Try Everything?

I’m currently obsessed with the movie Zootopia. Now that it’s on DVD/blu-ray, I’ve seen it at least six or seven times.


I even have the theme song, “Try Everything” by Shakira, on my phone. I love the message and the way it relates to the journey of the main character—Judy Hopps.

If you have an extra three minutes, you might check out the song (though be warned; it has scenes from the movie that are slight spoilers):

My sister-in-law is someone who embodies the message of this song. Last week, she went to boot camp, not because she enlisted in the military but because she wanted to test herself—to see if she could make it through boot camp. She had the same attitude about the half marathon one year. Six months before the event, she organized a group of her friends to train for the half marathon. Never mind the fact that they’d never done the half-marathon before. They met the qualifying time and did well in the event.

“Try Everything” also reminds me of a conversation I overheard last week while on the train. A woman was talking to a friend about her upcoming birthday celebration.

“We’re going skydiving!” she declared. I couldn’t tell if she was about to try skydiving for the first time or not. All I know is that she was excited to go.

For me “try everything” usually only comes up in regard to an all-you-can-eat buffet. (Talk about a “full” life.) But lately, I’ve worried that I’ve been missing out. Is fear of failing holding me back from “trying everything”? Have I truly tried to be all that I could be? Did I miss out because I didn’t go to boot camp with my sister-in-law?

So I had a heart-to-heart talk with Barbie today. I grabbed a cup of joe while she made herself comfortable on a napkin. Since she’s the Made to Move variety, I was certain she would have good insight.

IMG_3212    IMG_3241

“The way I see it,” she said, “is this: you admire your sister-in-law for trying new things. But did you really want to go to boot camp?”

“Um . . . not really.”

“Well, let’s talk about some things you tried that were out of your comfort zone. What about the time you wrote a screenplay?”

“How’d you know about that?”

“This is an imaginary conversation, so of course I would know. Did you like doing that?”

“I enjoyed trying a form of writing I hadn’t tried before.”

“What about when your advisor challenged you to write poetry every day and you decided to also write song lyrics. What did you learn about yourself?”


“That writing any kind of poetry is difficult. Poets like Andy Murray make it look easy, because of the high quality of their work. Still, I enjoyed the challenge.”

And that was the key. Some people enjoy mountain climbing, skydiving, and other activities that challenge them physically, because that’s what they enjoy. And I enjoy some aspects of a physical challenge. But I love anything that challenges me creatively.

What about you? Are you the kind of person who tries everything? In what way(s) do you like to challenge yourself?

For more info on Made to Move Barbies, click here.

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Zootopia movie poster from

43 thoughts on “Try Everything?

  1. Guess ‘Try Everything That Interests You’ wasn’t as catchy a song title. Kind of hard to sing that too. I’ll admit that I haven’t gone off to do a lot of the things I wanted to. Usually it’s a money or time issue. The message definitely sounds great for kids who are growing up and should investigate whatever catches their interest. Not sure it’s as effective with adults because many have those pesky responsibilities. Maybe I’m just repeating the stuff that’s been drilled into my head about aiming for stability and staying there.

  2. After my treadmill conked out, I’ve been making an effort to expand and challenge myself when it comes to my daily workout. My fear of heights keeps me from trying the adventurous activities like mountain climbing. I would like to go skydiving, if I got a guarantee that the parachute would open. 🙂

  3. We watched & enjoyed Zootopia last week.

    Being open to possibilities as they arise . . . and trying those that “call out to us” . . . is a way to keep expanding our horizons. We can’t “try everything” so it pays to listen to our inner voice as it whispers, “Try This.”

    Since moving to Florida I’ve tried several new things & re-tried old favorites: kayaking, paddle boarding, blogging, playing Bridge, bicycling, water aerobics, painting in plein aire, hula hoop contest, etc. If it’s something we want to do, we should give it a try, even if it means proceeding in the face of FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real)

    • Ha, good one, Nancy! I’ll have to write that acronym down and tape it to my printer. 🙂
      Sounds like you’ve tried some great things. 🙂 That’s great!

  4. Haha! Yes, I too would like to try everything at that buffet, especially from the dessert table! I guess I used to be more adventurous than I am now, but never really about physical stuff – I’ve never wanted to skydive. But travelling and work related stuff, yes. So I guess like you I’m willing to try everything so long as I think I’ll enjoy it, but don’t particularly want to go too far from my comfort zone…

    • I know what you mean! I love to travel whenever I can. I think I’m much more adventurous away from home than I am here. I’m not sure why that is.

      Enjoyment is key!

  5. I love the conversation with the Made to Move Barbie! I’ll have to hold tryouts for my LEGO minifigures, to see which one is a good conversation partner. And I appreciate your advice on trying new things creatively! I recently translated a picture book in verse from Spanish to English, and it turned out a lot better that I thought it would, in large part because of the influence of a delightful original from a talented Cuban writer.

