The View from the Deck

Trip Photo 6 011

Hey, it’s been awhile. Sorry about that. I’ve missed my routine of posting and reading the posts of others. But my stress points had begun to stack up like billiard balls before the break. I needed to get away. So I headed to central Pennsylvania for a retreat—the perfect antidote for stress, thanks to the gracious hospitality of a friend. I wrote, walked, hung out with classmates, ate lots of good food, and made new canine friends. (Sorry. I don’t have permission to share photos of them. Suffice it to say that I enjoyed being with them.)

The sunrises and sunsets were glorious over the hills. Each day I enjoyed watching the poetry of the sky, a meter measured by my lowered heart rate and quieted spirit. You can’t buy this kind of peace, people.

Trip Photo 8Trip Photo 7

Trip Photo 10

If you’ve been through Illinois, you know how flat the land is here. So the sight of any hill is a treat.

Trip Photo 13Trip Photo 11

Trip Photo 12   Trip Photo 2

But I’m glad to be back home in my familiar routine. By the way, Mom still awaits her insurance’s okay for treatment. (Very frustrating.) And I’m still waiting for other news too. If you have no idea what I mean, click here. I hope to return to my regular blog reading soon. 🙂

Beaver Stadium at Penn State University

(not far from where I stayed)

Trip Photo 1

Woods near where I stayed

Trip Photo 4  Trip Photo 5

View from above (going home)

Trip Photo 9

49 thoughts on “The View from the Deck

  1. I did wonder where you was. That landscape looks beautiful, the kind of place that calls me. Sometimes you feel the need to get away, and always you must act on that. Hope you feel refreshed to deal with the everyday again.

    • Being there was lovely. It’s so different from home. I’m used to concrete, brick buildings, and lots of people. It was very quiet there, except for a pesky woodpecker. But there were bluebirds!! I wish I could have captured one on film. At least I saw them. 🙂

    • It’s aggravating. I remember having surgery 20 year ago with no insurance hassles. Nowadays everything is a hassle! And it’s not like cancer gets better without treatment. ◉︵◉
      I’m glad to be back. Now I’m overwhelmed with all that I need to do that I didn’t do while I was away.

  2. This retreat in the country side was necessary . You had been twice shocked . You have been surrounded by friendship , this is precious to face the trials ;
    I never understood how the system of insurance worked in the US . Your mother has a cancer and needs to have urgent care ? This is incredible the insurance does not answer..
    All my thoughts and prayer for you and your mother.
    In friendship

  3. I have been gone as well, L. Marie; it is nice to get away, isn’t it, especially to such a lovely locale. While we’ve been to Philadelphia, I’ve not wandered the paths you’ve just wandered, as yet, and I’m so happy you had this time away. Lovely, lovely, lovely.
    Sorry to hear that your mom is still awaiting approval.

    • Thanks, Penny. I saw your post about your sister. I’m glad she has such a good team looking out for her. What an ordeal!

      I enjoyed being in Pennsylvania. I had never been to that area either. I drove near Philly years ago.

    • I will tell Mom! 😀
      I thought PA was gorgeous. I was glad to make its acquaintance. It was one of those fill-the-tank trips. Now I’ll see what that trip did for my life.

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