Gotta Grab Peace and Hold On

In the last few weeks, my life has been one of frantic haste with new projects due, ongoing projects needing my immediate feedback (“could you respond before tomorrow”; “look at this video ASAP”), meetings to attend, and back pain demanding I take some sort of relief measure.

I so wanted a vacation. The vacation destination of choice would have been Boston. I wished I could have attended my niece’s graduation from Boston University, like others in my family did (including a side trip to Martha’s Vineyard). But not being able to afford airfare or the days off, I could only watch online and look at texted photos (which I will not post here; sorry).

I couldn’t take a vacation, but I could take a walk as a mini “stay cay”—stay-at-home vacation. The other day I headed out around 6:45 a.m., basking in the cooler temperatures, enjoying the twitter of birds. (#Morning gossip) The day was not a picture perfect, sunny day. In fact, I didn’t see the sun all day. But it was peaceful. I was the only human outside. The temperature was around 56. Not bad.


I could feel my blood pressure decreasing as I walked, drinking in the solitude, admiring the green leaves now in full force on the trees. Ahhh. Just what the doctor ordered.

But when I returned inside, life intruded as several people texted or posted online, asking the same question: “Did you see the Royal Wedding?”

The sense of frantic haste returned. Oh no! I’d forgotten about that! I quickly clicked on YouTube, only to find Prince Harry and his bride, the Duchess of Sussex, riding in a carriage, waving at people. I immediately thought of the 1995 Pride and Prejudice miniseries with Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy riding in a carriage after their wedding. But alas I’d missed this wedding! You snooze, you lose, I guess. I quickly combed the internet to see what videos I could find that showed the wedding—even a piece of it.

But then I stopped the search, realizing how quickly I’d thrown away the peace of the morning. I clicked off the internet and leaned back in my chair, letting go of what I hadn’t accomplished, and grasping what I had—the sense of peace in a quiet day.

I grabbed my crochet hook and set to work on an owl. Crocheting always relaxes me. On a gray, overcast day, working with colorful, soft yarn was very soothing. (All the colors and textures you see on the owl below, with the exception of the white, come from one bundled ball of yarn. Owl crochet pattern by Sarah at Repeat Crafter Me.)


Peace had returned.

When you’ve had a frantic week, what do you do to gain or maintain peace?

Lemony Limes is drowning in leftover yarn. Oh well. I can’t think of a better way to go.

Photos by L. Marie. Lemony Limes Shoppie Doll is a registered trademark of Moose Toys.

38 thoughts on “Gotta Grab Peace and Hold On

  1. After a rough week, I typically collapse for an hour before I’m hustled through a rough weekend. It seems my peace depends a lot on everyone else being distracted. Didn’t understand all the fervor about the wedding here. It was interesting, but people seemed to take it really seriously. Makes me wonder how many of the viewers at home sent wedding presents. So many toasters and microwaves going overseas.

    • Ha ha! Or my standard wedding present–a vase or a serving tray! So many people love anything royal. I wonder if their wedding gifts will be donated to others.

      Hope you will make it through your goals this week. I’m recalling your goal list from last week.

      • It is kind of funny that we focus so much on a royal wedding. Makes me wonder if Americans want something like that here, but all we get are arrogant celebrity and business clans. There isn’t much elegance to those factions.

      • We do, because we love a fairy tale. Our presidents are usually married when they take office. No “royal” weddings there, unless they have kids who tie the knot.

      • You can also look outside of politics since the royal family seems to be more of a social than political entity these days. Unfortunately, that gives us clans like the Kardashians.

      • I remember when Kim Kardashian married Kanye West. The magazines all had photos. Aren’t they getting divorced? Am I making that up?

  2. Long bath with a book and, if I’m feeling really decadent, a glass of wine! But really any kind of change of pace tends to relax me, so if I’ve been in all week, going out does the trick, and if I’ve been out a lot, then I can’t wait for a long night in. And Tuppence has just reminded me to say that cuddling a cat is the best way to relax…

    The Wedding was quite fun, but not unmissable. Though the hats were great! 😀

    • Cuddling a cat is a good way to relax! I have to go to a friend’s house to do that. But their cat thinks he’s a dog. He’s very friendly though.

      I’ll have to look online for photos of the hats. I thought they were incredible at William and Kate’s wedding. 😀

  3. I made a point to watch the wedding ceremony because deep inside me somewhere is a romantic who wanted to see some good news on the TV. I wish I knew how I could recharge my batteries in a way that didn’t included food and drink, but at this point in my life that’s how it is. Your owl is adorable.

    • Thanks, Ally.
      I wish I could have seen it. I know what you mean. In a way where we heard about school shooting after school shooting, a wedding was a nice break!

  4. Hi L. Sometimes we just have to turn it all off and enjoy a stay-cation in the solitude. In fact, I do it every morning for twenty minutes. I read a page from my DailyWord affirmation magazine, breathe deep, pray for those in need, and try to bask in total silence (or with the birds singing this spring).

    BTW, I’m at a loss for friends these days. If you’re ever interested in meeting for a “cup” some time, let me know. Starbucks in Roselle might be a nice place.

    Hope you enjoyed the rest of your day. Saturday was quite gray, but at least it wasn’t raining.

    • Hi, Lori! That would be nice! I love Starbucks! As long as I don’t have to get on the highway. My car is old and can’t do highways anymore.

      Good plan to cling to peace daily. I try to do that in the mornings. 🙂

  5. Walking outside is definitely a way for me to ground myself and find some peace too. In the winter, I’ll walk on my treadmill while I read, but it’s not the same as being in nature. The boost both exercise and nature give to our endorphins can’t be beat.

  6. I am giggling at “drowning in leftover yarn”. Sorry. It just tickled my funny bone.
    I wander out in nature, L. Marie, which you probably know. Just walking in the woods nearby or sitting on a bench with a peaceful view tends to calm me, refresh and renew. If I don’t have much time, I walk around my gardens. They ease my should.
    I will admit to getting up and watching the entire wedding. Much of it was royal pomp and circumstance, but, some it – oh some of it was wondrous, especially the gospel choir and the young cellist. I have been watching, and re-watching those performances over and over.

  7. My grandson and my daughter and sometimes my sister were at my house over the Memorial Day weekend. It wasn’t exactly a frantic weekend, but I felt that keeping everyone entertained, happy, and well fed were my responsibility, so when they were all gone, I made it a point to do whatever I wanted. I slept late, washed clothes, watered the garden, read, watched TV, typed something up–basically whatever I felt like doing. Sometimes it’s not the activity, but the sense of making one’s own choices and goofing off a bit.

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