Saying No to Pokémon Go

Between finishing my middle grade fantasy novel (and by finishing, I mean getting it to the point where beta readers will read it), copy editing a book someone else wrote (still doing that), taking job-related tests, and attending various parties of the graduation and birthday variety, I have been a bit delayed in posting. And I had grand plans to approach authors for interviews. Sometimes life gives a “Ha ha ha” to plans made.

So instead of an author interview, you get this rambling post. (When life serves you lemons . . .)


I’m sure I don’t have to ask you if you’ve heard of the Pokémon Go app, since that’s been all over the news. Maybe you’re already sick of hearing about it. I’ve played various Pokémon games since 1998. And I actually have the Pokémon Go app on my phone. But I clicked on it only once. I decided I didn’t need another obsession, especially with the schedule of the activities I described in the first paragraph. So Pokémon Go app, you’re about to go away.


I have to hand it to the Nintendo Company for creating an app that has so many people discovering Pokémon and exercising while doing so. Click here to read an article on the popularity of this app. What a novel way of celebrating the game’s twentieth anniversary.

Yet I can’t help recalling some criticism I received when I played Pokémon a few years back. Some adults claimed that the game was for kids and, therefore, beneath their dignity. Now many adults around the world are playing the app version of the game. Interesting. But sadly, some players have sustained injuries while doing so. And predatory individuals are taking advantage of the game’s popularity to rob others. 😦 Click here or here for an article on other issues with the game. If you’re playing the game, a little bit of common sense goes a long way! The game might tell you where the Pokémon are, but won’t remind you that you could be hit by a car or fall into a ditch.

I’m a bit of a curmudgeon in that I can’t help turning away from items that become fads. Take Doctor Who on BBC America for example. I grew up watching the show. But when it became a fad that made entertainment magazine headlines, I wanted to give it up, especially when twenty people asked me the same question—“Have you seen Doctor Who?”—yet refused to acknowledge any of the incarnations of the Doctor before Matt Smith.


So though I will definitely play a Pokémon game at some future point when a new one for the Nintendo 3DS/2DS is released, I will continue saying, “No go” to the app. At least for now.

What fads have grabbed your attention lately? While you think of that, here’s a random photo:

These flowers at my apartment complex are almost five feet tall.

These flowers at my apartment complex are almost five feet tall.

Pokémon Go app logo from Matt Smith from Lemon image from Flower photo by L. Marie.

42 thoughts on “Saying No to Pokémon Go

  1. Pokeman is very much in the news here in England. There is the positive spin: it gets people up from the couch and moving around; the negative spin: children are being put at risk from peadophiles and other dangerous situations. I saw the car on the news yesterday, in America, that slammed in to a parked car while a police officer was stood nearby. The driver emerged and explained he’d been playing Pokeman. Not only can I not believe he was doing that, but I can’t belief he confessed to that!
    Not sure of you saw that photograph I shared over on FB about my city centre-everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, were sat around, glued to their phone. I want someone to come and free my enslaved people 🙂
    The Doctor before Matt Smith: you know I’m a big Whovian, my favourite being Tom Baker from my childhood. David Tennant, just before Smith, was hugely popular over here-probably the first to rival Baker in the popularity stakes.

    • Tom was definitely “my” Doctor.

      I saw a bunch of photos on your timeline, Andy, but didn’t see that one. Sad to sad that situation is the same here. 🙂 We could all use freedom from that enslavement.

      Love the taxi video. And this quote from the article you posted about the woman stuck in the tree cracked me up: “‘The biggest thing we are trying to stress out of all this is people playing this game need to be cognizant about watching where they are going and what they are doing so no one gets hurt,’ East Greenwich Township Fire Chief Rob Gould told Action News Wednesday.”

      • I saw that! There was a Pokemon event in Chicago recently. My pastor, who was present, but hadn’t planned to be, since he just wanted to take guests to the park, didn’t know what to make of it. His guests were from the Netherlands, so they had quite the impression of Chicagoans!

  2. You know my thoughts on this, L. Marie. It’s just another way to make people even more unaware and detached from what’s going on around them. I won’t be jumping on the bandwagon since I don’t think it can be played on a flip phone. LOL!