    • Good idea, Lyn! I’ll look forward to that conversation.
      You have the best translation gigs! What’s the name of the book you translated? When will it be available?

  6. Love you conversation with Barbie. She was made to move. Not so much me. I’m the one who fell off of the balance beam and the trampoline in gym class, got my gym suit (oh, just the horrors of gym suits) caught in my rear trying to jump over the hurdles, was cheered by the entire class when I finally made it from the first traveling ring to the second. I tried cross-country skiing, and was actually getting into it – then landed in someone’s cup of tomato soup. I wish I had a made to move Barbie back then.

    I did, however, run for public office in my old town and won. Three times.

    My biggest challenge these days is to walk several miles. 🙂

    • I remember gym suits, Penny. They were awful!!!
      I fell over the hurdles as well. And I had trouble cross country skiing, though I wound up liking it. 🙂
      In this humidity, waking several miles is a challenge!

      • I don’t mind the heat as much as the humidity. One of the hospital complexes nearby, where I go regularly for shots is a good spot to walk indoors when weather is unpleasant. I have the steps feature on my phone and it really becomes a bit of a game to see how many I can get in each day. 🙂
        Stay cool.

      • Not FitBit, but feature on my phone that counts my steps. Smartest app on the Smart phone. I check it everyday, sometimes a few times, especially if I”m out walking. I find I’m walking more because of it – the challenge. It is amazing how many steps you can put in just doing everyday walking – then, add a walk about here and there.

      • I need to download that app. Sounds like fun. Though I think it might protest on some days when I’m glued to the chair!

      • Haha! I have some days with 100 steps; days I’m glued to a chair, forget to carry phone with me, or any other number of excuses. I’ve also been known to go up and down the stairs just to hit a certain number. Ah, the games we play. 🙂

  7. Yeah, Barbie does yoga! Hmmm … I admire your sister too but I wouldn’t want to go to boot camp. I like challenging myself to a point, but when I miss the point (that is, wonder why the h*ll am I doing this?), I just sit back and admire other people. Sort of like my yoga classes. We always take time for inversions … handstands, headstands, etc. I usually do “legs up the wall” … on my back, my butt against the wall and my legs straight up. Very relaxing and less stressful (and scary) than handstand. Now, we are encouraged to try, just try these poses, and I used to until I started asking myself why I wanted to. Simply trying to the sake of trying (or to make my teacher happy) wasn’t good enough. I didn’t have an intrinsic desire to do a handstand. But I admire people who can and sometimes in class, I’ll just sit and admire the other students as they do their inversions.
    That said, yoga (as just one example) has helped me try things I never would have tried otherwise. There are poses that a few years ago I was convinced I would never be able to do it. Now I can do them and I look forward to doing them. So I guess I’m just particular about what I’ll try and what I won’t, but the bottom line is it has to be for me, nobody else 😉

    • It’s great that you’re trying, Marie. My grad school offered yoga classes. I’d thought about trying them. But they were sooooo early in the morning! And I was totally lazy! Tried yoga on the Wii and fell over doing the tree pose! But a number of friends love yoga.

      • You know there are variations on the tree pose? You can keep the toes of your bent leg on the floor and it would still be tree pose 🙂 The classes I take are in the evening, after work which is perfect because it makes for a nice transition from work to home. I am so not a morning person 😉

  8. Your conversation with Barbie revealed to me that she has a good head on her shoulders…albeit one that pops off easily whenever a baby bro fancies doing that! HA! (not exactly answering your questions, just an observation I guess)

    • Yes, Barbie always had a good head on her shoulder. 🙂 And yes that same thing happened in my household many years ago! Now I think the head is a lot harder to come off. This one is wedged on there pretty good. I am a regular follower of a YouTube crafting/doll channel. The YouTuber regularly swaps the heads of her dolls!

  9. I haven’t watched Zootopia yet. You give me reason to “try it” 🙂

    Try everything once … within reason. The older I get the more protective I am of my time, energy, and focus. Some things I don’t even bother to try even if everyone says to try it. Why? Because I don’t have the time … or energy.

    • I recommend it, because it discusses some surprisingly difficult issues–some of the issues you discussed in one of your posts. The film does it in such a creative way.

      I hear you on the time aspect. I hardly ever have time to sign up for classes to try new things.

  10. Try new ways of doing things, new techniques, new fields of exploration is characteristic of an open and creative mind.. Your mind always is awaken. We see it with the topic of your posts. Bravo!

  11. Haven’t seen the movie yet, so skipped the song for now.

    Try everything once is one of the things our family taught us. Mostly in regards to food. Not typical U.S. kid food, but more exotic things. But new experiences were encouraged, too.

    I do not think I’d enjoy writing a screenplay. Maybe, but it doesn’t appeal to me much. A half-marathon I’d try, though.

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