Kitty Returns—My 400+ Post

Actually, this is my 411th post. I meant to commemorate the 400th post, but totally forgot about that milestone until now. Better late than never right?

Which brings me to the subject of this post: Kitty, or as she is sometimes known, Hello Kitty. She has not been seen since this post. Guess she’s been kinda busy. Being a supervillain can be difficult, especially if you’re carrying a cupcake and generally look sweet. Perhaps you can relate.


If you’re like Kitty, to make up for those deficits, you try to be extra clever as you work through your nefarious schemes. You travel the world, making sure the world is worth your time and effort to take it over. And you hire henchpeople and supervise them, or delegate that responsibility to thugs who don’t often have your work ethic.

You also speak to large crowds, making sure they understand your demands, and are aware of their place—squarely beneath the heels of your fur-lined jackboots.

I caught up with Kitty at her latest rally, and watched her address the crowd, hearing their mournful sighs as she unveiled her master plan for world domination. I had a few questions for her afterward.


Me: So, what’s it like being an icon for females young and old who love carrying backpacks shaped like you? By the way, that doesn’t seem like supervillainy to me.

Kitty: It’s part of the plan, L. All part of the plan.
Me: I see. So, will you tell me what’s going on in the photo below? Is that a crocheted beaker? Is Jordie (below left) one of your henchpeople? Since when do you have a minion (below right)? And is Jordie spelled J-O-R-D-I-E or J-O-R-D-Y? I haven’t been very consistent on this blog, because I wasn’t sure of the spelling.

Kitty: No. Yes. Yes. None ya.
Me: Huh?
Kitty: No, I won’t tell you what’s going on in that photo. Like the rest of the world, you’ll have to wait and see. But by then, it will be too late for you. Mwahahahaha! Yes, that is a crocheted beaker. How observant of you. Yes, Jordie is one of my henchpeople. And none of your business whether or not I have a minion. Hence the term none ya.
Me: You’re rude.
Kitty: Thank you. I try. And for the record, Jordie prefers the J-O-R-D-I-E spelling.
Me: Gotcha. And what is the significance of this photo?

Kitty: Don’t ask. Just . . . don’t.
Me: Well, can you at least tell me why Gandalf is in the beaker in this photo?

Kitty: That’s actually a funny story.
Me: I’d love to hear it.
Kitty: Too bad! I won’t tell it to you. Mwahahahahaha!
Me (sighing): I give up.
Kitty: That’s what I like to hear!

So, there you have it. A supervillain’s work seems confusing and secretive at times—kind of like the thinking processes of this intrepid blogger.

Thanks for sticking around for 411 posts. You can count on me to bring you the 4-1-1 (that’s old slang for information if you’re completely confused) on the weird, the whimsical, and the wild.

Photos by L. Marie.

43 thoughts on “Kitty Returns—My 400+ Post

    • Thanks, Laura. Yes, I was surprised to find her connection to the minions. But I can’t blame her for having one around. I’d love to have one. I have so many errands for him. Perhaps I should advertise for one.

      Glad you’ll be blogging again!

  1. Late rather than never is always the right time. Congratulations – and here is to many more posts.
    I enjoyed your interview with Kitty. I’m glad you caught up with her at her rally. All a bit of a parable for our times. 🙂

    • Thanks, Penny. How are you doing? I’m glad you’re able to do so much despite having a walking cast.

      Yes, sadly it is a parable of our times. But I’m glad to know what she’s up to, even if she’s up to no good.

      • I am in a boot and feeling pretty good, L. Marie. I tire easily, but, am free of pain, and can take the boot off to shower, which I really appreciate.
        Haha! You’ll need to keep up with her activities.

  2. Kitty stands proudly on that milestone . 400 posts ! high level posts ! Gongrats Linda.
    This makes me think I post since 2001 on Xanga then in wordpress on the basis of once a week but I never calculed the niumber of posts. Now this row of posts is a bit of history of my life and around with good and sad moments ..
    I started this American blog in 2001 incited by an anglo-canadian friend known in 1944 and since then I post in two langages and almost all my friends are anglophone . This is paradoxal because my English is poor! 🙂
    I hope you opened a bottle of champagne for this anniversary
    Love ❤

  3. I think this worked out very nicely, your 411 post (and, yes, I’m old enough to remember 411 😉 ). I never thought anything so cute and adorable could be so evil … I’ve been so naive. I went through a Hello Kitty phase and now I’m worried I’ve (innocently) contributed to her quest to rule the world!

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