Just Because Giveaway

So, the days have been looking like this.


On days like this, I’m tempted to do this all day . . .

. . . especially with all of the election stuff bludgeoning our senses and overfilling our mailboxes and “circular files.”

So, I asked the girls—Marsha Mello (below center) and her new friends, Sallee (left) and Noah—what I should do to avoid giving into the gloom.

Noah: Got any cake?
Me: What does that have to do with what I just asked?
Noah (shrugs): I just want some.
Sallee: I got a new puppy.
Marsha: I want a puppy.
Noah: I have a cat and a dog.

This was a simulation of an actual conversation I had a while ago with a group of second and third graders. This experience reminded me of something I’ve always found to be true (at least in my experience): whenever you’re feeling gloomy, talk to a kid. Some of the tangents they go on in conversations will cheer you right up.

Anyway, I didn’t really need advice for what to do. I already had a plan: I would host a giveaway. Why? Just because there’s been enough negativity in the world. Time to spread some joy. 😀 😁 Getting free stuff always brightens my day. (This is why I love samples at the grocery store.) What am I giving away? A $25 Amazon card (or its equivalent at Amazon UK).

What do you have to do to get it? Comment below to be entered in the random drawing. Tell me what you like to do on rainy days. Winner to be announced on November 12 or 13 (whenever I decide to post next).

Amazon image from Amazon. Other photos by L. Marie. Marsha Mello Shoppie by Moose Toys. Sallee and Noah Hairdorables are by Just Play.

35 thoughts on “Just Because Giveaway

  1. I’m not a fan of rain during the week. Commuting is a nightmare and I have trouble seeing on dark, wet roads. When rain comes on the weekend, I love to grab a cup of coffee or tea and work on my latest WIP.

    • Hi, Jill. I remember you mentioning your commutes and the challenges you face. Rain on dark pavement is rough, especially in the colder months. 😩 Will definitely be thinking of and praying for you.

      Yes, the weather induces us to get cozy, even in the midst of having to finish a project. I like to grab my Sherpa blanket and have it on my lap when I sit at the computer. 😁

  2. I like rainy days and often find that I end up doing lots of household chores on them. Boring small chores that require little thought, but make me feel all tidy and productive. Things that I’d put off on a sunny day when I needed to do big important things, but on a rainy day…

    • Hi, Ally. I know what you mean. The towels in my bathroom closet usually get straightened on cold or rainy days. 😁 Alas, several rainy days have passed and the towels are still like the leaning tower of Pisa. I’m now waiting on the elves who made shoes in the fairy stories to switch their skill set to towel folding.

  3. I stay inside for the most part. Rainy days always seem to sap my mood and energy. So, I’ll probably just watch some TV or read unless I have chores to do. Writing moves much slower, but I can use music to counter the blah.

  4. If I’m fortunate enough to be home on a rainy day (and having to literally slog to work), ideally I’ll be curled up with one or two of our three cats, reading, writing or knitting (and I’ve known to try to do all three at once). More likely I’ll be puttering around the house, cleaning up after ourselves and the cats. Either way, I enjoy rainy days at home. Thank you, Linda, for being such a generous and warm soul. You do so many giveaways and you know how to steer us to the positive 🙂

    • Thank you, Marie! 😀

      Do your cats like to chase your yarn balls? Or have they learned to leave them be?
      I also like to knit or crochet, though crochet takes precedence these days. I like to curl up under my Sherpa blanket and crochet. Like you, I also turn to different activities. If I’m stuck on something, I’ll pick up my crochet hook and work on a project until the ideas flow once more.

      • I find that I get into a mental zone when I do needlework that reminds me a bit of meditation. Story ideas or solutions bubble to the surface. I keep my yarn balls hidden in a bag or old tissue box so my cats can’t chase them. If any cat is on my lap, though, it doesn’t stop him or her from trying to play with the yarn tails that might hanging down while I knit 😀

  5. On rainy days, I like to cook a big pot of veggie soup. Once it’s on simmer, if it’s cold and rainy and dark and gloomy and I have nothing pressing to do, I enjoy curling up in a comfy chair with a good book or a good movie (OR a stack of magazines & circulars that need a quick look-through before being tossed into the recycling bin). I usually put on some Mozart to keep me company.

    And, yes! Talking to kids is a great cheer-me-up!

    • Mozart is good company! I remember back in the cassette days that I had a number of Mozart cassettes, “Eine kleine Nachtmusik: being an absolute favorite. I have a Mozart CD somewhere. Totally dating myself. 😀

  6. Your posts never fail to perk me up. We are brightening your day up with a comment, and we all get a chance at the sweepstakes. Thanks, Marie!

    P.S. One reason I mingle with 2-year-olds is so I can talk to little kids. They are SO wise and without a shred of guile.

  7. Thank you for the giveaway! I like to take long walks in the rain. Unless it’s really raining hard. Then I wait for the rain to slow or end and take my walk. Here in the city, a good rain washes away the dirt and dog droppings. Oh, and my favorite sign in the neighborhood was one that began, “Dear Dog, We know it’s not your fault…”

  8. I like rainy days, but not dreary days. The blustery, misty weather here just makes me want to sleep. A good, hard rain gets me motivated to write. I’m not a coffee drinker, but when it’s cold like this, I like a hot vanilla chai. BTW, I love talking with kids.

  9. I moan about the rain sometimes just to be sociable, but actually I love rainy days – they’re my favourite kind! It might be my northern blood. I like to go out walking and get thoroughly soaked through and then come in, change and have some hot chocolate. If I don’t get rain for a while, I begin to feel dehydrated as if I can only take water in through my skin! I remember when I was in Canada visiting relatives and just about dying from the heat and humidity, when suddenly there was a rainstorm. They all thought I was nuts when I rushed into the garden and stood there soaking it up…

    • 😀 😀 Were you “Singin’ in the Rain”?

      I’m having some hot chocolate at this very moment, by the way.

      I still love to splash in rain puddles. I also still love rain boots and raincoats. 😀

  10. I don’t mind a rainy day, but, I always like it come on my schedule. 🙂 I still pretend I rule the universe. 🙂 🙂
    Okay – what I choose to do is read a book or even a magazine that has been languishing and out-of-date, or bake. I baked brownies late yesterday. It was just a box mix but I was looking for the smell of something sweet.

    • Yum!!! I love brownies!

      I’m with you, Penny. I like rain to come on my schedule. 😁 I also like to read magazines with articles I’d been meaning to get to. Lately, I’ve been enjoying an Entertainment Weekly, which has a section on Harry Potter novels and movies. 😄

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