First Post of 2017!

Happy 2017! Since I didn’t make a list of resolutions nor do I have goals to share, I’ll just get to the point of this post. I wanted the first post of the year to involve a giveaway. Here are the first two items.

In a previous post, I mentioned some Christmas gifts I received, which included this tea (which came in a six-box lot)


and this book:


This book, by Jessica Julius, appealed to me for a number of reasons: (1) Zootopia was one of my favorite movies in 2016. (2) I love books about the process of making a film or writing a series. (3) The world building in Zootopia was fantastic, and is well covered in the book.

So I’ll give commenters a choice of one of those items (don’t forget—you’ll get about six boxes of the maple apple cider tea) or one other. Having recently seen and loved the movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, I was inspired to add the following book choice:


Please keep in mind that I didn’t read this novel. I only saw the film. But this is the novelization of the film.

So, you might wonder, what’s the catch with all of this? Am I flinging money to the winds because I’ve gone insane? No, but since you asked so politely, I’ll tell you why. Lean closer. . . . Closer. . . . Closer. . . .

That’s close enough. Are you ready? Here’s the answer: no reason. Just because.

Happy 2017! When you comment below, please state which of the three you would like. (Please note: If the tea is your choice, please keep in mind that I’m not sure if Amazon delivers the tea out of the U.S.) When you comment, you don’t have to give a reason for your choice. But if you like, you can share how you rang in the new year. I’ll start: I fell asleep around 11:30, but was awakened by the fireworks outside.

Rogue One novel cover from Goodreads.

33 thoughts on “First Post of 2017!

  1. Rogue One was great-I indulged myself and watched it in 3D. We .star Wars fans are being spoiled at the moment with a film a year-and now it’s January we can once again say ‘…the new Star Wars movie out this year’. 🙂
    Will be bittersweet though, as Carrie Fisher’s last film. Don’t know what they are going to do with the plot for the next episode though, now she is no longer here. Unless her character Leia is killed off in this one. Anyway: Happy 2017!

    • I heard that her part in the next movie had already been filmed. But wasn’t that last frame in Rogue One bittersweet? I felt almost punched in the stomach, knowing that she had died. The friends who saw the movie said the same thing.

      • I saw it before she died, so that greater significance wasn’t there for me. But no doubt will be when I see it again.

      • Her death and her mom’s were horribly sad.
        I’m glad at least that she was able to finish her part in the next movie. So we can see her again, though that will be hard.

  2. Happy 2017. I liked Rogue One. Probably more than Force Awakens, but I have trouble remembering character names. Seems a lot of them had their name said once or twice then never again. I wonder if there’s an extended version though. A lot of movies tend to get those these days.

  3. A very happy and healthy New Year to you, L. Marie. I am grateful for your writing and presence in my life. Thank you.
    Our New Year’s Eve was quiet with a nice dinner at home. I was asleep before 10 o’clock, though was awakened, briefly, by the sound of fireworks outside. 🙂

    • Sounds like my evening, Penny. Usually, my brother and sister-in-law have a New Year’s Eve party. But with New Year’s Day on a Sunday and people wanting to get up for church, no one I knew had a party.

      • The way both holidays fell this year made the days seem a bit out of sorts. We didn’t realize there was no mail yesterday, nor were the banks open. 🙂 We’ll all be right as rain soon. (not that I want this rain).

  4. Happy New Year, L. Marie! I did have a New Year’s resolution this year…sort of. I have a big problem with follow-through, but I did manage to archive my blog. I didn’t see Rogue One because I like those weird little indie movies, and for our traditional New Year’s Eve movie, my husband and I saw “Paterson,” a lovely celebration of the power of poetry. Thank you for those lovely giveaways! The tea sounds wonderful at this time of year.

  5. Happy New Year, Linda! I’m commenting for the sake of commenting, not in order to get any of the giveaways 😉 My husband and I saw Rogue One in 3D at the local IMAX. It was better than we expected (admittedly, we had low expectations). Seeing Carrie Fisher at the end was indeed bittersweet. And I got teary-eyed at the very end. It was, all in all, entertaining and with good acting. Some of the reviews I read before seeing it were unduly critical, I think; but then I’m not a Star Wars aficionado 😉

    • I also was teary-eyed. I had just heard the news of her death. To see her image in the movie really hit me.

      I heard that there were mixed reviews for the film. It definitely had flaws. But I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a hard story to tell.

      Happy New Year, Marie!

      • I have to be a little skeptical when I read reviews. I’m familiar enough with Star Wars (especially the first film) to appreciate the connections without fretting over the details. And I enjoy seeing strong female characters, of course 😉

  6. You are the blog hostess with the mostest!
    I get such a kick out of your give-aways . . . just because.

    I’ve got Rogue One in my Netflix queue and didn’t realize Carrie Fisher would make an appearance in it. We saw Carrie speak at the Sarasota Opera House 3 years ago ~ she was awesome, funny, and very alive. Hard to believe she’s “gone.”

    If I win ~> that tea sounds AWESOME!

  7. I am a bit overwhelmed ,Linda , because i am not a tea drinker nor a Star war reader !
    But enjoy the tea and the book .
    I wish you all the best for the new year that has just started .
    Much love ❤

  8. Happy New Year, Linda. You’re starting the year out with a lot of energy. I think I’ll take a pass on the gift. I was overly blessed for Christmas with both visitors and gifts. I fact, some of my visitors stayed until January 1. We went out for a lovely Italian dinner–all candlelight, wine, and nutcrackers on the mantel. And still we got to bed before midnight. I did hear a few firecrackers, though, before I nodded off.

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