Would You Buy It?

Worth It is a show I’ve binge-watched lately on the Buzz Feed YouTube channel. Have you seen it? Its stars, Steven Lim and Andrew Ilnyckyj, and their camera and sound guy, Adam, sample three foods or beverages at three different prices to determine which is worth the money.

Below are screenshots of two of the items sampled. One is a $2000 pizza with edible gold leaf (yes, $2000; you can see the ingredients list on the photo) and the other is a $2500 caviar soufflé with quail eggs (a Guinness World Record holder for the most expensive soufflé on earth).


While the show hosts sampled the wares, I asked myself if I would ever eat gold leaf, even if I had the money. (Another episode, which you can find here, features a $100 donut with gold leaf.) The answer was a resounding no. This is not a judgment call on anyone who would, however.

But a day later, I found myself salivating over a pair of cars Nicki showed on her Behind the Story blog recently. If you head over there, you’ll find a video showcasing the Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Giulia and their precision on ice. Or just click here. Each is over $40,000! But when you live in the frozen Midwest, any car that handles that well on ice (you have to see the video) gets your attention.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio. Gimme?

Maybe to you that doesn’t seem like a lot to pay for a good car. But seeing as how I paid $2500 for my current car (good and used, old as dirt) $40,000 feels like a $2500 soufflé—an unlikely purchase.

How about you? Are there big-ticket items you dream about, but don’t think you’ll buy? Would you treat yourself if you could?

These Shopkins Cutie cars want to do the Stelvio/Guilia ice challenge. Somehow I doubt they’d avoid crashing into each other.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio from caradvice.com.au. Other photos by L. Marie. Shopkins Cutie Cars are a registered trademark of Moose Toys.

42 thoughts on “Would You Buy It?

  1. I think I’ve been putting off things due to money for so long that I can’t even imagine buying some expensive things. The gold leaf confuses me a bit. Isn’t it supposed to be a valuable metal that backs our currency? Yet, people are eating it. That seems a little bizarre and decadent. I mean, I always thought Goldschlager was odd, but those were flakes instead of leaves.

  2. Loved the commercial.
    I’ve always liked that song (as sung by Chris Isaak).
    The cars handled well . . .
    BUT there were EXPERT drivers behind the wheel.

    I wonder how the cars would perform with Joe Schmo behind the wheel? 😀

    As for eating gold leaf ~> I’ll pass.
    I’ll leave that for the avant-garde of food snobs.

    • I thought about that too, Nancy–the expert drivers. 😀 I also loved the commercial. I saw a behind the scenes video. A cameraman was on ice skates!

      Yeah I know what you mean about passing. I can’t imagine eating any of those foods.

  3. We have bought new cars but for less than half the Alfa Romero … and only after we saved (no debt for us if we can help it 😏). I often say I’d like to be able to afford outrageous stuff like gold leaf pizza, but I would never buy it. I’d take the $2500, buy a $2 pizza, and put the rest in the bank 🙂

  4. That pizza is just plain weird. In fact most big ticket items are just plain weird to me. So in answer to your question, NO I wouldn’t treat myself to any of this kind of weirdness. I like my weirdness to cost less, and be less… weird, I guess. 🤨

  5. If I was rich, I’d definitely buy an Alfa Romeo – I’ve always dreamed of one. Or a Jaguar. Maybe both. But I’d never buy a $2000 pizza even if I was the richest person in the universe! I think the difference is that one you can have for years and do things with, even share with other people, or maybe sell if you go broke. The other you eat and it’s gone! And I bet it doesn’t taste better than a mushroom, onion and peppers pizza (£2.99 in my local supermarket)…

    • That pizza from your supermarket sounds really good. I wish I had one right now.

      If I had hundreds of thousands of dollars, no debt, and had sufficiently given away a lot of money, I might buy a low-end Alfa Romeo. But I agree that food items make me less reluctant to fork over a ton of money. My family and I ate at Brazilian steakhouse some years back that was not cheap (nowhere near the price of that pizza, however). However, we were so full, I didn’t have to eat meat for days. If a pricey item can satisfy your appetite to the point where you don’t have to eat anything of the sort for a while, maybe I can see spending the money.

  6. I would NOT treat myself to food that costs thousands of dollars, but I did treat myself to a brand new car. We came into just enough inheritance to get our first brand new car since 1986! My husband is a car guy, and for our 30 years of marriage, he has bought wrecked cars and fixed them for us to drive. We only had one other brand new car when we first married. So yes, I did treat myself, but our new car cost quite a bit less than $40,000.

  7. The big ticket item I dream about but would never buy is an apartment in New York City. The prices are ridiculous! Reminds me of the Bruce Springsteen line, recycled into various songs, the debts or price “no honest man can pay.”

    • Ha! I hear you, Laura!
      They are . . . going. Not always smoothly. I guess that means I’m going deeper emotionally with my characters!
      Hope you are doing well!

  8. Well now . . . I’m more of a practical sort of gal and am always looking for “the bargain”. The most expensive “drink” ever bought was VW Passat, which we bought used after my other car became a t-boned total. The car was bought used, now has a baker’s dozen years on it BUT (the BUT is big) it was a rather expensive drink as the official colors are, wait for it, latte with a mocha interior. 🙂

  9. I went to a party once given by a Pakistani woman (not such a fancy party), and they served a snack (I think it was a sweet snack) with silver leaf on top. I think it must not have been very expensive. On the other hand, I don’t remember it adding anything to the taste. I’d spend a little extra for good cinnamon.

    I’m not a car person. Since I’m not very mechanical, I like a car that’s comfortable and doesn’t break down. I have a white Toyota Camry. My only wish is that they’d had a prettier color.

    What would I like to treat myself to? Pretty clothes, especially if I could just lose a few pounds.

    • Me too, Nicki! Also shoes. Gotta love shoes!

      I also drive a Camry! They are great cars! I love a Toyota or a Honda. I used to have an Accord. Then I bought a Civic. Great cars.

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