“A Crack in Everything”—In Partial Fulfillment of the 3 Quotes 3 Days Thingie

Laura Bruno Lilly nominated me for the 3 Quotes 3 Days Blogger Tag Thingie (not its official title). Thank you, Laura! 😃 But I decided to break the rules and post a quote one day instead of three, and nominate anyone who wants to do it (or not do it). Laura’s post with the rules can be found here, for those of you who are rule followers. (Blessings be upon your heads.)

On with the quote:

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in. Leonard Cohen from “Anthem”

If you’re scratching your head, wondering what Cohen meant by those words, there’s no better explanation than the one he offers. You can find that here.

I chose it because I totally get the “crack in everything.” I remember as a kid, bemoaning what I thought was my lack of a perfect smile because of a gap between my front teeth. And as a teen, I worried about having “chicken legs” (a description given to them by a guy I once liked romantically, but later didn’t) instead of the perfectly sculpted ones others seemed to have. And then as an adult, I could not seem to produce the “perfect offering” novel-wise that would be rejection proof. 😀

Sometimes life reminds you that the hope of reaching perfection, or sorrowing over the lack of that state, is a waste of time. Granted, I’m not advocating, “So don’t try at all.” Instead, I think Leonard said it best:

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering

On a less-than-perfect cloudy day, these daffodils gracefully bending in the wind were a lovely reminder of the beauty to be had even in imperfection.

Babette is babysitting. Not sure who would trust her to do that.

Liberty Bell photo from en.wikipedia.org. Leonard Cohen photo from fanpop.com. Other photos by L. Marie.

30 thoughts on ““A Crack in Everything”—In Partial Fulfillment of the 3 Quotes 3 Days Thingie

  1. I like the idea that the hunt for perfection is a waste of time. I’ve been thinking that for years, especially with my writing. So many authors seem to never reach the publishing or even editing stage because they find a flaw that forces a total rewrite. Sometimes it causes them to sign up for a bunch of writing courses. Just seems like the quest for perfection is really a trap designed to lock people in a loop of doubt.

    • The loop of doubt is a sad place to be.

      Sometimes fear is a factor–the fear that a piece of writing won’t be accepted as it is. While I think improving one’s craft in a course of study can be a good thing, if fear of rejection is behind it or the need to be perfect–well that’s not so good.

  2. The crack in everything quote is one of my favorites. I sometimes find myself repeating it over and over in my head when I’m talking with someone who could drive me crazy, but I won’t let them.

  3. Aha a new-to-me ‘thingie’ that has huge potential in becoming a go-to mantra spoken under my breath during an especially blundering type of time I seem to be in at the moment.
    Thank you for your powerful and poetic offering, L.Marie.

  4. Great reminder, Marie. I remember a wall saying in a B&B in Victoria, BC: “A beautiful thing is never perfect,” tagged as an Egyptian proverb. Apparently the sentiment has a long history. And apparently it’s okay to be cracked . . .

    Thanks for this!

  5. This post and quote truly “rang” for me this morning, L. Marie. Thank you for posting this, a fine reminder for me and all of us. At the moment, it speaks to me about the indomitable human spirit. Hope all is well with you. My daffodils are finally starting to bloom. 🙂

    • “Rang”–I see what you did there, Penny. Nicely done. 😀

      The daffodils are coming up nicely, despite the wind’s attempts to do away with them. Looking forward to flower photos on your blog.

  6. Being a lover of quotes, I tend to have very few I haven’t read before, but you surprised me with a new one I never heard. I absolutely love this quote . . . so much so that I looked up the song. The lyrics are so lovely. Thank you for sharing this.
    P.S. My post today actually shared a day I had with a lot of “cracks.” 😉

    • Oh Lori. You didn’t deserve to be snapped at by your doctor! And I’m sorry you had some hard encounters on social media. I hope someone goes out of his or her way to tell you that you’re special and appreciated to make up for all of the bad encounters you’ve had.

      • Hi L. That bad day happened a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully things have been better since. After that doctor’s visit, I think I was sensitive to other things. Thank you for the kind words. Just you saying that made me smile. 🙂

  7. First – you know I love that you’ve got the Philly bell as your image. Second – I love Leonard Cohen and that quote. Third – your sense of humor combined with an earnest message is THE BEST. 💜

    • Thank you, Laura! 😁 You know I thought of you when I selected that image.

      It’s not easy being cracked. But that state of being allows the light to be seen. 😄

  8. Great quote! And here’s one of my favorites that evokes the same idea, from Bruce Springsteen’s song “Lucky Town” (and I named an old computer Lucky Town in honor of that song):

    Had a coat of fine leather and snakeskin boots
    But that coat always had a tread hanging loose
    Well I pulled it one night and to my surprise
    It led me right past your house and on over the rise…

  9. Great quote! Yes, indeed, as an unwilling perfectionist, I’ve had to struggle all my life with accepting that sometimes good is good enough. And even bad can be fun sometimes, if we can just switch off our self-criticism for a bit… 😀

    • So true, FF! I’ve had to accept “good is good enough” when it comes to reviewing manuscripts, certainly, especially when I see that some manuscripts I would not have chosen have been selected. So that has caused me to realize that maybe I’ve been too critical on my own manuscripts!

  10. I loved this post. Thanks for the reminder. We’re all so imperfect, and lovable sometimes because of it. My dad had a space between his two front teeth. It looked so cute on him.

    I hate to bring up perfection in a comment about imperfection, but today was about the most perfect spring day here–blue skies, just under 70 degrees, a little breeze from the water, and all the flowers and new tender leaves making the world all colorful and bright.

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