Poor Thanksgiving. You often get lost in the shuffle between Halloween and Christmas or Hanukkah, don’t you?

Mostly, you’re lumped into the general autumn scheme of things when it comes to decorating. Well, you are a holiday born out of thanksgiving to God for a good harvest (and for survival) back in 1621. And thanks to President Lincoln, you were celebrated nationally on a Thursday, though you didn’t become an official national holiday until 1941.


I’m grateful for all of the Thanksgiving meals I’ve had in the past, where I consumed mass quantities of food, played board games with my family, then vegged out in front of the television, watching football. This year will be a little different. I plan to hang out with friends, play board games, and eat mass quantities of food. (As I said it will be a little different.)

What are you thankful for? My attitude this past week was anything but thankful, though. I received a record number of rejections from manuscript queries—four. I felt like a failure. But some good friends encouraged me (thank you, Sharon, Laura S., and Megan). Someone else did too. A few days ago, I made a quick stop at a jewelry party at the home of another friend. A young woman was there, whom I hadn’t seen since she was a kid.

“I still have some books of yours from when I was a kid,” she said, referring to a series I’d written many years ago, that went out of print within a year. “They were some of my favorite books. They helped me decide to be an author/illustrator.”

Her words made me tear up. How could I have so quickly forgotten the power of reaching even one kid by the written word? How easily swayed I was by discouragement.

Sometimes you have to kick discouragement in the teeth. And what better way to do that than with the giveaway I introduced in my last post? (Click here for the list of books.) At first, I was going to give away just one book. But I decided to give away more than that. It is Thanksgiving (soon) anyway.

I looked at the list of people who mentioned books. Here it is:

Charles (Star Wars)
Penny (Meetings)
Pamela (Meetings)
Karen Gradient (Grace Lin)
Reocochran (Star Wars)
Lyn (Grace Lin)
Nicki (Grace Lin)

Congrats. You’re all getting a book. Please comment below to confirm. Then I’ll need you to email your snail mail address and phone number to lmarie7b(at)gmail(dot)com (or email my primary email account if you know it, which would be faster). If you would prefer that I not have your snail address, please let me know, and we can make other arrangements.

If you commented and mentioned a book, but don’t see your name on the above list, please comment below. I’m going by the honor system here.


Seriously, have a good Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it, that is; if not, have a great Thursday)!


Rudolph and his gang of unfinished crocheted reindeer discovered a new house in the neighborhood. Perhaps they could spend Thanksgiving here.


After booting out the reindeer, the new neighbor, Rainbow Kate, took up residence in her new house. But Kitty invited herself over for a Thanksgiving meal. Chaos is sure to ensue.

Turkey images from and Thanksgiving image from Other photos by L. Marie.

55 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

    • It was, Andy. That made my year. I enjoyed working on that series. But seeing them go out of print so quickly broke my heart. It’s nice to know that they lived on in a kid’s life.

      • Everyone asks me that. 🙂 The thing is, I only hold the copyright for the text. The illustrator holds the copyright for the art. I lost touch with her years ago. Also the publisher holds the trademark for the series title. I would have to come up with a new title for the series if it were to return to print at a different publisher. I think bringing it back is more trouble than it’s worth at this point.

  1. Awesome giveaway surprise and I’m confirming. Hanukkah will be odd this year. First night is Christmas Eve, which is already making my son sad because he can’t get any presents earlier than the 24th.

    • You too, Jill.
      It’s funny, isn’t it, how we measure success. I never thought a failed series would reap such success. And that kid was not the only one who mentioned how the books influenced her. What valuable input! I was too busy mourning their demise to see it at the time.

  2. Thank you, thank you – most definitely something to be thankful about. I will email information asap, L. Marie, and sincerely appreciate your generosity.
    What a wonderful gift of affirmation, just when you needed it, from the young woman at the jewelry party and a great illustration of how we should never underestimate our influence over younger people.
    I plan on eating food in mass quantities as well, and I will be cooking in mass quantities. I start tonight with cranberry relish. Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. The menu is pretty much planned, with each adding their own regional or ethnic flair, and it is a time to reflect. Of course, when it is time to cleanup, I will groan at the chaotic mess, which bring me to the reindeer – good luck with those fellows.

  3. Love that you had a “chance” encounter with someone who shared exactly what you needed to hear when you needed to hear it!

    And WOW! Aren’t you the generous elf! Hope everyone enjoys their new books.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Thanks for the shout out. I’m glad that you felt encouraged by me last week, especially in light of the encouragement that I’ve needed this week! Happy, happy Thanksgiving to one of my favorite people!

  5. Woo hoo! Thank you for the book! I scored a ticket to the National Book Awards reading (not the actual ceremony but a reading the day before) and I heard Grace Lin read from her book. I am looking forward to reading the rest of it. I love your story of the young lady you inspired! This Thanksgiving I’m going to my mother-in-law’s and the whole family will be there, including the ones from Canada. It will be great to see them, because my in-laws from Florida and Canada weren’t there last year.

    • I also heard Grace read a chapter from this book. It was lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, Lyn. I’ll get it off to you when you confirm your phone number. (Message sent on Facebook.)

  6. A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you, Linda! And what a wonderful story of your serendipitous meeting with your fan (yes, she sounds like a fan to me!). It is so easy to get discouraged and to forget (or ignore) the encouragement we do get. I’ve heard over and over that one has to persevere, keeping submitting because you can’t get accepted if you don’t submit. But that comment was unsolicited which makes it that much more precious. Savor it, and remember that sometimes the impact we have is one we won’t know about for a long time.

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