Cloudy with a Chance of Awesome

If you were a kid like me, cloud watching was an integral part of your day. But when adulthood beckoned, bills and boys and benchmarks and a plethora of worries crowded out the cloud-watching habit. I have since discovered the error of my ways and returned to cloud watching.

I’m so glad I did. Clouds are beautiful masterpieces painted on a heavenly canvas each day. And they have been really interesting lately. Like these clouds below. They look like letters to me. What letters, if any, do you see?


Or how about this one? I see one letter just above the tree at the left, in the center of the photo. Do you see it?

For some reason, this one gives me a Cinderella-going-to-the-ball vibe. It’s actually the first “letter” in the first photo before the clouds shifted a bit.

I see numbers in the photo below. Do you? The cloud at the left looks like a 4 or a 1 and a 7. The middle one could be another 7 or a 1. The one at the right looks like an upside-down 2, or even a Z. What do you think?

This one looks like a heart (top center) surrounded by a larger heart:

This one has a cloud that looks like a hand (at the right):

Here are some others. For the second one, I think, “Sheep May Safely Graze.”


Clouds remind me of infinite possibilities—of creativity and wonder. Honestly, I’d rather watch the clouds than continue to watch recent news events, which have frustrated and angered me, and nearly driven me to despair.

That’s why I look up. I can dream of a world where hate has no place; where fingers aren’t angrily aimed at people in blame; where voices are raised in praise and gratitude, rather than in fury.

That’s why I’m also grateful for authors like Steve Bramucci, who write books to take kids and adults on an adventure. What a positive goal! (How’s that for a segue?)

This is as good of a time as any to announce the winner of The Danger Gang and the Pirates of Borneo! by Steve Bramucci. (For the interview with Steve, click here.)


The winner is . . .

Is . . .

Is . . .

Is . . .

S. K. Van Zandt!

S. K. Van Zandt, please comment below to confirm. Thank you to all who commented!

P. S. Keep looking up!

Book cover and author photo courtesy of Steve Bramucci. Cloud photos by L. Marie.

38 thoughts on “Cloudy with a Chance of Awesome

  1. I love this on so many lofty levels. 🙂 Clouds fascinated me in my young years and fascinate me, still. Your “Cinderella-going-to-the-ball” is my “the hills are live with the sound of music”. :). Cloud formations have certainly been dramatic lately. I see a peace dove in your heart within a heart – rather similar, I suppose. Wonderful post, L. Marie, and super lead in to the Danger Gang . . .
    Congrats to S. K. Van Zandt!
    Yep. Just waiting for daybreak so I can count more clouds.

    • Thank you! I also saw that dove too, Penny. So many things remind me of God’s hand. Every day the clouds are so dramatic. 🙂 I have soooooo many photos of clouds!

  2. Clouds are one reason I’m glad we have cameras. We can capture their fleeting existence and have more time to enjoy them.

      • I guess I think of my dusk photos as cloud photos. Back in college I took more pictures of clouds, but my camera wasn’t great, so the colors were pretty off. Back then I also visited a site with great cloud photography called Australian Severe Weather. They’re still posting pictures.

  3. Yay! Thank you so much, Linda! Looking forward to reading! And I love cloud watching. They really are “beautiful masterpieces painted on a heavenly canvas each day.” (What a lovely way to describe them, too.)

  4. I remember as a kid in the summer I would lie on a hill near to my house and watch the sky. There was something almost hypnotic about the clouds as they drifted across the blue sky. Even today I get the same kind of feeling when watching trees in the wind, gulls riding currents of air.
    ‘You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one . . . ‘

  5. Lovely post – and lovely skies! I love cloud watching too, though our clouds are often much darker and more ominous. The top one looks to me like the USS Enterprise… and there are times when the idea of heading off in a spacecraft to places where no man has gone before really appeals…

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