Happy Holidays 2015

024Well, it’s almost Christmas. As the well-known song goes, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year.” While some might not believe that sentiment, I hope you’ve managed to avoid holiday stress. Perhaps like me you said “bah, humbug” to all of the holiday gift-buying rush-rush-rush and instead rushed to a theater to relax and watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens unfold onscreen. (In case you’re wondering, I loved it.)


This is the time of year when even enemies think peaceful thoughts toward each other.


Based on the color of their light sabers, you can tell to which side of the force Kitty and Jordy belong. But despite their animosity toward each other, they wish you a joyous holiday season.

What’s also great about the holidays is the way total strangers extend holiday greetings. Like today. As I fought my way through the driving rain (happy winter) to head into the library, a guy who looked very much like Santa Claus (except without the red suit) announced to me that Birmingham, Alabama had a temperature in the 80s. “Ho-ho-ho, Merry Christmas,” he added, probably in acknowledgment of his resemblance to Santa. Of course I checked the weather in Birmingham when I returned home. Since he was off by twenty degrees, obviously he wasn’t the real Santa. Still, it was nice of him to spread holiday cheer like that. I would never have thought to look up the weather in Birmingham, had he not mentioned that city.

Has anyone spread holiday cheer to you in an unusual way? If so, please share your story in the comments below. In the meantime, I wish you the joy of the season. May peace reign in your heart this week.


P.S. The pattern for the tree at the beginning of the post can be found here. The pattern for the tiny star at the top of the tree is here.

Nativity image from priestsforlife.org. Star Wars: The Force Awakens logo from hngn.com.

48 thoughts on “Happy Holidays 2015

  1. I wish you a Merry Christmas, Linda.
    I haven’t seen Star Wars yet. I’m going on the twenty eighth. That’s six more tricky days of avoiding spoilers!

  2. What a lovely Christmas tree – and a Merry Christmas to you, L. Marie.
    I have been greeted with much holiday cheer this year. The bell ringer at a local grocer greeted me and wondered why I wasn’t wearing that super scarf I had on last time. 🙂 The bell wringer noticed my scarf. Then, there was the young man who stocked the shelves at another store, who not only tried to help me find an ingredient, but, printed out a copy of his grandmother’s recipe for what I was looking for. 🙂
    I hope to see the new Star Wars, but, methinks I’ll first be watching some Christmas elves while their Mommy and Daddy go to see it.

    • I read that post about the young man who helped you. That was wonderful, Penny. I hope you’ll take him some cookies.

      I hope you’ll get to see Star Wars soon. But it will be out for a while. So many people still want to see it. And I would see it a second time. 🙂

  3. Merry Christmas. I haven’t had many well wishes, but I’m Jewish and that holiday already went by. Though something about including Star Wars in a holiday post seems odd. Like there’s an ominous connection between the two. Anyway, I really liked the movie too. Definitely can’t say more than that because spoilers are easy to stumble into.

    • Sorry. I meant to say Happy Hanukkah earlier. But time got away from me. So I made my greetings more general here.

      I mentioned Star Wars because the movie inspired me at a time when I was feeling weary of the holiday scramble. I’m still pondering it. 🙂

      • Honestly, the holidays don’t match up too often. So confusion always happens. I want to see Star Wars again to see if I missed anything. Can’t though because the little guy probably wouldn’t handle it very well in the theater.

      • I’d love to see it again and perhaps eventually write a blog post about it. I saw an interview with J. J. Abrams who talked about movie magic. While that might sound corny, I think the film and series like Windemere have “story magic.” They take us to far-off places where adventures happen. I love that!

      • It taps into a sense of escapism that I think helps us relieve stress. Doesn’t have to be fantasy or sci-fi, but just something that helps us leave the stresses of reality behind. Magic is a good word for it some days. Feels like it would take a spell to relax some people and get them to enjoy a story for what it is.

      • I’m all for escapism. I’ve read too many books that lack the magic. There are so many people who wish to inject a sense of “realism” in fantasy. Some really aren’t fans of the genre and think to make it more palatable to a general audience. But I’m grateful for authors and movie makers who are still dedicated to sci-fi and fantasy.

      • Good point. There are many who are getting into fantasy, but don’t like the magic or other hallmarks of the genre. So they want to alter it or tear stuff down to show how those aren’t needed. The truth is that fantasy has always been a fringe genre and I think it’s use of magic and requiring a lot of suspension of disbelief is the reason. You can still do a more realistic fantasy with some of the elements, but there’s always that piece from the old days. Even Game of Thrones, which some people praise as realistic fantasy, has dragons and magic.

      • That’s what I like about Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden books. They have realistic elements without sacrificing the magic.

        I get impatient with those who think the genre should change simply because they don’t like something about it (i.e., the lack of realism). My advice for them is to avoid reading fantasy books and instead choose another genre. I love the fact that I can suspend disbelief and go along for the ride.

      • The funny thing is that I’m sure there are stories out there that would satisfy them. Just not everything in the genre will fall into that category. The fun of books is that there is a great variety and everyone can find something they love.

  4. I’m glad that Kitty and Jordy have declared a holiday truce and hope it keeps up into the new year! I haven’t seen Star Wars yet, but I need to get an action figure for my father for his birthday, which is at the beginning of January. I hope you have a Merry Christmas, and your family as well. It will be a warm one!

    • Hi, Lyn! Which action figure does your dad want? I want a set of the action figures too. The characters are so memorable.
      Thanks for your holiday wishes. It’s hard to believe that the year is coming to a close soon.

  5. Love your crocheted-creations…I’ll bet you keep your family well-stocked with scarves, coasters, caps, vests and other yarn-ey items.
    Glad you got to indulge your passion for Star Wars as a respite from the surrounding holiday frenzy. 😉

    • I’m glad I did too, Laura. There’s not a huge demand in my family for crocheted items. I’ve made a few hats and I sometimes provide a dishcloth or a potholder. 🙂
      I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

      • In an ironic turn of events, though I was freezing and needed to huddle under my comforter for several hours after kid therapy runs on Monday, today, it is 50 degrees and the snow is melting. O.o So. You got my snow? Weird weather the last 4 years…

      • We got your snow. You can have it back. 😀 I just shoveled some ice boulders, courtesy of the freezing rain the day before. One was shaped like home plate. Sadly it would melt before baseball season started.

  6. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Linda! Love the crocheted ornament. Well, it’s expected to be in the low 80s in Tallahassee, Florida on Christmas Day so there you go 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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