When Delight Is in Short Supply

Don’t worry. This is not a tirade about the election. I think we’ve heard enough of those. Rather, this is a post to announce a random giveaway to a commenter. I will give away a copy of one of the following books:

ypl-lin-when-the-sea-turned-to-silver  956895


The book choice is up to you. If you click on each cover, you’ll be taken to Amazon, where you can read about the book. (By the way, the Star Wars Character Encyclopedia is by Pablo Hidalgo and Simon Beecroft, since that’s not obvious from the cover.)

Why these books? I just finished reading the Grace Lin book, which is utterly delightful and poignant. Don’t worry. I won’t hand you my used copy. You’ll get your own, if that is the book you want. And Pakenham’s book is marvelous. It was a huge help in my novel world building. As for the third book, I don’t own the Star Wars Character Encyclopedia. But I wanted to include a Star Wars book, since I’ve been a fan of the Star Wars universe for many years. While I can’t say I’ve loved all of the movies (maybe four out seven), I greatly admire the depth of world building. And I’ve loved most of the Clone Wars animated series. Totally love Star Wars Rebels. I also recently enjoyed Ahsoka, a young adult novel by E. K. Johnston. If you would prefer that novel over the encyclopedia above, please let me know.


These days, when hate-filled messages crawl across the internet, and delight seems in short supply, I take comfort in whatever is life giving.

The stories we share we each other, the beauty of nature all around us, the limitless universe of the imagination—these things are life-giving.

I love books that remind me of beauty, truth, courage, faith, love, and hope. And now, I’m reminded of a quote by Paul from 1 Corinthians 13:13:

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.


So, now, it’s up to you. Comment below to let me know which book you would want if your name is drawn. If you like, please share why this book appeals to you. The winner will be announced on November 21, right before Thanksgiving. 🙂

Book covers from nationalbook.org, Goodreads, and Starwars.com.

45 thoughts on “When Delight Is in Short Supply

  1. YOU delight me, L. Marie! Hope your writing project is “paying off.”

    I have ample reading material for the moment . . . so if you pull my name out of the hat, put my winnings in YOUR kitty for a rainy day.

  2. One of my favorite verses and exactly what I needed to see this morning. Thank you – and hear you are, spreading faith, love, and hope with yet another generous giveaway. I have more than enough to read and have been a thankful recipient of several of your give aways, and I should say no, don’t include me, but, I will be greedy and hope for “Meetings With Remarkable Trees”. 🙂

  3. I agree with Charles about Jar Jar. And I’ve always thought that Chewbacca has Tourette’s-he’s the only non-English speaking alien that doesn’t get subtitles. Oh, maybe R2 too. Potty mouth.

  4. Delight in all, as it is your reflection (or something like that according Deepak Chopra)… And I am so delighted that: a) my WP account is now working again; and b) that L. Marie is a bright light in our reflective bubble! So, from the Left Coast county that spawned many progressive movements and tree hugging, Thomas Parkenham’s (even his name enforces his subject!) “Meetings with Remarkable Trees” is what made my heart climb. The grandeur and presence of magnificent trees is revered in the UK and, perhaps, a comforting reminder of their spiritual roots. I suspect Californian’s picked-up on the practice while tippling through the Queen’s lands enjoying the latest psycho-scrambling substance during their Marshall Plan, Rhode’s (remember what Bill Clinton was doing at Oxford?) and Fulbright scholarships… Never the less, after a life expanding journey to visit the oldest known trees in our world this spring, including the almost 5,000 year-old Great Basin Pinus longaeva named Methuseleh, my mind took root in the topic. Imagine experiencing a planet from one spot over such an expanse of time – definitely an interesting character study. And Parkenham’s book has managed his topic without pining or puns!

    • Pamela! Thank for stopping by. I’m glad you’re getting my blog. We’ll have to talk at some point!
      I love trees, so I had to include that book on the list.
      A character study is right. Perhaps you should write a story about a dryad. Wouldn’t that be interesting???

  5. I love that verse, L. Marie! I think I’ve mentioned, I’ve never seen a Star Wars movie…don’t hate me. Like “lifeonthecuff” I’ve got books coming out of my ears, so don’t put my name in the hat. I do appreciate the chance though.

  6. Grace Lin, because I could really use a delightful read (and I’ll pass it on to others once I’m done). I’m really thinking of taking a social media break and diving into fiction for a little while.

  7. I agree with nrhatch, you are a delight. Thank you for the daily devo scripture…it hits my heart today.
    I read a book a some years back by Terry Tempest Williams (I think???) about tree personalities.
    This notion has intrigued me ever since the Maestro declared me a ‘Redwood’ … he often chose certain trees to describe his students as he felt so inclined.
    No need to put my name into this hat, though…just saying hi.

      • If that book is indeed NOT by TTW, I guarantee anything else written by her that looks interesting to you will be worth the read…
        hmmm, I wonder what tree goes with ‘Storm Girl Ninja’?

      • I took one of those quick online tests. It said I was an evergreen. I’m not sure I agree with it, since some of the choices for the questions were not choices I would make.

      • Yeah, I know how those go. Luckily for me, my designation as a Redwood was derived from my mentor’s side-by-side interactions with me so I took the label and investigated a Redwood’s biological characteristics. Bottom line I got from it personally was that I’m not a flash in the pan and that slow and steady may be my growth pattern but the results stand tall and proud and are regal. Well, just my take on all of that, which at the time, it was an insight I sorely needed in regards to my playing-perception.

      • That is a lovely designation, Laura. I appreciate the value of a good word. 🙂 I’m glad you were comforted by it. I need to find that book you suggested.

  8. Thank you for the generous offer. I’d like to enter the drawing for When the Sea Turned to Silver because I loved Grace Lin’s earlier one Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. But they all look wonderful. I recently cancelled my cable TV, so I’m using the money I save to buy more books by diverse authors. I made my first purchase last weekend, a novel for adult readers set in Peru titled Blood of the Dawn. The author is a journalist, Claudia Salazar Jiménez, and it’s translated from Spanish by Elizabeth Bryer.

  9. I think you can guess which book I would choose: When the Sea Turned to Silver by Grace Lin. I’m a sucker for lovely illustrations. And you only need read the first paragraph to see how lovely and controlled the prose is. I can imagine daughter #2 and me taking turns reading it aloud to my eight year old grandson over the Christmas vacation.

    I loved your title, especially the word “Delight.” And thank you for your generosity.

    • I thought you would, Nicki. 🙂 And thank you for your kind words.
      Grace Lin’s book is an absolute delight. She came to my neck of the woods for a book signing. She’s as delightful as her book!

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