Take Joy—My Fourth-Year Blogoversary

It feels like forever since I’ve written a post. What a whirlwind the last two weeks have been. First, my computer decided to stop charging. After contacting the manufacturer a few times, I had to send it to California for repair. So, I was without a computer for a while. Though the repair center techies returned my computer, I’m still waiting for them to return my AC adapter. (So much for being able to use the computer.) Second, I caught the weird virus with a lingering cough that just about everyone I know has, and, like everyone else, have fought it with an antibiotic. (I’m still a bit under the weather.)

Anyway, this week marks my fourth anniversary as a blogger. Honestly, I almost forgot about that anniversary due to the computer issues. But like Christmas, “it came just the same.” (Extra credit points if you can name where that quote came from.)


As I considered what to post for this blogoversary, I was reminded of something my mom said to me recently after I grumbled to her about everything that happened: “Do something that brings you joy.” (Though I’m old as dirt, my mother still gives me advice. I find that quite nice, actually.)

Posting on this blog gives me great joy. But there have been times when that joy has diminished. This is usually when I start to worry about how many subscribers I have, versus how many a fellow blogger might have. Focusing on stats, at least for me, is a joy killer. So, in the last year or so, I made a pact with myself to ignore the stats and keep posting whether anyone reads what I write or not.

And that’s been the fear—that no one will read my witterings. But here I am, four years later, still wittering. Still flying by the seat of my pants as a blogger.

The best way to deal with fear is to focus on something that is an antidote to fear. Which brings me back to Mom’s advice about joy. For me, joy comes from putting words down on paper—words that tell a story, allow me to share a bit about myself, or provide a tip on the craft of writing.


Last week, joy also came from buying and putting together this Djeco fairy castle, which promptly gained a ton of visitors. But I digress.

img_4240  img_4241

Joy also comes from interacting with you, my readers. I’ve gained some good friends through this blog. And that’s the ultimate joy for me about being a blogger.

What brings you joy?


Some of the occupants on my computer desk

Joy image from floatinglemons.com. Number four from clker.com. No fear sign from liferoadsigns.com. Other photos by L. Marie.

60 thoughts on “Take Joy—My Fourth-Year Blogoversary

    • Thanks, Jill. 🙂 Supposedly the adapter is coming today. I really need that thing!

      I hear you about being able to get out of bed. I totally did not want to get up today. I’m really tired of nasal congestion.

  1. Happy blog birthday, L Marie! And please keep wittering, since your posts popping up in my reader bring me joy! Is the “it came just the same.” quote from Narnia by any chance? Things that bring me joy – chocolate, books, cats, family… pretty much in that order… (but don’t tell the cats! or the family! 😉 )

    • Thank you, FF. (Sorry about the correction. I saw Penny above and put that name here.) I feel the same way about your posts!
      It’s actually from How the Grinch Stole Christmas (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0060345/quotes) though I can see why you would think Narnia since Christmas finally arrived in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Here is the quote:

      But this… this sound wasn’t sad. Why… this sound sounded glad. Every Who down in Whoville, the tall and the small, was singing, without *any* presents at all! He hadn’t stopped Christmas from coming, it *came*! Somehow or other… it came just the same.

  2. Happy blogoversary, L. Marie! So sorry about the computer woes and virus–hope you feel better soon! I’m glad this blog brings you joy, and that through that joy you are able to bring joy to the many others who love reading your posts! Right before I had a baby, a friend told me to remember the quote “Comparison is the thief of joy,” because it will take so much joy away if you are worried about whose baby is sleeping better/rolling over sooner/whatever. That’s been really good advice for mothering so far, but I also have to keep it in mind with writing (and blogging, which I am not consistent about anymore but do when I really have something I want to share). The act of writing brings me a huge amount of joy, but comparing myself to others and what they have achieved can easily make me unhappy and anxious. So I have appreciated having that quote in the back of my mind to remind myself about. Hugs to you and thank you for your words.

    • Thank you, Laurie! I’ll have to write that quote on a post-it note and stick it to my printer. It truly is the thief of joy.

      I’ve heard other moms say the same thing about their babies. 🙂 It’s so hard not to compare. But comparison is such a dead-end road.

      I’m so looking forward to the debut of your book!!!!

  3. Happy anniversary and feel better soon. Sorry to hear that the computer stuff is still going on. Think my laptop is having a similar issue where it doesn’t charge beyond a certain point, so I have to keep it plugged in. Hoping it’s just a sensor issue since this is the second battery I’ve had with this laptop.

