I’d Like to Thank My Parents Again


I had a lovely birthday last week, which was celebrated through phone and Facebook greetings, dinners, breakfast, and a tea party. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for having me! #Blessed

Yes, you really are seeing glowing flamingos decorating that present above. Fun, aren’t they? I’m not sure where they were acquired from by the friend who gave the present to me. If you are really curious, I will make inquiries.

As is my tradition, I’m giving away a present to a commenter. Here are a few of the ones I received.


While I won’t mail you my actual present, natch (the presents were given to me after all), you can choose an equivalent gift: the book, Stash Glazed Lemon Loaf tea (tastes just like the lemon loaf you might get at Starbucks), or a $15 Amazon gift card or its equivalent at Amazon UK. Just say which one you would like in the comments and you will be entered in the drawing. Winner to be announced next week (probably May 7)!

Eye see you!
Yes, this creepy tree is a haven for squirrels nearby. #Random

Babette is a little huffy, because she did not receive any gifts. So, she refused to pose for the camera, and instead gave me her stiff profile. If I didn’t already know she was an owl, I would swear she was a cat.

Photos by L. Marie.

34 thoughts on “I’d Like to Thank My Parents Again

  1. Happy belated birthday! Those flamingos are very cool! (As is the plate of cakes… *drools*) And how kind of you to celebrate with a giveaway. If I were to win I’d prefer the giftcard. 🙂

    • Thanks, FF! The cakes were delicious! Needless to say, I finished them in one sitting. I’m not even embarrassed by that!

      I have you on the list! 😀 😁

  2. Happy Birthday, L. Marie! Your tea cakes look yummy and I love the funky flamingos. Sounds like a fun celebration.

    If I win, the tea sounds delicious!

  3. Well, even if Babette doesn’t really look like a cat, she certainly acts like one…but then, I love cats! HA!
    Flamingos have a little history with me – the second of only 2 homes we ever owned, was in an active HOA and everything had to be approved before even planting a bush, moving a rock, spitting in the soil, etc…so I planted flamingos on a stick in the front yard as my ‘Social Statement Protest’
    Over the course of one summer I had accumulated a little flamingo tribe that got mysteriously picked off one by one by the end of September, leaving us with one sole protester…

    Happy Birthday and so thrilled you had a fun time with family!

  4. Happy, clappy birthday. Thanks for sharing the photos and having us drool over the food and presents. My daughter once thanked us for having her. I thought we were the only parents who heard this sweet sentiment. Enjoy the year ahead, L. Marie. 🙂

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