’Tis the Season to Go Shopping?

Yes, I know this is the second post in a row with a title that begins with the word ’Tis. Life is like that sometimes. Anyway, is it me or are some holidays feeling kind of tacked on? They just seem to exist for the sake of consumerism. Unlike other holidays, many of which are sacred celebrations. Halloween is always clearly marked by pumpkins, candy, costumes, grinning skulls that shriek at you from store aisles, and lots of orange lights. The Day of the Dead has its sugar skulls and remembrances of those who have passed away. But based on the massive amount of emailed ads I recently received, some holidays have kind of been lost in the crowd while others have taken center stage.

So, as far as fall holidays are concerned, we have

• Halloween and Dia de los Muertos


• Black Friday
• Cyber Monday (today)

• Hanukkah

• Christmas

• Kwanzaa

Do I have that right? Nothing’s missing from that list, right? At least according to the ads that have flooded my email.

An emailed ad I recently received

While I hung out at my brother’s house on the day after Thanksgiving (you know, the holiday with turkey—or ribs if you prefer—that comes between Halloween/Day of the Dead and Hanukkah), I watched a Gravity Falls marathon with the fam. Wave after wave of toy commercials whizzed by. Just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I guess. I don’t see how parents of young children can stand up to the holiday toy blitz and not crumple under the pressure. Oh the humanity! I don’t even have children, and I get toy catalogues sent to me in the mail without even asking for them.

Each year the marketing blitz seems to last longer and longer as holidays get added to claim the attention of our wallets. Did you know that Cyber Monday (or at least the term) started in 2005—only 12 years ago? Black Friday, however, has been around since the ’60s according to this website.

Did you participate in Black Friday (which technically started on Thanksgiving Day)? (I didn’t go anywhere near the stores on Black Friday.) Will you participate in Cyber Monday?

While you think about that, I’ll bring up the giveaway I discussed here. I’m giving away a $30 Amazon gift card. Just in time for Cyber Monday, if that’s your thing!

Thanks to the Random Number Generator, I am happy to announce that the winner of the $30 Amazon gift card is . . .

Is . . .

Is . . .

Is . . .

Is . . .

Is . . .

Is . . .

(I can cut and paste Is . . . all day.  😀 😃 😄)

Is . . .

Is . . . (Next to the last one.)

Is . . .

Charles Yallowitz!

Congrats, Charles! Please comment below to confirm! Thank you to all who commented.

Cyber Monday images from hdwallpapersys.com and from somewhere on Pinterest. Gift image from vizfact.com. Hanukkah menorah from tucker-tribune.blogspot.com. blogspot.com. Kwanzaa image from pbslearningmedia.org. Day of the Dead image from freepik.com. Pumpkin luminary photo by L. Marie.

40 thoughts on “’Tis the Season to Go Shopping?

  1. Ooh, I haven’t come across Kwanzaa before! I used to love Diwali when I lived opposite a Sikh temple down in London – lots of fireworks and partying. In terms of shopping we now have Black Friday too, which is particularly annoying since we don’t do Thanksgiving…

  2. Hello. I almost jumped right down here without seeing my name. Didn’t notice much for Kwanzaa and Hanukkah this year. Both seem to come in as an afterthought to Christmas. Honestly, I doubt either of those holidays would get much attention if they weren’t near the Big One. I’ll have to check out some cartoons, but weren’t they always filled with toy commercials? Sometimes the cartoon was the commercial like Transformers and He-Man.

  3. Congrats, Charles ~ have fun Cyber shopping.

    You missed one shopping holiday, LM ~> “Small Business Saturday” ~> smack dab between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

    Call us “unpatriotic” for our lack of consumeristic consuming, but we didn’t head to the stores for Black Friday deals. We stayed home and consumed Thanksgiving leftovers. I did pick up two Tote Boxes for my “Piles of Files” project at Staples on Saturday. And we got a few “staples” at Publix ~ bananas, lettuce, bread, and c-h-e-e-s-e for a pan of post-Thanksgiving lasagna. 😀

    • Forgot about that one! I saw something about it online, but didn’t pay much attention to it.

      This weekend, I also consumed the Thanksgiving leftovers and some friends and I went to a German Christmas market to consume bratwurst, hot chocolate, and potato pancakes. My tongue still stings from the scaling hot chocolate. 😞

  4. Black Friday is too black for me. Maybe if they called it White Friday, or Sunny Friday, or even Freaky Friday, I might join in. Heh. Yeah, no. Not for me. I’m little afraid of ordering online with all the warnings they’re giving people about identity theft. But then again, aren’t ALL the brick and mortar stores using computers anyway? Paying cash is the only safe way, and that may disappear in the near future.

    Hope you’re doing well, Linda.

  5. I celebrated Buy Nothing Day this year. It’s the AdBusters event that takes place the same day as Black Friday. I did buy a couple of small things for an online gift exchange and for my daughter at a small business on Saturday for Small Business Saturday. And today for Cyber Monday–no sale. I’m online letting people know they need to fight for Net Neutrality.

  6. Congrats to Charles!

    Having worked retail a time or two, what most don’t understand is that all those sales mean working before, after and DURING the actual holidays…stores aren’t really closed – lots of behind closed doors prep, etc. And all usually done by minimum wage earners. Only holiday I got as time and a half was New Years and even then, overtime is never an option in retail (<39 hours to keep from paying out 'benefits' such as they are).
    Now-a-days, the extended hours open on the actual holidays are more bothersome to me than the fake holidays of Black Friday, etc.
    And…on-line shopping takes real people to fulfill those orders 24/7, too.

    Not really an answer to your real question, but my 2cents nonetheless!!!!

    • I know what you mean. My sister-in-law is one such person who fulfills online orders. I’d rather have people in jobs than without. Which is why I don’t do self-checkout at stores.

      I worked retail as well. People in retail put up with a lot from customers.

  7. I didn’t shop on Black Friday, but I did help babysit so my niece and nephew could shop. They needed work clothes. My niece just got a new job, and she’s not allowed to wear jeans. My grand niece and grand nephew are adorable, so babysitting for them was a big pleasure.

  8. Halloween is typically North American and was unknown in France. Those past years this came from America but did not root. For most people here the celebration is All Saints Day on the first of November , Day of remembrance . People go to the cemeteries that are flowered . and this is also the opportunity of familial gatherings..
    Love ❤

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