    Very cool castle. Never heard of Djeco before though. Searching comes up with a company in Paris that makes toys with a French flair. Interesting.

  4. Happy Blogiversary, Marie!

    Tomorrow will be 7 yrs for SLTW . . . I didn’t recall that until I read your post & remembered that I started SLTW in February. I just checked the date of my first post ~ 2/22/2010. So YAY we can celebrate together!

    Extra Credit Question: The . . . The . . . The . . . The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

    As for Joy ~> “Joy is never in things . . . it’s in us!” For me, Joy arises of its own accord when there are no “stale or sour thoughts” to keep it at bay. So, I see a bunny ~> Joy! I watch kittens and puppies at play ~> Joy! As long as I’m being mindful of the moment, Joy bubbles to the surface as soon as I smile. And get this ~> sometimes it even surfaces when I’m peeling carrots. 😀

  5. Happy Blogoversary! I hope that you will continue to “witter” – love that word. 🙂 I must tell you that I become a wee bit anxious when you are absent from the blogosphere, worrying about you and missing your posts. I hope you will be reunited with the adapter and truly up and running asap.

    So sorry to hear that you caught that nasty “bug”. We both managed to catch it as well. First Tom, right after Christmas, then me. It easily goes on for several weeks and that cough seemed to last far beyond other symptoms. I hope you are feeling much better soon.

    Joy. Besides all the family joys, I seem to take joy in the little things; a bloom poking through the soil, the sun, they primal call of geese . . .

    • There. Now that I have the correct Penny (I had to correct a comment elsewhere), thank you for your concern. I’m glad I got to know you through Andra and then through your blog. Yes, the bug I caught has returned, because everyone I’m around has it. 😦 Though the weather has been splendid, I kind of wish we could have a good hard freeze to get rid of this virus once and for all.

      • I know what you mean about that hard freeze. As much as I am enjoying these balmy days, they are confusing to Mother Nature. My cough lasted about a month, sorry to say. 😦
        I am equally as glad, L. Marie – it was through Andra.
        Have a good day – and feel better soon.

      • It was a long day. But at least I saw some sunshine, though I was not able to get out in it much. I’m feeling a bit better though not 100%. I will be glad when this cough goes away.

  6. Happy Four Years of Wittering! 🙂

    While I definitely understand about the lure of stats (including the easiest to track – followers) I learned in my first year of blogging that it just sucks out the ‘joy’ in posting on my website/blog.

    Rest assured, there are plenty of ‘readers’ out there we don’t know about and who are untrackable by WP (they used to be called lurkers)! HA!

    Plus you got me as devoted fan! 😀

    Hope you recoup from that bug soon – I too had it a few weeks ago and then it came back with a vengeance this past week (still not over it but oh well)

    Once your tastebuds come back be sure to treat yourself to some delightful confection…that’s kinda joyful, right?

    • You’re definitely one of the people I’m grateful to have met through this blog, Laura!

      I wish this bug would go away. I feel guilty going around people and possibly spreading it. But so many people already have it. 😦 You’re right. It came back with a vengeance.

      The only thing I’ve managed to taste is Chinese food. Even chocolate tastes bland when your sinuses are congested.

  7. Congratulations on four great blogging years! You have been an inspiration to me, and I look forward to reading each of your posts (even if I’m a day late). I love your new fairy castle. I just added a set of LED lights to my Little Brick Township, and they look great at night, though during the day there are a lot of wires hanging around.

    • Thanks, Lyn! I thought of you as I assembled the castle, since you have that whole town. I saw on your blog how you were running out of space for Little Brick Township. I’d love to see the lights you added. I’m sure it’s quite beautiful!

  8. Wow, four years. Happy blog anniversary! I always enjoy your inspiring posts. And Laurie’s quote about comparison, especially among writers – so true. Yay for joy!

  9. How true this is: “Focusing on stats, at least for me, is a joy killer.” I’ve been spending less time on my blog which means I’m fairly clueless about my stats now … as I should be 🙂 I enjoy blogging and want to keep it that way, which is why I’ve cut back. Well, that plus my job is more demanding since I became a supervisor and I simply don’t the energy (mental or physical) to post even once a week! I hope that will change someday, but in the meantime, I do admire your desktop arrangements 🙂

  10. Congratulations! I missed seeing this earlier.

    I’m happy for you that you chose joy. As a reader of your entertaining and informative articles I’m glad that writing brings you joy. It means I’ll be richer (we both will be) for reading your posts. Four years is a long time. I salute your persistence and consistency.

    Staying grateful brings me plenty joy. 🙂

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