Thanks, Winter!

Here in the Midwest, you get used to the temperature changing in the blink of an eye. One day you might have 50-degree (10 Celsius) weather; the next, a steady snowfall with a temperature of 24 (-4 Celsius). I can thank my friend Winter for that.


Thanks, Winter, though you’re not officially due till next month. But it’s nice that you made your presence felt over the weekend. There was nothing gradual about you, was there? No, you kept snow falling late Friday night and practically all day Saturday. And you’re still here, clinging to the grass, trees, sidewalks, and streets with your icy sheen. I slipped on some ice Sunday and narrowly avoided a face plant, thanks to the quick thinking of a friend who grabbed my arm.


But, Winter, I can thank you for the way you lace the trees with snow. On my drive to church Sunday, the trees on both sides of the road were so beautifully dressed. I couldn’t get a photo of them because (a) I was driving at the time and (b) my phone had died. But the scene was like a postcard. Perhaps memories like that were simply meant to be savored in the moment and not shut away in a computer the way my other photos are.


But Winter, with the dichotomy of your hard edges and soft surfaces you remind me to be thankful for the way life is sometimes. Especially this year. I’ve endured the hardness of failure and a parent’s serious illness as well as the softness of caring people. But winter has taught me to find beauty in barrenness. Branches shorn of leaves wear the close-fitting garment of snow much better (IMHO) than evergreen trees. Winter’s barrenness makes spring’s renewal all the more vivid and celebratory. This makes me think that the barrenness of dashed hopes may someday give way to the celebration of a victory wrought by persistence. One can only hope.

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So with Thanksgiving rolling around and you as an early guest, Winter, thanks for the reminder that seasons change. And in the changes, good and bad, I can still give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Happy Thanksgiving 14

Thanksgiving sign from Other photos by L. Marie.

52 thoughts on “Thanks, Winter!

  1. Your pictures are beautiful, L. Marie. I love snow, when I don’t have to commute to work, but it rarely seems to fall of the weekend.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. ❤

    • Thank you! 🙂 Hope you have a great one too, Jill. I hear you on loving snow whenever you don’t have to drive in it. 🙂 This is great sledding snow. It’s starting to melt a bit though. But we’ll still have enough to last through Thanksgiving.

  2. It’s been cold here in the Northeast but no snow, yet. I’ve got leaves still clinging to the trees in my backyard. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, L Marie, and that you’ll be victorious in some of those dashed hopes!

  3. Winter hasn’t blanketed us yet in my neck of the woods, but it will soon. But you’re right–there’s a definite beauty to it, so I’ll try to embrace it. Can’t make any promises though. 😉

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Those are beautiful photos, Linda! I saw where you had a lot of snow, and you’ve made something good come of it. Now that I’m in Manhattan, NYC, I don’t see a lot of trees, so fall and the changing leaves passed right by me.

    • Thanks, Lyn. Yeah, I’m in the ‘burbs. Lots of trees out this way. Living in Chicago was a bit different. I drive down roads with beautiful trees on both sides of the road. And we have coyotes!

  5. As harsh as our winters can be, I still find the beauty in snow, and love to see what we don’t see when the trees are dressed in their leaves; the nests and hives, the true shape of branches touching the sky.
    Your photos and your words are wonderful, reminding me to take the time to look around – and to listen – and to find joy in that which is hand. Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, L Marie! We don’t seem to have made it to winter properly yet – still a long wet autumn. Looking forward to some proper cold and maybe a white Christmas…

    • Thank you. It was lovely. I hope Mr. Darcy showed up on your doorstep.
      The snow has melted here, thanks to a determined sun. But there’s hope for a white Christmas!

  7. Your description of the precocious winter makes me think of a Christmas card , a month early. Winter spreads its white blanket yo give beauty to all thing and soften the hardness that we can cross sometimes
    I kike this post so poetic .
    In friendship

  8. Our winter did something similar. Except it showed up for Halloween and took off for Thanksgiving. O.o Very odd. But we’ve had three record years in a row, so maybe Alaska is going for a fourth? Wonkeist temperature swings, perhaps?

    Many hugs to you! How is your mom?

    • Well, Mom had to have her drainage tube reinserted due to swelling. 😦 So the radiation has been postponed. But she’s trying to hang in there. Thanks for asking.

      All of our snow melted recently. I think fall should be renamed Finter. It’s such a combo season now.

      • 😦 That’s discouraging. I’ll keep praying for her. How many radiation treatments is she going to need? Is she able to skip chemo?

        Our Fall is in September-early October. We almost always have snow by Halloween. We’ve just had a bunch of crazy years in a row. First we had most snowfall on record, then longest winter on record, then warmest winter on record. 😛 I’m not sure what’s up this year.

      • Her surgeon hasn’t sad yet, because of this setback. But Mom s keeping encouraged. She mentioned radiation, rather than chemo.

        Wow. The weather is so up and down! We also go back and forth on the snowfall. One year, it seemed to snow every day. I was totally tired of shoveling snow!

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