  3. I am a little interested in Pokemon Go, but like you, I know I already have far too many other things to concentrate on. I have pretty much abandoned my Sims on Freeplay for the same reason (though I do feel bad about that, and I can’t bring myself to uninstall it). I totally know what you mean about getting resistant to things when they get too popular, though in the case of Doctor Who, I still watch it every week and just roll my eyes and try not to be too judgey if someone says David Tennant is their favourite (is it weird that I am more judgey if they have seen the classic episodse and still say he’s the best one?). Matt Smith is actually my favourite, though Jon Pertwee was my first Doctor (thank you, public library and the video/DVD collection) so he runs a very, very close second.

    • I hear you on Sims FreePlay, though I finally deleted it. I couldn’t take the 3 a.m. Push notifications. Plus all of my people were starting to die. So, after months and months, I deleted it.

      Matt Smith and David Tennant are both favorites of mine, though Tom Baker is “my” Doctor. 🙂 When I first saw Matt Smith, I thought, No. He won’t work out. But I grew to absolutely love him! Same with David. After Christopher, I was mad that someone else was taking over. Now I’m glad.

  4. Fads are a funny thing for me. The actual fad in question can gain my interest, but the fervor always turns me off. Especially in the last few years, it feels like I can’t enjoy some of these (or dislike them) without going entirely into it. I keep seeing fans fighting over what constitutes a real fan. So, I tend to be ignorant of fads until it gets replaced and then wander over to give it a look. Guess I’m kind of a scavenger.

    Slightly off topic, does it seem like the ‘nerd’ stuff that we used to be picked on about in high school are now very popular?

    • Yes, the fervency is what gets to me too, Charles. I don’t mind when someone refuses to read or watch past issues or episodes. What I mind is when someone claims those issues or episodes are sooooo inferior to what the new fan has determined makes a show or comic books series worthy. Ugh. Everything had to start somewhere.

      Yes, it seems that the nerd stuff is now trendy. It’s nice to be validated sometimes. 🙂

      • Honestly, I don’t really feel validated. I see so many simply fight over stuff or bug people who aren’t into it. For example, I don’t watch ‘Game of Thrones’ and I have friends that I now avoid when that show has a new season. They constantly talk to me about it in an attempt to turn me instead of simply explain it. Hard to have a conversation with a person that treats a popular TV show like a religion that requires more followers to survive.

      • I also avoid Game of Thrones. At least ten people have asked me about it. Though I read two of the books (and I know the show is its own animal), I’m not interested in watching the show or hearing spoilers. So many people pulled that with Downton Abbey. Though I wound up watching and liking the show, I had to avoid people who tended to blurt out spoilers. I’m not someone who watches a show simply because a bunch of other people watch it. I want to watch it because that’s what I would enjoy.

      • Spoilers are everywhere. I get the feeling that people fall into two categories. Desperate to know what is happening before everyone else does and desperate to not know what is happening before the episode airs. I know a few people who somehow fit into both categories.

      • What I never understood is why people ask, “Have you seen such and such show/movie?” and then immediately launch into a spoiler without waiting to see if the answer is yes. For some shows, I might not care if they spoil it, especially if the show has been on for eight years and I could have watched it at any point during those eight years. But I don’t like conversations that revolve around shows I don’t plan to watch anytime soon–as if that person could convince me to watch the thing.

      • That drives me nuts. Some don’t even give the question as a warning. I had a friend who would see midnight showings and post about everything they thought was awesome.

      • Good grief!!! I guess some people think it’s amusing to blurt out a spoiler before anyone else has a chance to see the thing!

