Cover Reveal: Second Chance Romance

Hope you had a happy Halloween. I consumed copious quantities of carbs. How about you?

If you’re a follower of the blog of the awesome Jill Weatherholt, you know the history behind her debut novel for Harlequin’s Love Inspired line. You can click here to read her blog post on the subject. But for now, feast your eyes on this cover!


Book Blurb
Small-Town Daddy
Jackson Daughtry’s jobs as a paramedic and part-owner of a local café keep him
busy—but the single dad’s number one priority is raising his little girl with love and small-town values. And when his business partner’s hotshot lawyer niece comes to town planning to disrupt their lives by moving her aunt away, Jackson has to set Melanie Harper straight. When circumstances force them to work side by side in the coffee shop, Jackson slowly discovers what put the sadness in Melanie’s pretty brown eyes. Now it’ll take all his faith—and a hopeful five-year-old—to show the city gal that she’s already home.

At the end of the post, I’ll have news about a giveaway. But for now, I asked Jill a few questions about the cover.

El Space: How did you feel seeing the cover of your first novel? Did you have any expectations? If so, how were they met?
Jill: When my editor first sent a sneak peak of the cover in order for me to catch any obvious errors, my hand shook as I moved my mouse to click on the link. Despite having the daughter of my hero as a brunette instead of a blond, I loved it. My editor promptly notified the art department for Harlequin, who operate out of Canada, and they made the change. I’m very pleased with the final cover. Since this is the first book I’d ever written, to say it’s surreal to see the characters I created in my mind when I first wrote the story on a cover is an understatement.

El Space: What input did you have in regard to the cover?
Jill: Since the art department doesn’t read the books published by Harlequin, it’s the author’s responsibility to provide photos and descriptions of both the characters and the setting. I was required to describe three outdoor scenes in my book and provide a photo similar to each setting. The descriptions also included what the characters were wearing at the time.

El Space: What types of covers do you usually like? Some people like covers with photos. Others like illustrations or interesting fonts.
Jill: I suppose it depends on the genre. I’m usually more drawn to a cover that has at least one of the characters if it’s romance or women’s fiction. If I’m reading a thriller or suspense, I prefer to see a snapshot of a dark scene without a character. I’ll admit, while browsing a bookstore, I’m always drawn to a cover with a beach scene, since the ocean is my favorite place to de-stress.

By day, Jill Weatherholt works for the City of Charlotte. At night, and on the weekend, she writes contemporary stories about love, faith and forgiveness for Harlequin Love Inspired.

Raised in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., she now resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, but her heart belongs to Virginia. She holds a degree in Psychology from George Mason University and Paralegal Studies Certification from Duke University. She shares her life with her real-life hero and number one supporter. Their relationship grew on the golf course, and now they have one in their backyard. Jill believes in enjoying every moment of this journey because God has everything under control.

Connect with Jill

You can preorder Second Chance Romance here:
Barnes and Noble

But one of you will receive a preorder of the book. Just comment below to be entered in the drawing. Winner to be announced on November 7.

103 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Second Chance Romance

      • Fantasy seems to be filled with covers that don’t match characters and scenes. I remember one that had a woman with pointy ears, but there were no elves or anyone who fit her description in the story.

      • Wow. I wonder if the cover designer just pulled something off the Web to fit the stereotypical “fantasy” mold.

        I wish publishers insisted that cover artists read the book or at least select chapters of the book! I’ve heard of a situation in which the cover was done before the book was through the editing process. Because the artist chose to do his own thing, the author had to change the way the character looked to match the cover. 😦

      • I’ve heard that some situations are the cover artist only knowing the basic story line and characters. Even if there isn’t a full reading, the author should be allowed to suggest scenes and send character descriptions. That way the pictures can at least come close. I don’t think people always realize that a reader may look at the cover and expect to see exactly that at some point..

      • I certainly expect to see what the cover depicts. I’m not crazy about spoilers on covers either, especially if the cover shows a significant decision a character will make in the book, just because the artist decided that scene is the most exciting. Why should I read the book if the cover tells me what will happen?

        A lot of YA fantasy covers at one point showed a girl in a prom dress running. Ninety-nine percent of the time that cover had nothing to do with the action of the book.

      • Never saw a cover with spoilers on it, but I guess you can pull nearly anything from specific scenes. I know fantasy loves having battles or beautiful landscapes, which tend to be rather safe. Pretty funny about the prom dress thing. Were there even parties or dresses in there?

    • Aw…thanks so much, Charles. Coming from you, the king of awesome covers, I’ll take that as a compliment. 🙂 Yes, Harlequin does allow their authors to give quite a bit of input on their covers, which is nice.

  1. Reblogged this on 1WriteWay and commented:
    Here’s two of my favorite writers in one post. L. Marie hosts a brief Q & A with Jill Weatherholt​ about Jill’s soon-to-be-released first novel. If you enjoy romance novels, especially those that warm your heart and lift your spirits, then head over to L. Marie’s blog and leave for a comment for a chance to win a preorder of Second Chance Romance!

  2. Woo Hoo! Love the cover . . . A scene that draws readers in and urges them to take a big bit of the “proffered apple.”

    Thanks for promoting Jill’s debut novel, Linda ~ you both rock!

  3. The cover is delightful and the blurb reveals a story worth exploring. I like second chances, it makes me imagine a theme of redemption, which I love. So the title is inviting to me.

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  5. How exciting! I love the cover, Jill. The book looks like a fascinating read. Since the beach is your favorite place, we need to give you a tour of Corolla sometime!

  6. An apple orchard is such an inspiring place to show off the characters–nice work clothes, baskets full of apples, green grass, and both of them smiling down on the little girl. Perfect!

  7. Jill, a lovely eye-catching cover! Congratulations!! 😀😀. I had no idea that the art department would be separate from the publishers so thank you for sharing your experience how this was put together with the various input – mainly yours. Wishing you best of luck with your book – I love the blurb and am already hooked!

  8. L Marie, this was a special honor and tribute to Jill’s new book cover and publishing! The great questions were ones I would have either asked or wished to know the answers to!
    Jill, this is a warm, attractive and enticing cover and so glad, again, Jill for your first book to have much beauty and hope demonstrated. 🙂

  9. Hi L. Marie! Hi Jill! I am so sorry for missing this post, I just saw it pop up in my email browser all these days later! No wonder you were shaking when you saw your beautiful cover for the first time, it must have been an incredible feeling! Great blurb too…So happy for you my friend, huge congratulations, can’t wait to read your book! xo

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