather were a song, it would go like this. (Um you have to supply your own music.)

You never stay the same.

There’s no need for me to complain.


I’m onto your yearly game.

These photos will try to explain.

Okay, it’s not much of a song. More like a chorus. 😀 😁

If you live in the Midwest, you know the drill. The weather is as changeable as some celebrities’ hair colors. Eighteen degrees Fahrenheit (-7.7 Celsius) one minute, 32 (or 0 Celsius) the next. Dry one day, snow the next, and then back to dry—all within a few days. Since the temperature is as up and down as a yo-yo, perhaps the celebrated cellist Yo-Yo Ma is the best musician to play a song based on it. (Okay, that was a groaner. Wuh-wah.)

At least Illinois ranked number 13 on the list of states with the worst winters. That means twelve other states have it worse! (In case you’re wondering, Minnesota is number one. Click here for that list. Hawaii is dead last, which made me laugh. Perhaps they could try harder this coming season.) And the winter season has not officially started! Still, the changeable weather makes deciding what to wear very interesting.

Speaking of interesting, you’re probably interested in who won the $25 Amazon card announced in this post. (Thank you to all who commented, by the way.)

Without further ado, the winner, thanks to the random number generator, is . . .

Is . . .

Is . . .

Is . . .

Is . . .

Is . . .

Is . . .

Marie of 1 Write Way!

Congrats, Marie! Please comment to confirm below. I will need the email address you use for Amazon. If you prefer to email me that info, please let me know.

Doug from the movie up was found at Reddit.com. Amazon image from Amazon. Other photos by L. Marie.

28 thoughts on “Happy Fall?

  1. Ugh! Sometimes all this weather change takes place in the same day! 🙂 I am sitting here regretting that I signed up for a Thankfulness Walk at a nearby forest preserve this morning with a friend. I said, quite eagerly, yes last week when she asked, on a day that hit 50. It is 19 F as I type this. Oh, well. I will be thankful for this good friend and warm gloves.
    Congratulations to Marie.

  2. Brava to you for presenting seasons as a revolving palette of color for, so it is – if we take notice. I won’t brag about Florida’s mild winter weather. Summers are hotter than blazes and we have HURRICANES!

    Congrats to Marie, but I wish I had won! 😀

  3. It’s gotten cold here now, but the tree leaves were *meh* this fall so it all seems like a letdown. It’s gray outside today which is ok, but only for a few days please, because too much of that and the whole region gets cranky. I like gray, but man-oh-man many of my neighbors don’t.

  4. Oh my goodness! Thank you, Linda! I never expected to win! I’ll definitely put it to good use 😉
    My Amazon email is mzveblen@gmail.com. As far as winter weather or just weather, we in North Florida are having our usual teaser … it’ll cool off for a couple of days (as in highs in the 60s or 70s) and then return to humid, sticky high 80s with rain. Ugh. I think we have another cold front coming our way this weekend. It would be nice to have a week of lows in the 20s just to kill off some of the flying, biting insects 😉

  5. One thing about this part of southern California is we really only ever have three seasons. I do enjoy heading up to the mountains to see the snow, but not sure I’d do too well living in it. hah. Great photos, L. Marie!

  6. Nice lyrics. And I love the pink tree.
    They made Washington #18 because of our rain. I object. It seldom gets below freezing here, and the rain is better described as sprinkles. Just wear a raincoat with a hood.

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