  5. I confess I am totally aside of those virtual games . I fear to deceive you . 😉
    The ones who bought parts of the company Nitendo will be fortunate ! 🙂
    I wish you courage with all of the works you have to do at this time .
    In friendship

  6. I was hesitant to admit that I’m rather ignorant of Pokemon. Never played it. Never really knew it was about. After reading one of the articles you had linked to, I’m now glad that the game and app hasn’t been part of my life. But, my goodness, now I’m going to be triply terrified commuting to work … just “routine” cellphone usage while driving is bad enough, but playing an app????????
    And I appreciate your sentiments about original shows and their retreads. Call me a curmudgeon, but I’m always a bit wary when a favorite TV show (like Twilight Zone or Cosmos or Sherlock Holmes) is recast for today’s audience. I might watch one episode but often times these retreads are only adding special effects and subtracting content. Thank goodness for Netflix, etc., where I can still watch the originals 😉

    • I hear you, Jill! I’d rather watch the originals. Also, the thought of someone driving while playing this game gave me chills. That’s much worse that texting! It’s sad when a sign has to be constructed to tell people to avoid playing a game while driving!

  7. I am not into Pokemon, but, that’s on purpose, as I am much too easily distracted, a condition that seems to be worsening with age. 🙂 I will confess that if one of the grands is “into” Pokemon, I will be there! It will be a distraction from Thomas the Train. 🙂

    I read an interesting blog the other day. The author talked about Pokemon and the distraction it provides. Yes, there are the ditches, trucks, and Andy mentions even a police car, but, at least for adults, it is also a distraction from the woes of the world. The article brought up hula hoops, Rubik’s Cube, streaking – and more – all during times of turmoil.

    Okay. Off I go – or maybe I’ll just play a game of Tetris. haha

    • Love Tetris!
      That’s why I still like to play Pokémon. It’s so innocuous and so much fun. It’s a way to relax. But I think people are getting a bit stressed over it. My pastor took some guests downtown to the Bean. A group of Pokémon hunters were there, shouting chants. He was quite bewildered.

  8. Flowers are wonderful! Don’t know what they are – stems look a bit like a sunflower stem. And, I have a flip phone, so I’m spared from the craziness!! For a summer sport, however, it is probably innocuous. And the definition of a Fad includes fading quickly away. Just wait until the Harry Potter app comes out!!!

  9. I was about to try the Pokemon Go app, but a crowded New York City street is not the safest place to play. Anyway, I play a similar game with my dog on his walks — try to spot the chicken bone discarded on the ground before he eats it.

    • Oh Lyn! I hope you’re always the winner of the chicken bone game. And I can’t even imagine hunting for Pokemon in New York City. Chicago is bad enough.

  10. Pokemon Go doesn’t hold my interest perhaps because I did not play Pokemon and other Nintendo games. What holds my interest though is people’s fascination with the game and what AR, AI, etc, portend for the future. I may not be playing, but I’m listening. Thanks for sharing.

    • I think you’ll see many companies trying to duplicate the success of Pokemon Go. So I have to applaud the effort. But honestly, I’m tired of hearing about the app now. It’s everywhere!

  11. When my grandson was about ten years old, he tried to explain Pokemon to me. We were taking a walk–he, chattering; I, totally lost. I never could figure out what the point was.

    Our world is full of distractions that actually attract me. I don’t need a new one. I just need more time. Precious time.

  12. Hi there! I hear you, who needs another distraction??? I don’t know much about Pokemon except for the cards my son had but I have been watching the frenzy! Besides the fact that people are exercising more I also like that it’s making people talk to each other person to person and work together toward a common goal. 🙂 I do worry when I see so many people with their heads down staring at their phone screens more than they were before the app.

    Good luck with all of your deadlines!

    • Maria! Glad to “see” you here. 🙂 Thanks you!

      Yes, the game has people talking. But it also has people doing things they shouldn’t–like climbing trees and getting stuck in them, walking in the middle of the street while staring at their phones–that sort of thing. That’s dangerous!

  13. I’m not into Pokemon at all, so no Go for me. I think it’s awesome so many people are out moving, though. I’ve been very impressed with that element of the game.

    I, likewise, tend to shy away from fads. I won’t necessarily drop something because it’s been fad-i-fied, though.

    Sounds like you’ve been very busy! I hope it’s been a good kind of busy for you, and not the stressful kind.

    • It’s a good kind of busyness, ReGi. I love when I love my work. 🙂

      I managed to hold on to Doctor Who, though I was tempted to stop watching it. And I waited till much of the hoopla of Downton Abbey was over when I started watching it. 🙂

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