Snow, Snow, Slow Your Roll

I’m sitting here as I write this, gazing out of the window at a gray-blue sky. We’ve had day after day after day after day of snowfall. And more is on the way, according to my brother and sister-in-law, who within hours of each other, texted the happy news to me.


Yeah, I know. That’s what winter is all about, Charlie Brown. Snow falls. Temperatures drop.


Anyway, I was complaining to Barbie about this recently. She’s a good listener. Even put down her magazine and gave me her full attention. I was explaining how the snowfall has caused me to slow down while driving.

She gave me a look as if to say, “Like that’s a bad thing?” Snow-Fro the Shoppet also concurred. She would. She was made for winter.

I like to zip around town, catching every green light, making good time, getting to my destination quickly. But zipping down a road, heedless of what the conditions are like, is how accidents happen. Having had my share of winter accidents, I learned the value of taking it slow. When you live with snow and ice, you adjust to the pace of the season.

Revision is that way. I’m revising a young adult fantasy novel for probably the twelfth time. I want to zip through it, like I zip down the street when the roads are ice free. But that’s what I did before. And I’ve discovered several things I missed in the earlier revisions. Like the gaps in logic or faulty descriptions I constantly find as I read the chapters.

My revision cave, where, yes, crocheting and video watching also occur

One chapter took me two days to work through. Two. Days. So, no matter how hard it’s been and how long it’s taking, I need to give myself permission to keep at it. “Slow your roll, L.,” I remind myself.

Winter is here in all of its messy glory. Just like revision. I’m trying to be present in the moment and present on the page in this season of change.

The sun is out, like a kiss of heaven. Though the snow lingers and threatens, I can’t help believing that I can weather the snow and the revision.


Barbie is a registered trademark of Mattel. Snow-Fro and Kissy Boo Shoppets and Fluffy Snowball and Terri Tennis Ball Shopkins are registered trademarks of Moose Toys. Photos by L. Marie.

32 thoughts on “Snow, Snow, Slow Your Roll

    • She’s not, Andy. But then she seldom goes out into the real world. Can’t blame her. She’d be lost in the snow. We have about eight inches so far. More on the way.

    • I hope so too, Charles. I went out to brush the snow off the car and move it a bit so I wouldn’t be stuck. I wanted to get a head-start on the snow, since more is coming the whole weekend.

      • We haven’t had much snow, but the cold has been brutal. My car doors keep getting fused shut over night, which is why two of the handles have snapped off. Supposed to get rain this weekend, which I’m not sure is better or worse since it’ll freeze.

      • Oh my goodness! That’s horrible! So you had to get them replaced?
        We went through the deep freeze. Now we’re going through the snow. Sigh.

      • We have the parts, but need good weather and time to replace them. It started with one handle too, but another one broke a week or two after the first. Winter seems to get messier every year.

  1. Revisions and driving in the snow. Good comparison, L. Marie. Some slipping and sliding and hoping you don’t get stuck and spin those tires/idea. Best wishes on those revisions.
    I awoke to about 6 inches. A good 3 more have added to that and the snowflakes are bigger now and actually some whiteout here on the Cutoff. I’m staying “put” for now, a big pot of soup on tonight’s menu, taking care of some filing and tossing of all that has accumulated this past year, and then – a cup of tea and digging into “Mister Owita’s Guide to Gardening”, which I am enjoying immensely. Stay safe and warm and good luck.

  2. I saw where you’re getting more snow. And like you I had to learn to drive in it. One time many years ago I was showing off my 4-wheel drive vehicle right after a snowstorm, and I drove into a ditch. Good luck with the revision! I just finished a novel, and I’m trying to hold off on revision for at least three more weeks so I can come at it with (somewhat) fresh eyes.

    • I saw on your blog that you’d finished. Congratulations! Your book sounds great, Lyn!
      Yes, we’re getting inundated with snow. I heard some kids playing in it. I went for a brief walk in it. It is lovely. But we’re getting so much of it!

  3. What do you know . . . you and I are on the “same page” so to speak. See what I did there? LOL I’m in a weird mood today. I went out in this snow this morning. Had a chiro appointment. Got stuck in none other than my own DRIVEWAY! Was about to give up on going out when our snow-plow-guy finally came, so I was able to make my appointment. I was taking it nice and slow, when this death-wish-driver comes running up on my bumper. WTH? I mean, the roads are really bad and this guy comes flying up and then tails me because I wasn’t going fast enough for him. I was fish-tailing every time I had to turn onto a different street.

    On the other slow-moving topic of revising, I’m doing the same as you as well. I wrote 12 chapters of my contemporary fiction novel and didn’t like how it was coming along. So, I’ve been revising since the second week in January.

    I wonder if you and I should get together sometime and maybe critique for each other? It’s something to think about. I had great critique partners in Florida. We basically just helped to make sure we understood everything and that sentences came together smoothly. Just a thought I’m throwing out there.

    Stay safe and warm, L.

    • Hey, Lori! Glad you made it to your appointment and back safely. I hate when drivers tailgate in order to push someone to drive faster in a hazardous condition.

      I figured that the roads were bad today. It snowed all night and most of the day. I think it stopped snowing. But we’re due for more later on tonight.

      Let’s keep in touch about our revisions, and see how we can cheer each other on!

  4. ‘owlie’ saw Olive in your revision/video/crochet cave…and told me that’s ‘home’!
    Seriously, I understand 100% about zipping around town in the name of ‘making good time’ HA! I am also very aware that it’s essential to ‘adjust to the pace of the season’. That said, one of my biggest complaints with those from non-snow areas are those that race their shiny new SUVs through ice and snow thinking all that great driving traction translates into ***on-a-dime breaking traction***…grrrrr!
    BTW: love your play on words at the end of your post…(I am sure you can do it, too!)

    • Thank you.😃 Olive says to tell Owlie hi. She’s glad you provided a forever home. 😀

      Yes, I don’t like the situation you described. My car is pretty low to the ground. So when someone zips around me, I generally get splashed with a lot of snow in that person’s wake. Not fun. Also, I don’t have good brakes. So when someone zips around me only to slam on their brakes, I have to pray that I won’t coast right into that person’s car.

    • Snow is indeed lovely behind a wind. And I admit that I enjoyed wading through it this weekend. The children were out sledding, enjoying themselves.
      Love to you and Janine, Michel!

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